There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Rox Rap

Co-Written by Silly Rabbit, Energizer Bunny, and Rabbittears P-Diddy and Sally

Team Rabbit did a race with their Rabbittears friends
We tried to find parking and hit some dead ends

There was traffic as we exited into the city
A Lego convention in town? You've got to be kidding

Rabbittear Sally was the most prepared
The rest of us were frantic and scared

Energizer bunny really had to pee
The lines for the porta potties were short - woo wee

Then on to the start in a field of grass
The bunnies and their friends were ready to kick some @$$

The start of the race was really low key
All of a sudden they said GO and we didn't know where to be

The postman has nothing on us
Rain, snow, and sleet was really no fuss

The race volunteers were all roused up
Whenever you ran by they said they, "hey 'sup?"

Parts of the course were urban and gritty
We wouldn't be here if weren't for P-Diddy!!

Carol the Silly Rabbit was leading the pack
Even though her bunny ears weren't intact

P had an escort for a while whose name was Lilo
But then P ran on ahead and said let's go

Some volunteers had thought P was last
But she picked up the pace and ran on past

Team Rabbit and the Rabbittears met up in the party tent
They took lots of pics to mark this fun event

These rabbit friends kicked @$$ at the Love Rox Half
And as usual the road trip was full of laughs

It was fun being part of the inaugural love Rox race
Richmond Multisports thanked us for working out the kinks in their finish party space

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Candy Rap

Team Rabbit ran the VA is for Lovers 14k race
The wind nearly kept them from their perfect PR pace
But we had to face the fact it was gonna be windy
Even when turning corners and the course got bendy
Sadly Silly Rabbit's ears were broke
But this rabbit wore them anyway and refused to choke
Energizer Bunny's ears flew off her head
So this rabbit held them in her hand instead
With cheesy pick up lines and funny Valentine jokes
All the volunteers were sure nice folks
Running through Farm Bureau Live we got a break from the wind
Like we were at a concert; at least we could pretend
There were cheerleaders on the bunny ear loop
But thankfully there wasn't any rabbit poop
At Mile 7 we picked up our candy
We were starting to fade so it sure was handy
Through the wind in the parking lot to the indoor finish line
We hit the red carpet in the nick of time
Now we can relax, have a beer, and look at all our swag
We got a PR so we sure can brag
A wine glass, cute shirt, and a nice red hat
Heart shaped medal, and a flower - how 'bout that?
They gave us a bag that says "Live, Love, Run"
To carry all this stuff - isn't that fun?
J&A Racing really went all out
The Rabbit girls will be back without a doubt!