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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Tri Tri Swim Swim Rap

Saturday morning PBun had a good swim session
Tried to keep up with an 18 year kid, no foolin'!
The lake loop!

Afterwards she hit the trail for a run
Went 7.55 miles over flooding and mud
Damn the dam hill! 

Didn't attempt to cross at the dam
Since the water was flooded over, oh man!
The trail was completely flooded! 

Went under Braddock Road on the trail
Nearly fell twice in the mud but prevailed!
This was SO slippery! PBun managed to stay upright. Whew! 

She kind of ran again with RBug virtually
Who killed her 10k race you see
Ready to run! 

She's going to kill her Martha's Vineyard half
That she will run with her sister Donna, natch
RBug did it! Another race! 

Later worked on a little art project in her backyard
Just a basket with flowers - it wasn't too hard
Yard art / bike planter! 

Sunday morning was windy and chilly...
It's almost May - isn't that silly!?!
Even so BLUR and STUR met at their favorite haunt:
Fort Hunt Park for a bike and a jaunt!
First BLUR set up her very own transition area;
So she'll be calm and ready for race day- no hysteria!
Transition practice - and rabbit ears at the ready! 

Pretended to "swim" then got on her bike gear.
Mounted her bike and away she went - never fear!
While she biked, STUR did a 7.1 mile run -
Seeing BLUR pass her was always fun!
Partners in crime?! 

Then BLUR practiced her T2 game:
Getting all her gear together was her aim!
Once ready - she and STUR did a two mile power walk -
Another chance for some triathlon talk!
BLUR is ready to Try Tri! 

Also on Sunday morning PBun gathered with Jeff and KBun
They headed toward Cambridge MD - into the sun!
Parked at the school and prepared to ride…
The wind kept slamming the car door and knocked over Jeff's bike!
At least it was sunny! 

Wondered what they were getting themselves into...
But they hit the road since they had tri training to do!
KBun's race is 5 weeks out; PBun's race is 6...
And 70.3 is the distance that each is!
Made a pit stop at the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Park
PBun plans to visit over Eagleman race weekend - not on a lark!
PBun is looking forward to checking this NPS location out soon!

At times the wind was pretty strong
But not like Hawi, is that wrong?

KBun can most definitely attest to that
But the rabbits agreed wind training isn't too bad
Wind average was 14 miles per hour!

On the way back they might have stopped at a DQ...
Then a roadside market to sample a cake or two!
Just a little banana split.
Which made PBun think of this TV show...remember it?

As far as STUR's swimming goes…
How many miles did she swim in total do you suppose?
She went 6 miles with her head staring at the black line -
Hoping it will translate to the open water just fine!

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