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Monday, April 2, 2018

Fools Rap

Saturday morning PBun was up before her alarm
Kind of a bummer but really no harm
Got to the pool and L4 had the whole place
But she ended up with only two lane mates
Got in 2700 yards that included 3x100 IM
To bad the water was warm again!
After that it was time for her run
A fork in the path? Should be fun!
She got in a nice gradual uphill climb
Hopefully it'll help when it's Mt. Summit time!
PBun's running views!
Cut her run short as she developed a hot spot
A blister on the bottom of her right foot? What a crock!
BLUR and STUR were the first ones in the pool on Saturday-
They had to get a lane- no time to play!
BLUR practiced a straight 1000 for Colonies Zone swim meet -
Got a solid time - what a treat!
STUR did a typical 4000 workout...
Getting in lots of meters is what it's all about!
Scooted over to the box for something new:
Spin Fit class at the CrossFit Kingstown - woo-hoo!'
STUR then went outside for a very short jaunt-
So now a mini tri she can flaunt!
Then she and JRab headed over to Lowe's
What were they doing there you suppose?
On a mission to find a special tree...
To dedicate to sweet Tessie's memory!
That afternoon PBun got to hang out with NanWa - yay
Lunch, a Wizards game, and Starbucks to celebrate NanWa's birthday!
Hard to believe it's been 40 years since the Fat Lady sang!
Wizards punched their ticket to the playoffs with a win
PBun is looking forward to this of course, it's not a sin! 
Bring on the Playoffs!
They also snagged an Otto Porter, Jr. bobblehead
PBun is sending hers to PGoodz instead! 
Otto!! Repping The District!
Sunday morning PBun was up again before the alarm went off
But managed to go back to sleep this time  - don’t scoff!
Once finally up it was time to powerlift
Headed to the Playground if you get her drift
It was chest and biceps day!
One teammate was celebrating a birthday – no foolin’
She showed up with Duck Donuts…PBun might have been drooling!
On Easter morning STUR had lots of time to hit the trail
She just knew she would run- but didn't consider much detail.
Started off and soon encountered  a downed tree:
No hurdling of trees required!
Glad it went down opposite the path - oh gee!
Such perfect running weather had STUR going further than she meant to...
A little over 9 miles she did accrue!
The Beast and Mike went to New York on a bus
Passover with family was worth all the fuss.
They spent an afternoon at the theater -
The play got thumbs up from them for sure!
Two Thumbs Up!
KBun went for a run - a half marathon in length -
Running along the canal and seeing many eagles gives her strength!
Later in the afternoon PBun and her son went to see family for Easter dinner
And on the way back a drive through memory lane was a winner!

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