There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend Rap - 2016 Edition

Thanksgiving morning dawned grey and cloudy-
But STUR was going to run- she wasn't grouchy.
At the last minute she decided to participate-
In the Alexandria turkey trot -isn't that great?
STUR always enjoys being in the race environment-
But getting MORE injured was not her intent!
She took it slow and finished with a smile-
Waking and running- she had to be versatile!
Alexandria Turkey Trot success!!
(And a cool hat from the OBX Southern Fried Hat!)

Spent the rest of the day napping and watching football-
Believe it or not - the thanksgiving meal was very small.
Friday she was happy to train a couple of peeps-
Made time for a swim/ Aqua jog with the Beast- sweet!
Saturday she again started the day in the water-
She and the Beast ( again!) did a pyramid- they didn't saunter!
She then headed over to CFK to build some muscle-
It was a partner WOD- better hustle!
Met CBun for a movie- "Hacksaw Ridge"
Great movie with some war violence/ just a smidge.
At the Chinquapin pool there was an oopsie -
STUR had to swim on her own at Lee RECenter - oh gee!
Turned out she had some extra time -
Banged out 50 100's - that's the end of THIS rhyme!

Thanksgiving weekend brought STEB’s younger son to town
It was great to see him again so soon – she did not frown!
OK, it looks like Luna is is frowning here...and trying to get away from PGoodz!

PGoodz finally got to meet little miss Luna
She seemed to like him even though he did not feed her tuna!
They went over to RBug’s house for Thanksgiving dinner
Turkey with the usual trimmings, pie for dessert too – it was a winner!
The group engaged in two rounds of Cards Against Humanity
Then the 'horrible people' had to watch football, you see!
Good food, good friends, and good (clean) fun!

Friday STEB and PGoodz ran a few errands in Action-dale
Had kitty supplies to get and lunch without fail!
Speaking of kitties…it seems Luna is getting a new home
She’s moving south – to Huntsville, Alabama she will roam!
PGoodz heading out with #NunaLuna

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OBX and a Half Rap

JRab, STUR, and STEB left in a caravan -
They were headed to the OBX man!
But wait that really wasn't all:
Andy, Jeff, and CBun came too to have a ball!
On the drive down STEB's phone kind of blew up!
Actually it was stuck in a boot loop and she was like, "'Sup?"
STUR and STEB met up with the crew at the runner's expo -
STUR bought the wrong gu don't you know?
They were planning to run the Southern Fried Half Marathon
Part of the OBX Marathon weekend, understand?
They all got settled in the beach house named Hurricane Katie -
It's right on the oceanfront - yeah baby!
Ordered three pizzas for dinner from Little Caesars!
A sausage, a pepperoni, and a cheese are sure to be pleasers.
The running peeps made a plan to rise well before daylight;
Only four miles to the race start? That’s out of sight!!
The rabbit girls left for the race and parked at the YMCA
Would you believe STEB heard that song later that day?
While CBun was running she heard a shout
She got cheered by her Rabbit name without a doubt!
CBun, STEB, and STUR - ready to roll!
The three rabbits started together – in corral E
They were not in corral F, that stood for ‘female’ you see!
STUR made a last decision to run the thing -
I guess she was motivated by the bling!
She probably shouldn't have been running at all...
Nobody made her do it- it was all her call!
The hung out together for a little while
Then STEB dropped back after the first mile
STEB settled into her plan of a 2/1 run/walk
It got her to the finish; the plan was not a crock!
There were some funny sights along the way
A giant crab, a shark, and a doughnut, no way!
Nothing to get crabby about!
The only hill was just the bridge to Roanoke Island
They would not go the way of the Lost Colony that’s for certain!
The 'hill' to Roanoke Island!
All five runners reconvened at the finish line party
Got their drop bags and looked at the finish medals which were sparkly!
Personalized bibs are the bomb!

Back together again!
AKA No Rabbit Left Behind!

They also received a finisher's hat!
That was a nice surprise, how about that?
Who doesn't love a new hat?

Meanwhile, Tessie and Riley had a little fun
They got to play in the sand and the sun!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Swim Swing Rap

This weekend STUR was a swinging and swimming fool -
First up she met the Beast and Maureen at the Chinquapin pool!
The Beast was the coach and they followed her plan -
They got in 4000 meters in a 90 minute span.
The last few days of the kettlebell swing challenge are upon STUR
Don't forget about the push-ups - it's somewhat of a blur!
With daily swings since September 19, STUR has completed 6,375 -
That's 125.5 average each day she did survive!
And 3,375 push-ups were also done in that time frame -
Making it 67.5 average a day - that's clearly insane!
STEB spent Saturday doing some cleaning
It might not seem like much but it had meaning!
But on Sunday guess what? She did a backwards tri - not on a whim...
A run/bike AM brick; then later met STUR, the Beast and BLUR for a swim!
Let's swim!

Team Rabbit should Travel the Chinquapin Trek!

STEB also met Cool Breeze for a nice cup of cheer...
Coffee that is ‘cause the Cubs won the World Series this year!