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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 9, 2018

How We Roll Rap

Friday afternoon PBun finally got out for a ride
Candy 2.0 was her trusty guide
By the end their miles totaled 15.75
Then headed to the Wizards game - no jive
Saturday morning three rabbits met up at the pool-
Easily got some open lanes - cool!
BLUR got in 2000 steady and strong -
She "may" have had a bit of trouble counting...is that wrong?
The Beast and STUR did their own thing -
Lots of stroke work their workout would bring!
Meanwhile PBun was over at Audrey Moore
And 2500 yards was her final score
PBun, waiting to get started!
The pool is still nice and calm.

Ended up knocking out some butterfly
It's her favorite stroke, wonder why?
After headed over to STUR's to go to pick up their race stuff
Metro to Judiciary Square and the Building Museum with little fuss
STUR and PBun are ready for their run!

Back at STUR's they met up with KBun
Then it was time for a lunch run!
Panera was delish!

After a good meal at Panera they left to do their thing
Had to wait for a driver doing what she was doing
Sunday morning STUR and PBun got a ride from JRab the chauffeur -
To the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - they were on time for sure!
So pretty and peaceful before the race! (What race?)

First up a Washington Monument selfie
Such a pretty view to say the least
Still bundled up here!

Waiting around for the race to start they were rather chilly...
Time to go to bag check and strip the layers - really?!!
Which way do we go? Oh - thanks!

First STUR hit the ground to knock out some burpees
Working on 70 on this Sunday
Waiting to get into the corrals!

Soon after the start, STUR called out a reckless annoying dude!
"Shut up bunny lady" is what she heard back- how rude!
Ended up passing same guy around mile seven...
That's what he gets for his aggression.
PBun took it easy trying set a steady pace
This was her longest run since the High Bridge race!
KBun spotted her around mile 3
Called her out because of her ears you see!
Then what do you know, around mile 5.5
KBun passed by with a flash - no jive!
She looked steady and was running strong
Amazing for someone who didn't sleep very long!
Then PBun had to make a quick pit stop
Ended up taking 9 minutes - hurry up people! Chop, chop!!
After starting again she ran a mile
Then finally peeled her jacket off with a smile
Continued to run, getting stronger as she got closer to the end
Finally crossed the finish line and met up with her KBun friend!
Then they connected with STUR and took a ride
And got some brunch then donuts - no lie!
Post race pancake selfie!
That is they were waiting on their pancakes!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! The unofficial treat of Team Rabbit?!

This is how Team Rabbit rolls
Always lots of laughs – no rigmarole!
All in all it was a successful bunny race
And STUR finished her 19th in a row for goodness' sake!

STUR is an amazing #CB10Streaker


  1. Always good to see the rabbit ears amidst the cherry blossoms! I saw STUR cross the start line but missed PBun. You should definitely add your rappin' recap to the official recap linkup: http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=767844

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for the note! I just saw this. Is it too late to add to the recap link up?