There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas Rap 2015

Team Rabbit took Christmas off
To spend time with family and friends,  don't scoff
They'll be back in force for sure next year
With lots of fun updates, never fear!
Not sure yet what's on tap for 2016...
But last night STUR and STEB worked on the power clean!
Please stayed tuned for more information
The Rabbits will shake off the cobwebs from vacation!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pre-Christmas Fran "Wrap"

STEB started her weekend Friday morning at the box...
Focus on 'problem areas' really rocks!
Double-unders and abmat sit-ups to start;
Then kettlebell swings, wall balls, and hanging leg raises were kinda hard!
Where can you find STUR these days on Saturday morning?
Aqua jogging at Chinquapin - and it's not so boring!
Since she has some company from the Beast...
Keeps her motivated and talking to say the least!
Next met another motivating workout friend,
Both STUR and STEB obliterated the WOD "Fran" in the end!
"Fran" also Rocks!
With thrusters and ring rows a plenty -
Two pretty basic CrossFit moves - it's tough but elementary!
STEB started Saturday morning with a short spin
Then headed back to MVCF for "Fran"
It was fun to do a WOD with STUR
Since attending the same class for them is rare!
Then it's Sunday and what to do you know?
More swimming and aqua jogging for STUR? It's a go!
Sunday morning STEB had a successful run
Then got in the cookie baking at RBug's - what fun!
Cookie Madness!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Tune Inn Rap 2015

STUR started off her birthday weekend just right:
Aqua jogging with the Beast and STEB was out of sight!
Aqua Jogging Rocks!
While they were jogging they met a champion -
He was the national fastest 800 meter runner it so happens!
His name was John Brittain and he was also injured -
Running in the water is what he'll do he figured.
STEB and STUR next jetted off to the CrossFit box...
A WOD with snatches and jump rope knocked off their socks!
Snatch + Jump Rope? Check!
Went home to rest and get ready for a night at the Tune Inn...
Team Rabbit Loves the Tune Inn!
When will the party start? When? When? When?
Metro-ing to Eastern Market!
STUR, STEB, BRab, and Em were the first to arrive on the scene.
Got the big table, ordered a pitcher, then heard "Dancing Queen!"
Soon the rest of the group started filling in...
Rabbits and Friends!
Including the rest of the rabbits for the win!

More Rabbits, More Friends!
Guess what? There was even a little cake.
And it was even chocolate – for goodness’ sake! 
Cake and Candles!
Unfortunately on the fireball shots STUR did not stop at just one…
But did she hurt the next day? No, not a ton!
Fun Times at a Fun Place!
She was able to swim and aqua jog more on Sunday -
Much better than after last year's party she must say!
STUR thanks all her friends for another fun celebration -
The perfect amount of fun and relaxation!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Man Maker 49 Rap

STUR, STEB, and the Beast met for a swim at the crack -
Believe it or not STUR's birthday is back!
Got in the water and cranked out swim number one:
For STUR it was 2900 meters of fun!
STEB felt like her 1800 meters was good...
Lately she hasn't swum like she normally would.
Swim 1 - check!
After the swim they got a treat at Starbucks...
Hoping after at CrossFit it wouldn't make them upchuck!
Treats 1 - Upchuck 0
A little warm up then STEB hit the rowing machine
She knocked out a 5k it would seem!
5k row? Why not!

STUR went ahead and worked on her clean -
She tied her PR, you know what I mean?
STUR - mid clean!

Next up STUR completed a WOD:
Cleans, Wall Balls, and Ring Rows? Oh mah Gawd!!
Then what do you think these crazy rabbits and friends were going to do?
Only 49 man makers!! It's true!
Friends don't let friends do man makers alone!

One man maker for each birthday year...
They got it done - never fear!
Gettin' it done!

Went back to STUR's to walk Miss Tessie.
Did she do her business? Yes but it wasn't very messy!
Before they knew it time for swim number two...
This time how many meters would they do?
STUR did 2000 to make 4900 in all -
For her swimming is always a ball!
STEB got in 1300 more -
Her final quota was 3100 - it's never chore!
Swim 2 - check!

Finally they earned the right for Chick-fil-A...
You know it was the best part of their day!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Season Rap

Saturday morning STUR met the Beast at the pool -
While she heals, running in the water will be the rule.
Two hours she ran in that water going nowhere -
Always best with a friend, she does declare!
Later after a bit of party hopping she slept like a log...
But soon got going so she could walk her dog:)
Headed back to Chinquapin for some jogging intervals in the water -
Did she get her head wet? She didn't even bother!
Hopped to the gym for a Helen Rex WOD -
Suffered through some rowing but the TRX rows she did applaud!
Took another nap then went back to the pool:
This time she was a lap swimming fool!
Saturday STEB decided not to aqua jog...
She had lots to do and her brain was in a fog!
Instead she just went to the earlier CrossFit class
And made Helen Rex her byotch, in case you were going to ask!
Then she headed home to prepare crock pot dishes:
Hawaiian Meatballs and Teenie Weenies per the hostess's wishes!
Back home, time to get the Christmas decorations out
Does STEB like decorating her house? Without a doubt! 
Jingle Cat!
Saturday night she attended a fun charity holiday party
Didn’t win the raffle, but stuck to her nutrition plan – smartly!
Sunday morning she got to sleep in -
Then hung lights up outside with her son for the win! 
No decorations...yet!
Finally she got all the tree decorations up.
Now just to put all the boxes away – tonight with any luck!
Team Rabbit hopes everyone holiday season is starting off nice
Stay tuned for this weekend’s Tune Inn gathering – our yearly vice!