There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

GW Parkway Weekend Rap Up

On Saturday at Nokesville we got to do a brick
45 mile bike and 5 minute run; we thought we were slick!
It was a beautiful morn with lots of sun
But we were ready for the wind to be done!
Afterwards we both had to run
Because we each had planned an evening of fun!
Sunday morning again before the crack
To catch the shuttle bus where we sat in back!

The GW Parkway Classic 10 Mile Race was our event
We love this course because it has a net descent!

We sang Mr. Rogers on the bus with some guy
Who later ran by us both and said, "Hi!"
Lisa was running the 5k
We knew she would have an AUsome day!!
It was cozy in our starting spot
Then the race started at 8AM on the dot!
Team Rabbit got a shout out around the third mile
"Did I see you at Cherry Blossom?" he asked with a smile.
Silly Rabbit had a kick @$$ PR time!!
Energizer Bunny wasn't far behind!
BOSTON STRONG ribbons pinned to our ears
As usual we got many bunny cheers!
We ran strong for Officer Laboy in the very last mile
It sure was tough but it was very worthwhile!
Well the weather sure was mighty fine
Then we ended up standing in the beer line!

After the beer, a swim, then a little Chipotle-

It was definitely time to call it a day!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Monument Ave 10K Race Rap

Team Rabbit took off to Richmond – had to leave at the crack
Getting up this early sure is whack!
But we got to the race in plenty of time.
Porta Potty? What?! There’s no line?
Packet pick up was a breeze
Because we had them mailed to us if you please!
Signed up for the duo costume contest on a whim
Our chances of winning were mighty slim!
Then a short jog to get our legs warm
And a chance to work on our form!
Found the corral with the sign that said “G”!
We were off and running before 8:43!
The course was a perfect out and back
With many bands – music it did not lack!
So well organized there was never a crowd
Even with the thousands of runners allowed!
“There’s a bunny!” we heard spectators shout
They spotted our ears without a doubt!
Strangers approached us for many photo ops
The attention is fun – hope it never stops!
Finished the race, did our burpees, then off in a flash
To another packet pickup so we had to dash!
It really was an AUsome race that Monument Ave 10K
Now Energizer Bunny likes that distance? No way!!
Sports Backers really knows how to put on a great event
It ran incredibly smooth – so very glad we went!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cherry Blossom Rap

The girls from Team Rabbit went to a race
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler was the place!
Before we started we were spotted by some Rabbittears
And you know that it was all because of our ears!
It was a little chilly as we waited for the start horn
But the crowds in the corrals kept us warm!
It was finally time for our group to go thru the start line.
It was so crowded no one commented on Team Rabbits ears this time.
The weather was perfect and we saw the sun
It wouldn't be long before we were done!
Very crowded at first; hard to get in a groove
But the Rabbits hopped through the crowd - it was all very smooth!
Each Rabbit finished separately smiling with pride
Ten miles of running and nobody died!
Met up easily at the "DrinkMore Water" truck.
Having no longer to "embrace the suck!"
Now a bit of a walk for a ride on the train
For lunch at Chipotle, who would complain?

NOTE: See two of the Rabbits starting the Cherry Blossom race in this video at about the 3:30 mark! It was a big wave!