There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Rainy Rap

Rainy race-day, up before the crack of dawn
Tried to sleep in but only could yawn!
Hoping the rain wouldn't be coming down hard
As we run up then down the boulevard
It's almost time for the Monument Ave 10k
EBun, the Running Bug, and her hub were ready to play!

Ready to Play!

A little farther north, it's for certain the bunnies are gonna get wet -
Staying in bed was an option but yet...
SRab and her buddy are gonna run out in it anyway -
That's better than the treadmill any old day!

EBun lined up in the corral marked K
At 8:45 on the dot she was underway!
Her plan was to start easy then pick things up
And by the end it'd be 'suck it up buttercup'!
She was 'running naked' - no Garmin in sight
It's been years since she'd raced without a HR strap on tight!
The heavy rain held off during the run
Like last year the course entertainment made things fun!
As she ran along she got quite a few cheers
Of course it was due to the bunny ears!
A brief walk at water stop number one
At all the rest she grabbed cups on the run.
Managed to keep the pace up and sprint at the end
Made sure to give all the volunteers a hand!
Running Bug had a most excellent day:
A double PR with both distance and pace!
Same for RB's husband - he did great
Even though he had forgotten to hydrate!
Thanks to Ukrops and Sports Backers who put on the race
It really rocks and I ran with a smile on my face!

SRab had a little more time to spend on her feet!
18 miles? Yep! But half with Running Buddy Kathy made it more sweet!
Enjoyed the gently rolling hills out on Beach Drive-
A little warm in tights but SRab did survive!
To all passing runners we said a cheery "hello!"
SRab still did it later to ignore legs like jello!

Sunday - more rain, so what's EBun to do?
An indoor spin with Coach Melissa - that's who!
A short and sweet class but that's ok
Earned my pizza with a special friend for later that day!
Time for new running shoes was also on tap -
Over to =PR= for some New Balance 860s - how about that?

On a chilly rainy day SRab went to her 16th ever Bikram yoga class-
Going  twice a week she's decided will now be her task!
Went to swim since the rain makes her lazy -
Watching it snow out the pool window made her kind of crazy!

There were some upsets in the Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight
Bring on the Final Four - whatever it takes!
Too bad this means no basketball for almost a week!!
So other kinds of pursuits we'll have to seek!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Madness Rap

Team Rabbit met for Saturday swim, but not at the crack.
Happy for extra sleep that we usually don't lack!
Due to this basketball madness stuff;
For some reason we just cannot get enough!!
After swim a "quick" transition, then out on the trail -
Our friend Kathy was there - she wouldn't bail!
On our 5 mile trail run saw runners carrying a sledgehammer?
Strength and cardio combined? The ultimate crammer!
Discussed our plans for later that day:
There’d be more madness after some puppy play!
And EBun has to get a new shed put together,
So the roof won't blow away with the next round of crazy weather!
Sunday EBun and Kathy met for a ride and it was a bit chilly...
Not too bad at the start but we cut it short because it got too windy.
Later EBun had a very nice lunch with a friend!
Could not finish the shed anyway due to the cold and that wind!
SRab met up with many friends she hadn't seen in a while -
Then sweated it out in Bikram yoga with a smile!
The Rabbits' brackets are busted but it's still pretty neat 
Because each of our winning picks made it to the round of 16Sweet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ShamRock N Roll Half Rap - Part 2

(AKA the Back-to-Back Half Rap!)

Finally made it to Shamrock Land.
Met up with some friends for pizza and that was grand!
Checked into our hotel and went to bed quick-
Charging all our devices lickety-split!
EBun got up before the alarm…
First one up it's part of her charm!
Soon after the other Rabbits awoke -
Gotta get to the race but - we ain't going for broke!
Hopped into the car and found an excellent parking space!
Met up with our friends to walk to the start of the race!!
On our walk our rabbit ears were spotted by Linda Dunn!
She and her boyfriend Chris were also there to run!
Along the way we had to make a pit stop;
A lone porta-potty was just the spot!
Just in time to line up in corral number eight -
And unlike last year for the start we didn't have to wait!

Ready to race!

Race started fine then there was a porta-potty break.
Six minutes? We had no idea that’s how long it would take!
WUDoc ran into Siri and went on ahead - we didn't mind!
We knew she wanted to get to church on time!
EBun and SRab got moving again -
And for today :04/:01 was the plan!
Next up the Rabbits encountered 'the hill'!
But believe us 'the hill' was really no pill!
Enjoyed the funny Irish signs as we ran along -
Listened to bands and DJ's playing fun songs!
Then it was time to turn into Fort Story.
Even though its windy - "we're halfway there" - don't worry!
The wind knocked off EBun's ears.
She ran with them in her hand - never fear!
Took a right turn to run along the shore -
Only 55 blocks left - it isn't a chore!
Because we were doing this race for fun-
We took Dixie cups of beer and Oreos on the run!
Made the turn at the Cavalier -
That much closer to the finish line beer!
More turning but this time to the boardwalk;
This time we see the finish line clock!
Got a shout out from the running bug and her fam!
Cross the finish line and run into a bit of a traffic jam!!
Grabbed our medal, our towel and our finisher's hat;
On to the party tent- how 'bout that?
Inside the finish party tent!

Grabbed a beer and listened to the band;
They played some good music so we gave them a hand!
Left for a bit and said goodbye to Lisa, Ty, and Steve.
They had to check out of their hotel and leave.

Saying goodbye to the Running Bug!
Back to the party tent and got to see the Dublin 5!
With a bagpipe and fiddle - they really could jive!!
We were getting cold so headed back to the room;
Knew we'd see WUDoc real soon!
Cleaned up, hot shower, then had some dinner -
Got to see the NCAA pairings - it's a winner!

Celebrating Back-to-Back Half Finishes and Selection Sunday!
Back to the room and in for the night…
Two Rabbits chatted and one was out like a light!
Next morning headed out to find some pancakes -
Even if walking in the cold wind is what it takes!
Drove back North to see all the snow?!
We weren't really sure how it was going to go!
Once again J&A put on a great event!
Team Rabbit was happy to be part of Shamrock again!!
Back-to-back half races was quite a big deal.
A marathon in two days is kind of surreal!
And of course two finisher medals are a double bonus -
But getting it done was no hocus-pocus!

The Double Bonus aka No Hocus-Pocus!

ShamRock N Roll Half Rap - Part 1

(AKA the Back-to-Back Half Rap!)

Before the crack Team Rabbit got on a WMATA train -
We hoped in the end we wouldn't be in pain!
Short walk to the start with a bit of a wait in the cold;
The DC Rock N Roll race start was at 7:30 we were told...
However our corral waited to start for 38 minutes!
That's okay - we weren't in it to win it!
Run a mile, walk a minute was the plan for this race -
We kept our running at a comfortable pace!
The race was unique as it was point to point -
Bands along the way were rocking the joint!
A favorite sign said "may the course be with you!"
There were other fun ones out there - and we were not blue!
Team Z was out there cheering for the crowd-
They had a vuvuzela and it was really loud!
All the Rabbits got plenty of love - what a treat!
Little kids said, "Look at the bunnies!" Isn't that neat?
We ran by some houses offering some free beer -
They were really into the St. Patrick’s Day cheer!
EBun got a hug from a guy in a pink bunny suit!
He was really encouraging and kind of cute!
The Rabbits regrouped at the finish line party -
Back to the train, places to go, we don't want to be tardy!
Talking so much, ended up missing a stop!
But altered our course and made good time - we rock!
Got cleaned up and packed ourselves in the car;
That's all that's happened with the Rabbits so far!
Rock N Roll brand races are all da bomb
Team Rabbit would do another without any qualms!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Clueless Rap

Last weekend both rabbits did somewhat of a triathlon of a varying length!
On Saturday each working on a different strength:
SRab with a long run and EBun with an excellent spin;
Getting it in was a definite win!!
Sunday EBun went on her run.
Even on the treadmill it was kind of fun!
And SRab was back at it in the hot yoga room.
At the end of the class she was over the moon!
They came together for a late Sunday swim -
That kind of happened on a whim!
This weekend you won't believe what they'll do...
Back to back halfs? Do these Rabbits have a clue?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spirit Rap

The Rabbits were at their weekend workouts again.
Separate but together in spirit - amen!
EBun had another good spin Saturday morn.
Her third of the week you don't say? Let's toot a horn!
Tested her hammy on a long run on Sunday.
Felt pretty good and she went on to have a fun day!
On Saturday SRab had a triple threat -
A swim, a trail run, and Bikram yoga all in one day? YOU BET!!
Long walk with the dog and another swim made Sunday low key;
But wanted to get it in before the snow you see!
Hoping the snow melting starts very quickly,
Or doing 16 miles this weekend might be tricky!
We are looking forward to warmer temps this week.
The Rabbits are ready for Spring - just a peek!