There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Recover and Remember Rap

Saturday SRab had a great 8 mile trail run - SCORE!
Her body's definitely used to doing more!
But you see this weekend it was recovery time...
So at her next long run she will shine!
Was the rest of her weekend low key? You bet!
Lots of dog walking and a little yoga sweat.
EBun made it back to town real late on Friday...
Actually, it was really early Saturday!
Almost forgot what she had planned later - things were a blur.
It was a 5K - the Crystal City Twilighter!! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Long and Shortstop Rap

SRab's mileage two weekends ago was thirty plus TWO;
Furthest she'd ever run - it's true!
It was all a mental game -
WuDoc and Tim were along to keep her sane!
On Sunday she repaired herself in the hot yoga room...
She was pretty stiff you can all assume!
While SRab was recovering from all those miles
EBun will be relaxing with a big smile!
Vacation time brings a ball park tour...
How many parks? Would you believe four?
Next day it was time for EBun’s vacation
Met the cousins for that ballparks tour - what fun
First stop - Minneapolis by plane
The Twins won the first game!
Next up - Milwaukee by bus
Meet up with Kent? Definitely a must!
Brewers won game number two
We might have even had a brew!
Wednesday morning took a train
Unlike the bus - it wasn't a pain!
The White Sox ended up losing the game
But we thought the park was nice. Isn't that insane?
The temps had dropped 25 degrees
Winter coat required? If you please!
Later that night had pizza with an old friend
SSS and GGV together again!
Next morning met up with a group for a run
CityRunning Tours Chicago's Front Yard tour was fun!
Would you believe EBun ran into someone from DC?
They have a mutual friend named Kimberly!
Recognized her from a pic on Kim's blog post
Such a small world - but I love that the most.

Thursday we did a little sightseeing in Chi-town
Just used our feet to get around.
Sky Deck up on the 103rd floor - so high
Cars looked like bugs way down on the ground. Oh my!
Later that night it was ballpark four
After that one there'll be no more
The Cubs lost 13-3 at Wrigley Field.
But we had fun celebrating 100 years behind the outfield
On the last day we again played tourist
ArtInstitute of Chicago and Architecture River Cruise - definitely a must!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy Moly Rap

Over the weekend SRab had a wonderful family visit.
So nice to rest and recover if only for a bit!
Lots of walking on the mall was her only workout - 
But still broke a sweat there's no doubt!
Plenty of time with CanLakes50 just 89 days away-
But when she added it up she thought, "No Way!"
Ebun was under the weather over the last week
But her attitude was certainly not bleak!
She got her Rabbit ears on at an Oly
She hit up Colonial Beach with Margie – holy moly!
The water was wild – they had to change the course direction!
But no worries – Ebun got it done!
The bike course was hillier than she last remembered...
But maybe in her older age her memory is blurred?!
It was pretty warm out there on the run;
But her good attitude and bunny ears made things fun!
EBun Finishing Colonial Beach Oly!
(Photo credit: Margie
There was even Ledo Pizza at the finish,
Which is EBun’s favorite pizza dish!
Margie walked away with the top Aqua Bike prize
And on the way home they ate some fries!
Colonial Beach is a fun town for a race
The community gets into even though we invade their space
And of course Setup Events VTS puts on a great race

We’ll be back for more – that is certainly the case!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mad Holiday Rap

Friday was time for an annual event
The kickASTtri is the one that we meant! 
A great way to start off a special holiday 
A little swim-bike-run in a casual way!
EBun swam 750 meters in the pool
The water was kinda warm but that's cool
After T1 everyone left on the bike in a group
EBun wouldn't get lost because she knew the route
The ride was along lots of familiar streets
This is where EBun does her rides mid-week!
Everyone made it back to the pool for T2
A leisurely transition then you know what we do
The day had started out a little bit cool and cloudy
By the time we started the run it was nice and sunny
A run loop around Annandale and back again 
Refreshments for all and that's it. The end!
2014 kickASTtri Finishers!!
(Photo Credit Tammy)
Thanks to Mike and Joe for hosting the 'race'
It's always fun and AST is a kick @$$ place!

Saturday morning STUK and SRab headed to Vermont on a jet plane- 
They were going to the Mad Marathon - that's just insane! 
Easy travel and an airport pick up from Jeff and Andy;
So happy to be in Vermont - feeling dandy!

SRab and STUK Feeling Dandy!
(Photo Credit STUK)
Whisked off right away to the race expo;
So quick and efficient - small races are the way to go!
Had a photo op with running legend Bart Yasso - 
He said the marathon's pretty challenging - we knew that was true!
After lunch - did a little preview of the course
Jeff knew much of it - he was our course source!
They had to see a famous part called "the Dip."
They hoped they wouldn't trip and slip!
Straight down a steep hill then immediately back up high -
Worried them a little not gonna lie!
Played tourist for a bit by taking a ride on a ski lift-
Off the mountain they hoped they wouldn't drift!
Great views and saw some crazy mountain biking-
Going down that hill on a bike would not be to their liking!
Early dinner with pasta and straight to bed-
So the wake up alarm they wouldn't dread.

Popped up the next day to make the 7am start-
First to the port potties they would dart!
Time now to line up on the road they couldn't wait-
Lots of Marathon Maniacs trying to get in another state!
Hard to get into a groove as the hills started right away-
It's going to be an entertaining day!
Weather was nice and the scenery first rate-
Made climbing those hills worth it- no debate!
SRab kept a steady pace-enjoying all the cows;
Her bunny ears certainly got some "wows!"
SRab and STUK kept pretty much in sight of each other
So staying motivated was really no bother!
The aid stations were friendly and ready to assist-
Watermelon at one was really pure bliss!
One point saw a lady riding on a bull (?!)
Seeing all the farm animals out and about was really very cool!
Made it through the Dip (both times!) with very little fuss-

Staying calm on the hills definitely is a must!
Started to get really warm around mile twenty-one...
All the hills were becoming a lot less fun!
But they kept shuffling along and what do you know?
Just .2 miles was all they had to go!
Saw the covered bridge and all the waving flags -
SRab’s 27th marathon finished she could brag!
The finish line announcer called her a "funny bunny"
It's Silly Rabbit - don't you know anything dummy?!
Just kidding as the Mad race was just great- 
Hardest one SRab’s done so far it will rate!

Rabbitear STUK, AKA Sally
Was happy to be in Mad River Valley.
The race would be hard, a roll of the dice
But at least the scenery would surely be nice!
Maybe she'd finish in 7 to 8 hours?
Anything less would take superhuman powers!
But like SRab said, this was all just for training
We new in advance it was going to be draining.
Cruising along on the highest runners' high
STUK was smiling and chatting and slapping high fives! 
The aid stations were stocked, the volunteers cheery
Except for this one guy-- he was grouchy and dreary!
The ultimate Scrooge --with a scowl and a frown
But STUK wasn't about to let him get her down!
"Hey thanks for waiting!" She jovially shouted
But Scrooge said nothing -- just stood there and pouted!
"Did you see a rabbit run by?" STUK asked with a grin
Scrooge looked at her like he just lost his best friend!
She spotted some salt and said "I'll have some of this"
"All I need is a shot of tequila --now that would be bliss!"
But with Scrooge looking scroogier, STUK said "See ya later!"
And she thought to herself:  Ain't nobody got time for this hater!
Up, up, up to the top of the mountain they climbed
Until STUK finally said, "What the heck? Am I blind?"
"Where's the big downhill? WHERE IS IT?!" She cried
She was starting to think that maybe they lied!
With the sun beating down at mile 22
She gulped down some Gatorade and popped another GU.
And before she knew it, she was feeling just fine!
Finally, the big downhill-all the way to the finish line!
SRab was waiting to give STUK her cool bling
Mad Marathon in the books--and another state too! Cha-ching!

Mad Finishers!
(Photo Credit STUK)
Jeff and Andy had a awesome experience in their half marathon loop-
Andy ended up winning first in his age group!
After legs in an ice tub they headed straight for some ice cream-
Yes that's right - Ben and Jerry's is a dream!
Other folks were there with their marathon medals -
Stories of races they all would peddle -
Met a man of which this was his 456th!!
He didn't even seem tired like us - not a lick!
Celebration next with pizza, beer, and fried Brussels sprouts-(?!)
Very yummy SRab and STUK would shout!
The Mad Marathon is highly recommended
Even with all the hills the race is not to be dreaded!
SRab is very pleased with her training run success-
And her brother Andy's hospitality was the best!

While SRab and STUK were ‘Mad’ in Vermont
EBun herself took a little jaunt!
She did another tri of sorts
Thanks to a last minute OWS of course!
Lake Montclair just after the crack of dawn
Coach Melissa in a kayak to keep us from harm!
From West Beach to Dolphin Beach and back
The water temp was nice, that's a fact!
Then off to a favorite Rabbit hangout - PWFP
EBun needed to bike four laps you see
The temp here was cool - hard to believe it was July!
EBun's kind of weather that's no lie!
On loop two she spotted two young deer
They just stood and watched without any fear
Squished on the road was a big box turtle
I hope it wasn't on purpose as that would be evil.
Bike speed work with hills wasn't the plan originally
But EBun got it done and with a top speed of 43!
After all that EBun just had to do a little run
Two tris in one long weekend? What fun!!
A little over a half mile is all it took
Just to get the third leg in for that impromptu tri in the books!