There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Tri Tri Swim Swim Rap

Saturday morning PBun had a good swim session
Tried to keep up with an 18 year kid, no foolin'!
The lake loop!

Afterwards she hit the trail for a run
Went 7.55 miles over flooding and mud
Damn the dam hill! 

Didn't attempt to cross at the dam
Since the water was flooded over, oh man!
The trail was completely flooded! 

Went under Braddock Road on the trail
Nearly fell twice in the mud but prevailed!
This was SO slippery! PBun managed to stay upright. Whew! 

She kind of ran again with RBug virtually
Who killed her 10k race you see
Ready to run! 

She's going to kill her Martha's Vineyard half
That she will run with her sister Donna, natch
RBug did it! Another race! 

Later worked on a little art project in her backyard
Just a basket with flowers - it wasn't too hard
Yard art / bike planter! 

Sunday morning was windy and chilly...
It's almost May - isn't that silly!?!
Even so BLUR and STUR met at their favorite haunt:
Fort Hunt Park for a bike and a jaunt!
First BLUR set up her very own transition area;
So she'll be calm and ready for race day- no hysteria!
Transition practice - and rabbit ears at the ready! 

Pretended to "swim" then got on her bike gear.
Mounted her bike and away she went - never fear!
While she biked, STUR did a 7.1 mile run -
Seeing BLUR pass her was always fun!
Partners in crime?! 

Then BLUR practiced her T2 game:
Getting all her gear together was her aim!
Once ready - she and STUR did a two mile power walk -
Another chance for some triathlon talk!
BLUR is ready to Try Tri! 

Also on Sunday morning PBun gathered with Jeff and KBun
They headed toward Cambridge MD - into the sun!
Parked at the school and prepared to ride…
The wind kept slamming the car door and knocked over Jeff's bike!
At least it was sunny! 

Wondered what they were getting themselves into...
But they hit the road since they had tri training to do!
KBun's race is 5 weeks out; PBun's race is 6...
And 70.3 is the distance that each is!
Made a pit stop at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Park
PBun plans to visit over Eagleman race weekend - not on a lark!
PBun is looking forward to checking this NPS location out soon!

At times the wind was pretty strong
But not like Hawi, is that wrong?

KBun can most definitely attest to that
But the rabbits agreed wind training isn't too bad
Wind average was 14 miles per hour!

On the way back they might have stopped at a DQ...
Then a roadside market to sample a cake or two!
Just a little banana split.
Which made PBun think of this TV show...remember it?

As far as STUR's swimming goes…
How many miles did she swim in total do you suppose?
She went 6 miles with her head staring at the black line -
Hoping it will translate to the open water just fine!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Uphill Downhill Rap

Ready to #RepTheDistrict at home game #1!
Photo credit: Dave Johnson!

Friday night PBun headed down to CapOne Arena
Time to cheer on the Wizards for game three amidst some drama
First for good luck took a pre game selfie
With the guys from the Wizards Radio Party
Things got a bit heated and there were chants of USA!
The Wizards rallied and beat the Raptors- yay!!
Saturday morning STUR met a masters friend at the pool -
She already had a workout in mind - cool!
Stayed in for the 5500 meters she needed...
Felt good when it was completed!
PBun did the masters practice at Audrey Moore
2600 yards to settle the score
Skedaddled home to get Rile-A-Roo
Headed up to PA if you want the scoop
Made excellent time to Stilt's house
Riley was happy to see momma Izzy without a doubt!
Happy girls, together again!
Of course we will sit quietly for a cat treat!!
On Saturday evening STUR, the Beast, CBun and the men journeyed to Strathmore Hall...
To see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - what a ball!
They all took turns watching the show with binoculars -
The finger picking and strumming was spectacular!
THE Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain!
Photo credit!

Crazy story to prove the world is so small
The next morning Beast ran into them at the airport y'all!!
Seems they were flying off to their next gig:
Stopped for a selfie with the Albuquerque bound Beast, you dig?
The Beast taking an airport selfie with a uke orchestra member!

For STUR and KBun- Sunday brought an early alarm buzzer...
Time for the GW Parkway Classic - they were doing another!
A 1.4 mile warm up run to the shuttle bus...
STUR living so close is a definite plus.
Arrived at Mount Vernon and the weather was perfect;
It was time to get into the race mindset!
STUR and KBun chillin, pre-race!

The girls hopped into a corral and started their run -
Definitely going to be 10 miles of fun!
STUR knows for a fact the first five miles were a bit too spirited -
To keep up this pace might take a miracle!
Doesn't matter. The second half still went by in a flash -
Even though she stopped running a pace for a 100 meter dash.
Gathered her medal and a breakfast burrito -
Hearing all the cheers sure is good for the ego!
Found KBun with her medal and hopped the shuttle back to Eisenhower -
STUR and KBun, reunited!

Ran 1.4 back to STUR's house - they had the power!
Once back, 12.9 miles was their ultimate tally -
Never once had to call a cabby!!
Sunday morning after a lazy start to the day
PBun, Stilt, and KareBear arrived at the race venue in Hopwood PA
Hopwood Fire Station

The Mt. Summit Challenge awaits
Just 3.5 miles for goodness sake
Lined up amidst no fanfare
Time to run uphill if you dare!
THE start line!

PBun had a goal to not walk the first mile
Did that and more up to 1.75 with a smile
PBun, about halfway up. Stilt is a little bit behind her!

The walkers started 2 minutes behind
The first caught up to PBun just past mile one point one nine
Another podium mug for KareBear's collection!

KareBear earned another mug For her troubles,
Stilt and PBun were happy to come in under an hour then get pizza to nibble!
They made it!

THE Summit Inn!

Made it up to the Summit Inn
But they still had to get back down again! 
So tired!

Apparently the total ascent is 1290 feet
And the grade over 3.5 miles is about 8% - neat.
But it's steep enough for a scenic overlook
On the way back down they stopped for look 
You can just make out the road they had just run up!

The trucks are warned to stay in a low gear
And a runaway truck ramp is available never fear 
If the road is steep enough for a runaway truck ramp....

The total miles tally for them was 7 
And the view for them was truly heaven!
Meanwhile RBug was getting her half marathon training done
Three 5k races in one weekend? Son of a gun!
RBug was a busy bunny!

She won her age group at one of them!!
And got a tomato plant for some Earth Day fun! 
RBug at the Glow Run and views from her 2nd 5k of the weekend!

Earned some bling along the way
She'll be ready for Martha's Vineyard half, you don't say!
In all, RBug mileage tally was 9.3 
And now a 10k lined up next weekend woowhee! 
RBug is on a roll!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Monument Swim Rap

How many rabbits met up on Friday  night? The number was four-
Swimming some distance at the Colonies Zone swim meet- score!!
1650 swimmers - goggles at the ready!

STUR, CBun, and PBun were in for the 1650;
BLUR thought the 1000 would be pretty nifty!
The GMU Aquatic Center is pretty sweet
And the cooler water temps can't be beat!
Here are some GMU Aquatic center views!

STUR and PBun got swim in the same heat next to each other
PBun tried to draft but she couldn't, oh brother!
BLUR started doing her 1000 while their heat was going on
The others got to cheer half or her when they were done
The favor was returned when CBun hit the H2O
For the last heat of the night, don't you know?
PBun trading counting duties with Tamara from Team Z
Who told her about the FB Group for IM Louie!
Happy distance finishers!

The rabbits all went their separate ways after a post swim selfie
But two rabbits apparently got McDonald's fries you see
Saturday morning PBun breezed on down to R-VA
It was time for the Monument Ave 10k!
Snagged an excellent garage parking spot
And the port a potty situation was again top notch
PBun got a selfie with this same lady last year!

Saw another gal sporting some bunny ears
Rabbit ears selfie? Of course, never fear!
Killed time hanging out by the F corral
To get to her wave TA would take a while
Cool building to hang out by while waiting on her wave!

Got to give a shout out of War Eagle to a dude
Then saw Alf and some Power Ranger guys who weren't rude!
PBun found her wave!
Which reminds her of a song...

In the TA corral saw rabbit ears behind her
Another rabbit ears selfie? Why sure!
More rabbit ears!!

On the way back of the out and back course she saw T-Rex
Was he going to get her? She didn't have time to kvetch!
This is not Jurassic Park...

Enjoyed all the music along the way
Had fun with a cow selfie then a spirit tunnel, yay!

The volunteers and music always rocks on Monument Ave!

Near the finish saw a sign and thought of STUR:
"You could be doing burpees, it could be worse?!"
But not for STUR cause she's the queen
Of doing burps if you know what we mean!
Got her medal and grub and didn't stick around
Headed to head back home is where she was bound!
Hot 10k - check!

Meanwhile it was 35 and raining in Detroit city...
RBug hopped on the treadmill and got down to the nitty-gritty!
She decided to join PBun for a virtual 10k...
Made the time pass easier that way!
Meanwhile there was more CZ swimming going on
Three rabbits today: CBun, STUR, and the Beast swam strong
CBun and STUR wore the Team Rabbit suit?
Maybe not but they sure looked cute!
The 'official' suit of Team Rabbit?!

Later that afternoon NanWa visited PBun with her hubs
DavWa was going to switch out her kitchen lights - no troubs!
First one went in quick like a bunny
No bulb required? Nope - just diodes!
Which reminded PBun of another song...

The second needed some additional assistance - it wasn't funny
Wavy track lighting over the sink!

In the end both of the lights look so fab
And getting to spend time with friends wasn't bad!
PBun (aka GinWe) loves spending time with NanWa!

At day two of the CZ meet STUR was inspired to try something new:
She entered and swam the 200IM - its true!
BLUR scored a second place medal for the 1000 free -
Hard work and practice pays off - woo whee!
BLUR matches her medal!

The Beast collected 3 medals including first for 200 fly:
One of the toughest events around - my oh my!
The Beast's medal haul!
Doing the 200 fly is pretty beastly!

Sunday started off humid and warm...
BLUR and STUR met early to avoid an impending storm.
Wonder why the Parkway will be closed?
Hmm, perhaps a race! What race?

At Ft. Hunt STUR ran around the loop to make 8 miles;
And BLUR was riding her bike all the while!
In the end BLUR finished up with a bit of a brick,
While STUR finished her burpees before it rained - slick!!
CBun was at day three of the CZ meet
Her team considers this their spring A race - neat!
She killed her first ever 100 IM
Knocked lots of seconds off understand?
She participated in a 4x400 free relay
Her group earned a first place medal as you can see!
Yay for the Reston Master's 4x400 relay team!

Meanwhile, PBun sort of slept in late
Got Jeff on the way to get in a bike ride was her fate
Started off it was a smidge cool but sunny
Didn't need a jacket and warmed up nicely
Had a nice tail wind all the way out
To the turn around st Smith's Switch Station without a doubt
Headed back there was a lot of headwind with which to contend
Then the temperature dropped and the clouds rolled in
In Herndon stopped at Green Lizard Cycling for fun
The coffee bar smelled fab and made them want some!
It's the Green Lizard!

Last but not least they got some rain
But got it done all the same!
PBun's bike views!

Winnie the Pooh would have thought it was a Blustery Day
But a little Starbucks took the chill away
Later on PBun went headed over to a different Starbucks
It was her final get together with RBud - aw shucks.
Sunday afternoon STUR got in a swim for the fourth day in a row...
Even though the swim last Thursday seems like a long time ago.