There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sufferin' Succotash Rap

After work on Friday STEB did her long run
1.5 outside with Riley then some treadmill hill repeats what fun!
There was a uke jam session at The Beast's later that night
Amy from ukulele club was there and it was outta sight
Played some good songs and watched some cool vids -
Did the time fly by? Why yes it did!
Is that a bottle of wine or a ukulele?
Saturday morning was time for swim with L4 Masters
Kira was back and made everyone do a 200 free that was faster!
The water is so calm before practice!
That is it was for time and then 8x25 at the same pace
She was pretending everyone was getting for the Colonies Zones race!
Then STEB headed to CFK for the 17.5
She got there in time to see STUR, no jive
STUR is ready for 17.5!
Cheering her on again was of course great
STUR kicks @$$ at jumping rope for heaven’s sake!
  Speedy Gonzales Jump Roper!
Saturday morning STUR tackled CrossFit Open workout 17.5 -
After 90 thrusters and 350 jump ropes you know you're alive!
Thrusters are the most fun!
STUR had fun in the suffering... Is that wrong?
Especially with having her Team Rabbit friend STEB along!
STUR is actually sorry the Open fun has ended -
All the workouts have really been splendid!
 STUR getting some Thrusters done!
As per usual on Saturday she met up with the Beast -
They got in a lot of 300's to say the least!
BLUR stated it had been months since she had a run in warm weather
It made a difference but that it wasn’t exactly easier
After cheering STUR, STEB had to skedaddle to meet friends in Culpeper
Not for the bike ride but lunch at Pancho Villa and some adventure!
It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Purple Flower!
This time Mary is it!
The food was yummy and the company grand
Then they walked around downtown Culpeper, understand?
Downtown Culpeper is very cool!

They can't wait to go back again and explore some more
And if you want ice cream they know the store!
This old theater was very neat!

Sunday morning STUR returned to a very familiar place -
For biking and running Prince William Forest Park has an excellent space.
AUsome to meet up with 3 of her friends -
CBun, STEB, and Jeff were there to cap off the weekend!
Everyone is about ready to roll!

CBun and STUR started off together on the scenic loop -
STUR would run 9 and CBun 6, that's the scoop!
At the end STUR would run another half mile with STEB -
She needed to do a brick - hoping it gave her some pep!
Yes, Sunday morning was bike ride time
STEB would ride outside even though the weather wasn't super fine.
She carpooled with Jeff and they met up with STUR and CBun
Who had some run miles to get done!
For the first loop STEB kept on an extra layer
But took it off so she'd have something warm for later
It was fun knowing they were out there among friends
They saw CBun three times but only saw STUR at the end
That's when STEB needed to go for a run - it was super short
STUR went a little extra with her and kept her company for this part
Thanks for brick company!

All weekend long there wasn't any succotash
But after the ride Jeff did a one mile dash
STUR was happy with her hilly run journey -
Afterwards it was time to go home and watch the tourney!
How about those South Carolina Gamecocks?
They kind of caused an upset, which rocks!
Meanwhile, KBun spent some time on her trainer
Her quads were a burning but inside work was perhaps saner! 
BLUR did an urban hike of 6.07 miles and 228 feet elevation gain...
Hopefully the cross training will help with hills when running?

Monday, March 20, 2017


Friday after work there was a little rabbit meet up
RBud and STEB got together at their usual Starbucks!
The new line of cups were out with a Spring theme
Very happy that Spring is almost here if you know what we mean
Coffee is good!

Saturday morning STEB headed to Audrey Moore
Time for masters swim at 7:30 for an hour – that’s for sure!
After she got ready in a flash and headed to STUR’s CF box 
She was looked forward to cheering on some open workout, that rocks!
STUR woke up Saturday and was ready for CrossFit Open workout 17.4
Deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and push-ups were in store!
STUR is ready to roll!

Did the exact same workout just last year-
STUR improved her score this time - never fear!
Bring on the 55 deadlifts!

It helped that she had her own little support crew -
STEB came along to cheer, it's true!!
STUR killed the 55 wall ball shots!

She made sure the event was documented -
Even though  she was being somewhat tormented!
Ready to row 55 calories!

STEB saw some friends from the old CF place 
It was great to cheer them on in the new space!
Taking a break from her 45 pushups!

She had fun cheering on STUR and takings some pics
She even got some video, too, for kicks!

STUR rocked 17.4 and Tori was the one who kept her score!

And what's this? STUR is going to go swim NOW!?
She would make it through workout #2 somehow.
The Beast helped her to be motivated -
Ended up with 6000 meters - nothing was abbreviated!
BLUR joined them for their last hour...
She kept them going - Rabbit Power!!
STEB had to skedaddle to meet her friend Nanette
Were they were celebrating her birthday with a movie? You bet!
"Beauty and the Beast" – they’d been planning it for a while! 
It exceeded their expectations and “Be our Guest” made them smile!
What a great movie!

After the flick it was Starbucks again –
A rabbit on her cup? It was perfect for STEB!
Team Rabbit approves of this cup!

Sunday morning STUR woke up a bit stiff and sore...
But she was going for a run - she wanted more!
Decided on a 5 mile jaunt around her 'hood -
Chilly and windy but it's all good!
After an afternoon of basketball watching -
She'd be at the pool later - that's not shocking!!
BLUR grabbed David and they went for a run -
In and around Georgetown - of course it was fun!
Since the weather did not really cooperate...
STEB did another spin in her garage again for goodness’ sake!
She got a late start but that was Okay
She kind of slept in – hip hip, hooray!
After some chores and a walk with the dog
She finally got started on her indoor spin slog!
By Sunday night she was tired and fell asleep – no fuss
So much for watching an upset in March Madness!  
Team Rabbit is happy that it is now officially Spring
Check out the calendar to see what events it will bring!
Check out STUR in action doing some deadlifts! 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Uphill Snatch Rap

On Friday night STEB headed over to uke club
It was fun as always and included some St. Patrick's day stuff
Thanks for hosting uke club Beverley Hills Community United Methodist Church!
There were visitors who just arrived from Alaska on spring break
They were good sports to come to uke club for goodness sake!
A lot of songs were played in two hours
And some special cupcakes might have been devoured
Break time!
The Irish songs were a lot of fun to play
And the stalker ones made for some laughs, OK?
Saturday morning, STEB headed into Arlington
Found parking in a nice garage and it didn't cost a ton.
Scenes from the Four Courts Four Miler!
A short walk then met the race director Lisa Reeves
Who was dressed like a leprechaun if you please!
Hung inside the bar before to stay warm
A dude was having a pre race brew - there's no harm!
Outside a few minutes before the start
Breaking news it was sunny and 90? Alas that was a lark!
Lined up and waited for the gun
It was really nice standing in the sun
The first two miles went by faster
They were mostly downhill and STEB hoped the return wouldn't be a disaster!
Got to the turn around after being passed by a fairy and the leprechaun
STEB needs to figure out what that was going on...
Her ears blew off before mile 3
Had to turn around to get them - oh gee
The final mile had parts that were steep uphill
STEB slowed down as it was kind of a pill
But she didn't have to walk except when she went back for her ears
She finished with a smile then got her free beer
She also got a cool finishers coin and leftover blanket
Which came in handy 'cause it was cold you can bet!
It was packed inside Ireland's Four Courts - they were like sardines 
Maybe this is why STEB never really liked the bar scene?
This is only some of the people packed in to Ireland's Four Courts!
The Pacers 4 Courts 4 Miler is a lot of fun
They make their races accessible to everyone!
First thing Saturday STUR showed up at the CrossFit box -
Time for open workout 17.3 - that rocks!!
She was signed up for heat number two-
A workout with squat snatches and jumping pull-ups is what she will do!
It went well and she even got a snatch PR -
For a second she felt like a star!
Drove over next to the Chinquapin rec center -
There was an open lane for her in all its splendor!
Got in half of her workout without having to share-
But people were coming to join - BEWARE!
First she and another lady decided to split the lane-
But then another man jumped right in- kind of insane!
STUR happened to be doing backstroke and didn't see-
They ended up colliding mid lane - EEK!
STUR collected herself and gave this man a tongue lashing -
Finished 6300 meters without too much splashing.
STUR decided on the Mt. Vernon Trail for a Sunday run -
It was very cold so she was grateful for the shining sun!
Well...what WOULD Chrissie do?
About 5 miles in she pondered, "What would Chrissie do?"
She would finish those 8 miles - you know it's true!!
STUR did just that then pulled out her jump rope right by the trail-
And 700 jumps were done without fail!
Yes, Saturday was rather cold
But BLUR and David were sure bold
They went for a 4-plus mile run…
Which actually turned out to be fun!
Sunday morning STEB was up before the alarm clock
Even with the spring forward time change - what a crock!
After a nice little walk with her Rile-a-roo
A few hours on Trixie was the thing to do!
She had a workout from the weekend before
She would do the same one again. Score!
It went well she is happy to report
As she is getting ready for some triathlon sport!
She had a cheer crew for the entire shebang
Riley and the cats that is - what a great gang! 
With Trixie and the cheer crew!
Then the afternoon STEB was rather lazy
But she played her saxophone after about  30 years - crazy! 
STEB remembered how to play!
STUR had a goal for her afternoon workout -
She got in 3700 meter swim - she can shout!
That means she got in 10,000 meters total over 2 days -
She promises this is not just a phase!!
Sunday was better because BLUR was inside
And did 3,000+ meters in the pool, what a fun ride!

Monday, March 6, 2017


Friday night STEB went to see the Wiz
They lost to the Raptors but got a cool bobblehead!
It's Kelly Oubre, Jr!

Fun to hang out with friends from childhood
And meet radio celebrities  - that's pretty good!
STEB's known these guys since elementary school - and before!
With Dave of the Wizards Radio Party!

She was up early on Saturday before the crack -
A quick loop with Riley then to the pool, it’s not whack!
Got in 2000 yards including more butterfly too
STEB doesn't dislike breaststroke these days if you want the truth
Here we go!

Next up she did the same run as last weekend
But this time with three hill climbs - they are becoming her friend
Sights along the trail!

She ran by a house with some Auburn fans
Hopefully one day she'll see them and say War Eagle. Understand?
Back on the trail!

The local paths are filled with history
The signage keeps things from being a mystery
STEB loves stopping to read historical signs.

STEB got to run under Braddock road
Hopefully nothing is lurking making this their abode!
Nothing creepy here!

It's great to have these parks so close by
If you haven't been you should give it a try!
Back to Wakefield Park!

On Saturday STUR got open workout 17.2 done pronto-
It included a walking lunge, hanging leg raise, and pull up combo.
Doing all this for 12 minutes straight-
Then judging another athlete was her fate!
Met the Beast at the pool a little later than usual-
Would they do less? You must be delusional!!
They got in 6000 meters and were feeling very good!
Always glad to be at Chinquapin pool - in their 'hood!
Sunday morning dawned bright and cold…
What’s this - a St. Patty's 10k for STUR? SOLD!!
JRab was so kind to drop her off in his truck -
She hopped out and he wished her good luck!
Very festive atmosphere with Irish dancing -
Soon through the streets of DC they'd be prancing!
STUR was happy to run every single step -
Did her feet and knees notice? That would be YEP!
New ears and a new medal for her collection
Is that shirt she is wearing 'swim~bike~bun'?
A 10K a day after the 17.2? YES!
(And that's kick @$$!)
A little mishap happened at the bag drop:
Her bag was missing! Should she call a cop?
After searching and searching turns out somebody took it by mistake -
Glad nothing valuable was in it for goodness sake!!
Meanwhile, STEB had her bike spin on tap
A fairly long workout, she hoped she wouldn't crack!
She wanted to give up after 2:40 in…
But saw it through till the end!
The afternoon called for a nice nap
And later a nice walk with Riley - natch!
STUR rounded out her weekend with a swim in the pool -
Not many people in each lane - very cool!
On Saturday BLUR ran 3.1 miles in DC
Sunday she swam in Florida - it was the place to be! 
SBRO = swim / bike / run / open