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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rained Out Rap

This weekend STUR, CBun, and BLUR were supposed to swim in a river.
Even though the DownRiver Rip was cancelled, they weren't "too" bitter
STUR soldiered on and once again hit up the Chinquapin pool -
Got in a total of 4 miles so it was cool.
Saturday morning the rain proved to be too much
PBun and KBun opted to swim and run and such
They would regroup and instead ride on Sunday
There was supposed to be some sun that day!
So PBun headed over to masters swim practice
Did some IM along with free that was fast
It was the last Saturday till Fall at Audrey Moore
But her Tuesday and Thursday nights will still be on. Score!
Later that morning she headed out for a run in the rain
It went well – and the rain wasn’t “too” much of a pain!
Rain and wind was on tap up in Martha's Vineyard, too...
But RBug did not let that stop her half marathon, it's true! 
They were smiling before the race (what race?)...and after!

Knocked it out while her sister did her very first...
And for the next one in October no one will be coerced!
Sunday turned out to be a completely different kind of day:
Heat and humidity all the way - no way!!
STUR breezed on over to Capitol Hill -
To do a nice neighborhood 10KEH- no frills!
She gathered up her tech shirt at the Peabody School -
Did a warm up mile and that humidity was kind of cruel!
Nice course around the hill with the turn-around at RFK…
Back up to Stanton Park? You don't say!
The Capitol Hill Classic is decidedly not flat -
STUR ran up all the hills - how ‘bout that?!
STUR conquered the Capitol Hill Classic!

Meanwhile, did PBun, KBun, and Jeff...
Gather to head out for a ride – you bet?
It's time 'taco' for a ride?!

Ended up over at the park in Nokesville
Potomac Pedalers were also there if you will!
They got a bit of a late start it seems…
It was pretty warm already at 9AM – Mother Nature can be mean!
They hit the road for a 50 mile loop
And planned on at least 1 rest stop – that’s the scoop
Actually took a brief stop around mile 14
Then the official one at mile 20 – the Elk Run Store it would be!
Regrouping in the shade!
(And the 'official' bike helmet of Team Rabbit!)

Along the way there were lots of squished turtles, squirrels, and snakes
But…they did see a live snake slither on the road, for goodness’ sake!
Thankfully not any high water crossings though!

They also planned to take a third rest stop at mile 42...
But first a quick photo op of the bull – it’s true!
It was sunny and warm out - that's no bull!
The final eight miles were otherwise uneventful, thankfully
But the pizza place was gone at Nokesville and Fitzwater – sad to see
Made an alternate plan after they arrived back at the car
First everyone had to go on a run – but not too far!
Pizza at Tony’s followed by Duck Donuts - one each
The end of the training day was within reach!
Happy to be done!

On Sunday STUR went to masters and started off a new swim week -
4500 meters will help her get to the 16 miles she does seek!

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