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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sufferin' Succotash Rap

After work on Friday STEB did her long run
1.5 outside with Riley then some treadmill hill repeats what fun!
There was a uke jam session at The Beast's later that night
Amy from ukulele club was there and it was outta sight
Played some good songs and watched some cool vids -
Did the time fly by? Why yes it did!
Is that a bottle of wine or a ukulele?
Saturday morning was time for swim with L4 Masters
Kira was back and made everyone do a 200 free that was faster!
The water is so calm before practice!
That is it was for time and then 8x25 at the same pace
She was pretending everyone was getting for the Colonies Zones race!
Then STEB headed to CFK for the 17.5
She got there in time to see STUR, no jive
STUR is ready for 17.5!
Cheering her on again was of course great
STUR kicks @$$ at jumping rope for heaven’s sake!
  Speedy Gonzales Jump Roper!
Saturday morning STUR tackled CrossFit Open workout 17.5 -
After 90 thrusters and 350 jump ropes you know you're alive!
Thrusters are the most fun!
STUR had fun in the suffering... Is that wrong?
Especially with having her Team Rabbit friend STEB along!
STUR is actually sorry the Open fun has ended -
All the workouts have really been splendid!
 STUR getting some Thrusters done!
As per usual on Saturday she met up with the Beast -
They got in a lot of 300's to say the least!
BLUR stated it had been months since she had a run in warm weather
It made a difference but that it wasn’t exactly easier
After cheering STUR, STEB had to skedaddle to meet friends in Culpeper
Not for the bike ride but lunch at Pancho Villa and some adventure!
It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Purple Flower!
This time Mary is it!
The food was yummy and the company grand
Then they walked around downtown Culpeper, understand?
Downtown Culpeper is very cool!

They can't wait to go back again and explore some more
And if you want ice cream they know the store!
This old theater was very neat!

Sunday morning STUR returned to a very familiar place -
For biking and running Prince William Forest Park has an excellent space.
AUsome to meet up with 3 of her friends -
CBun, STEB, and Jeff were there to cap off the weekend!
Everyone is about ready to roll!

CBun and STUR started off together on the scenic loop -
STUR would run 9 and CBun 6, that's the scoop!
At the end STUR would run another half mile with STEB -
She needed to do a brick - hoping it gave her some pep!
Yes, Sunday morning was bike ride time
STEB would ride outside even though the weather wasn't super fine.
She carpooled with Jeff and they met up with STUR and CBun
Who had some run miles to get done!
For the first loop STEB kept on an extra layer
But took it off so she'd have something warm for later
It was fun knowing they were out there among friends
They saw CBun three times but only saw STUR at the end
That's when STEB needed to go for a run - it was super short
STUR went a little extra with her and kept her company for this part
Thanks for brick company!

All weekend long there wasn't any succotash
But after the ride Jeff did a one mile dash
STUR was happy with her hilly run journey -
Afterwards it was time to go home and watch the tourney!
How about those South Carolina Gamecocks?
They kind of caused an upset, which rocks!
Meanwhile, KBun spent some time on her trainer
Her quads were a burning but inside work was perhaps saner! 
BLUR did an urban hike of 6.07 miles and 228 feet elevation gain...
Hopefully the cross training will help with hills when running?

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