There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Relaxed Rap

Training started Friday and what do you know?
Energizer Bunny DID stay strong for her long run - she can glow!
But not for long - as a trip to Boyce in the morn was soon after,
84 miles on the bike? We'll shout from the rafters!
Beautiful route and views with sometimes a wrong turn -
Doing the loop a second time made it easier we did learn!
As soon as we were done did a super short brick.
Out and back to the car we made it quick!
Sunday Silly Rabbit got her long run done;
She was lucky with no rain as well as little sun!
Energizer Bunny did float down the river with some friends!
The time passed very quick and that came to an end.
Silly Rabbit went to the movies and stayed cool...
She kicked back in an awesome chair – she’s no fool!
We cheered our friends streaming live across the IMLP finish line!!
Less than six weeks until Ironman Wisconsin time!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Recovery Rap

Saturday was humid but very cloudy
Happy to feel "cooler"? Oh boy, howdy!!
Headed out for two bike loops - 
Just 30 miles - that's the scoop!
Started with five but ended with four;
Joyce got a flat near her front door
We four went on and finished loop two
Then what do you know? We changed shoes!
Off for a short little brick run you see -
Gotta get our legs IM Moo race ready!
Long run Sunday dawned bright and early
Our foursome had planned this so we weren't surly!
Two out and backs made it dreamy.
All done before the day got steamy!
Then it was time to hit the pool - 
It was like bath water - not cool!
But we got in and did some laps
Anyone hankering for a Slurpee, perhaps?
Later on amidst some fun and banter
What do you know - baby bunnies in a planter!
Baby bunny sighting! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Team Rabbit took a journey that was long and fun;
Hit the road to Wisconsin for a lot of swim bike run!
Right away on the road we saw something bizarre-
A man wearing a bike helmet and driving his car?
In anticipation of a long ride on the bike…
Happy Happy Pain Pain


Salads at Subway at the Happy-Happy, Pain-Pain site!
To pass the time we played a game:
Come up with a song with every state's name!
We went a third of the way so for the night we could stop.
The GPS messed up and we ended up in a scary corn crop!
After a call we sorted things out,
And made it to the hotel without a doubt!
Wabbit Racing?
Next day we hit the road again:
To our final destination – Madison!
Made a few stops along the way;
Same Wendy's from three years ago, you don't say?
Finally made it into town and unloaded our stuff.
Then tried to get dinner but it was kind of tough!
They finally served us -- but it was awfully slow;
But we waited it out for food, don't you know?
Then went to the Walgreens to get some supplies;
Four gallons of water should be no surprise!!
Back to the hotel and straight to bed!
Getting rest so our legs aren't like lead!!
Next morning to Lake Monona for a practice swim.
Took a group photo with the girls on a whim!!
Into the water for 1.2 -
T’was a little choppy but we made it through!
Out of the water and onto the shore.
Time to change and get our bikes for a little more!
Met in Verona at the Rocket Bicycle Studio shop.
Where we got cool orange bracelets and a pre ride pep talk!
So wheels up -- we are on our way!
It sure is another beautiful day!!
Team Rabbit headed out for the first loop of two.
There were 4 major climbs we would have to get through!
Mount Horeb and 3 witches -- spelled with a "B"!!
And we would have to go up them twice you see!
Energizer Bunny saw a farmer who was hot!
Should she stop and say hello? I think not!
Beautiful scenery and a pretty blue lake;
The color is unnatural and almost looks fake!
Turned left on Stagecoach Road and rode it a ways -
Felt like we were riding in one from the olden days!

Conquered two loops then the ride was complete,
Rolled back up to our car on the street!
Put on our running shoes and went for a short run,
Then it's official -- our training day is done!
As we packed up to leave a girl stopped by to let us know
Our rabbit tops and positive attitude picked her up when she was low!
We drove the "stick" of the actual course on the way back --
We'll be riding it on race day -- that's the fact, Jack!
Once at the hotel we jumped in the pool --
The water was great and felt really cool!
After we cleaned up some food sounded nice-
We headed to Ian's Pizza for salad and a slice!
Headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep-
In the am we run on the actual course- isn't that neat!
Next day met up with the group at 
Monona Terrace --
Beautiful day for a run- aren't we blessed!
Rob from EVOTRI really made our day-
By Carting around some water along the way!
We took the wrong way up Observatory Hill --
Didn't matter because our way was still a pill!
On the way back the rabbits stopped at 7-11
One bunny got a Slurpee and it was heaven!!
Some people saw us and asked if we lost a bet!
No we haven't -- at least not yet!
We went on to tell them about the Rabbit team-
You can find us on Facebook or the Twitter stream!
Went on our way to finish our run-
Dodging peeps at the art festival sure was fun!
Back at Monona Terrace we dropped to the floor…
Time to do burpees just four and no more!
Finished up then said 'hi' to Rob from EVOTRI.
Thanked him for the weekend and then we said 'goodbye'!
We did not lose a bet!
Stopped at our favorite Irish Pub for some lunch…
Did we get comments on our ears? You bet -- a bunch!!
Then back to the hotel where we cleaned up.
Next it was time to pack up the truck.
Dropped What's Up Doc off at the airport --
Her journey home would be kind of short!
Energizer Bunny and Silly Rabbit were in it for the long haul.
Stopped for the night near an Indiana outlet mall!
These Rabbits would not be staying to shop --
They had to go on their way hippitty-hop!
So the WIBA weekend had come to an end.
We bid goodbye to all of our friends!
EVOTRI sponsored this great event,
Made our time in Madison so very well spent!
Definitely got some good training done.
In Rabbit style we had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Brick Rap Up

Team Rabbit headed down to PWFP,
They had a 50/3 brick to do you see!
Seven times on the scenic loop was the plan;
We completed that and then we ran!
Energizer Bunny got to see a domestic fight…
And they were on bikes - oh what a sight!
The main challenges were the bugs and the heat.
But we did our burpees and cartwheels - isn't that neat?!
Next day Silly Rabbit had planned another brick!
Less than 24 hours after the other - isn't that sick?
For 27/4 her legs would cooperate.
So no more training? Just you wait...
For Sunday there's a swim at Gunston Manor -
Over 2.4 miles Doc and Silly got much tanner!
But Energizer Bunny ran on a mountain with her cousin Lynn
Let me tell you all about it, where do I begin...
What goes up must come down; the same is true in reverse
Two miles down, then two miles up – she made it, didn't need a hearse
This coming weekend all three Rabbits will travel,
To Madison, Wisconsin and the training plate will be full!
The WIBA weekend is finally here!
Team Rabbit will get in swim-bike-run gear!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kick AST Rap

Team Rabbit did a race that was short and sweet,
The Kick AST Sprint Tri can't be beat!
Into the pool to swim 800 meters;
But if you went short you wouldn't be a cheater!

T1 was long we weren't in a hurry,
Off we went in our bikes in a flurry!
12 miles on the bike then back to the pool,
We put on our ears and peeps thought that was cool!
The run was a just short of a 5K;
Since it was hot out that made our day!
Then we were done and it was time for food.
All 16 racers were in a good mood!

Before the race we had used Body Glide;
It was body glad when we went on the ride! 
Some special friends joined us today:
Rabbittears Patti and Joyce came out to play!!

Thanks to our hosts, Mike and Joe.
You guys know how to put on a show!
This event is a great tradition for the Fourth of July.
Happy Independence Day and nice job on that Tri!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Split Apart Rap

Silly Rabbit and What's Up Doc did a 48 miler out of Harwood.
Neither they or their friends got wet and that was SO good!
Lots of motorcycles and puddles they did dodge.
And hopefully no gravel in their bike shorts did lodge!
We missed our friend the Energizer Bunny,
As I'm sure she would have found all the rubble very funny!!
Instead Energizer Bunny was off being lazy

But not for too long - for that would be crazy!
She did get in the water and even walked a bit.
When it was all said and done she had to remove a tick!
But in just 10 days Team Rabbit will take a trip.
Off to Madison to bike and run; we'll even take a dip!!