There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, August 29, 2016

10-10 Double Rap

This weekend STUR and STEB did a double
Double races that is - not too much trouble!
On Friday night STEB went to packet pickup
First official tri of the season, hoping race day wouldn't have course mix-up!.
See some of Team Rabbit would do the Lincolnia Super Sprint
For this race they did not pay a mint!
Then it was time to give Trixie a bath
It had been a while, maybe it would make her fast?
After all she was now sporting Pedal Faster Suzi
The same from IMLP 2012, the start of Team Rabbit you see!
Then STEB was up on Saturday before the alarm
For some reason this is becoming the norm!
Gathered up her gear and headed on out
Nice to be around the corner, without a doubt!
Bikes racked and waiting for STUR!
Arrived at the site and ran into RBud
Set up on the Elite racks? Say what!?
Elite rack! What?
Um, elite and experienced racers that is...
Soon it would be time to get down to biz! 
STUR was feeling a bit unsure on Saturday morning-
She'll admit she wishes that outside it was pouring!
She had signed up for a super sprint triathlon you see-
And she was out of shape for biking to some degree...
She collected up JRab and they headed out in the early dawn-
She hoped she had all her tri gear...yawn!

Thanks for hosting, Lincolnia Park Recreation Club!
Setting up transition - would she remember what to do?
Was happy to find STEB and RBud, her Rabbit crew.
After a brief meeting they were off to the pool-
One at a time that would  be zig-zagging around - cool!
STUR is the only one that looks ready to swim!

The racers were lined up according to swim ETA
But someone might have jumped the line, you don't say?
Maybe JRab should have tried for a third shot?

He ended up in line right behind STEB
Then moved up in front of her and STUR before the swim's end.
STEB followed STUR into transition
Hard to put on bike shoes on gravel, moved to blacktop to get it done
Got to the mount line without a hitch -
And headed out for six rectangular loops, no glitch!
Next up, STUR was amazed as she was able to mount Sheila -
Anyone have a shot of tequila?!
There was the cutest cheerleader on the route,
Standing with her daddy, everyone could hear her shout!
JRab was out there cheering the rabbits on, too!
Team Rabbit was grateful and he's done this a time or two...
STEB had forgotten how tough it is to push hard.
Would she have any energy to run, was that in the cards?
Rolled into transition and made the switch,
Glad she asked directions so the run start she didn't miss
And STUR is just kidding - she breezed through those 6 laps -
Time to run now and not collapse!
STEB knew the first part of the course was though a field
The grass at the beginning was so high - it wouldn't yield!
Finally made to the part that was mowed
Wanted to take the kiddie short cut, truth be told...
But she forged on up ahead -
With regular walk breaks instead.
Happy to reach the sidewalk part
JRab wished her luck, that was smart!
Back behind the school there was some blacktop...
But then more grass? Please make it stop!
Finally out onto a walkway with some stairs to navigate-
STEB was on the home stretch and staying upright, her fate!
Well, STUR got going the wrong way at first -
But this didn't mean she was cursed!
Made the 2.0 miles mostly in the grass...
And did it without falling on her @$$!
One hill to climb, then you could almost see the finish line
Team Rabbit would soon regroup and it would be time
For a post race selfie with super hero volunteers
Spiderman and Superman were also there to cheer!
Superhero selfie - check!

Very motivating to see all the race support -
Especially JRAb who's such a good sport!
In the end STEB and RBud made the podium
Taking Elite silver and bronze like the Olympics, how fun!
Silver and Bronze? Yes!
Even with the convoluted run it was a nice neighborhood fundraising event
All the sponsor donations covered the race fees, and that was heaven sent
The little racers were so cute while they were swimming
And everyone who was out there was winning!
It was a SeaSide meet up!

Saturday afternoon STEB and son took a drive.
To Glen Burnie, Maryland for crabs? No lie.
Bring on the crabs!
They met some family as a few were blowing through town
Her family is always fun to be around
Family Fun Selfie - check!
Sunday morning STUR drove to Annapolis in the dark -
Arrived super early and got an excellent place to park!
Picked up her number for the Annapolis 10 mile Run -
Received a running hat and headband - how fun!
She had over an hour to kill...
Three mile run around the stadium if you will!
THE stadium!
Funny thing is she could have used her headlamp -
But the sun came up and her head was damp!
Found a secret porta potty on her trip around the stadium -
It sure made her smile radiant!
Inside view of THE stadium!
Heard the national anthem and they were off like a shot-
The crowd was well behaved -no angling for a spot!
The first 2 miles take you right by the Capitol in town
Capitol in the background!

Then it's not long before a bridge over the Severn River can be found
Bridge climbs are always fun!

About halfway STUR realized her energy had all but run out-
So run / walk breaks is what it's all about!
Oh! She's halfway there!
The race has many more hills than she did remember-
It's so hot - shouldn't they have this race in November?
"Hop hop hop to the finish line miss Bunny!"
That's what a spectator said to her- pretty funny!
A10 - check!
She did just that and collected her race swag-
A nice warm hoodie she can wear one day and brag!
A10 swag is the bomb!
What do you know? Her day was not quite over -
She'd run one more mile just for closure!
Next up was a trip for a Slurpee -
She'd seen a 7-11 on the course you see!
Zoomed home to finish burpees - all 99...
Can't believe tomorrow is 100 - another finish line!
Meanwhile, Sunday morning again STEB beat the alarm clock
But since it was another race morning, that rocked.
Headed over to South Lakes High School
For the South Lakes 10k, it's cool
Rabbit ears at the ready!

When she first arrived she was actually kind of chilly
And wore a jacket to packet pickup which later seemed silly
Because it didn't take long once the race began
For STEB to heat up, oh man!
She started off slowly and picked up the pace on each mile except for number 5
In the end she had a negative split, which made it all fine!
Thanks for the action-shot, Kim!

Kim Runs Miles with Smiles was a marshal around mile four
That was a nice surprise and pick-me-up, for sure!
Senior Wall Selfie - check!

Took the usual post race selfie at the Seniors wall
Then headed home for the second to last day of burpees, y'all
Later that day there was a gathering of the rabbit peeps
To celebrate the marathon swimmers' feats!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Moon Rap

STEB's weekend kind of started on Thursday night
She and RBug went to the Kenny Chesney concert – it was outta sight!
Friday after work was a quick trip to PA
STEB’s mission: to visit family
STEB's favorite PA view!

Riley her dog got to see Izzy her dog mom 
It's so great that they get along!
Happy Dogs in the Car!

The family got together for a lunch at the club
That’s Polish Falcons Nest #147, bub!
"Jak siÄ™ masz?"
A bonus was to meet some tiny, little kittens
And one of them even had mittens!
Three little kittens, only one had mittens!
She and Riley also got to meet a new pup, Millie
She's awfully cute but a little bit silly!
Silly Millie - trying to 'walk' Riley!
Later on in the car they made a pit stop, you know...
Riley thought it would be OK for her to drive - um, NO!
Riley takes the wheel!
Made it home Saturday night without a hitch
Got to see the men's 5000 meter run, including the glitch
Sunday morning, STEB tried to sleep in
But woke up of course before the alarm – again
Started the day doing 52 of 92 burpees
And watching the Olympic men’s marathon you see
A pink skull kettlebell? Yes!

Had a noon appointment to check out a CrossFit box
CrossFit Kingstown was it – and the intro class rocked!
You can work up a sweat with a mini WOD!

Later at home did a little reorganization project
One she had been putting off for a bit
After that was completed it was time:
Just 40 more burpees to do; it wasn’t a crime!
Knocked them out, 10 at a time as usual
Just seven more days of this challenge to go!

Friday on the flight to Detroit STUR had some time to kill -
She decided to add up swimming miles if you will:
*Only* 184 miles swum since the new year -
With 30 of them in open water - she has nothing to fear!
They landed early and headed to visit family
All were glad to see them naturally!
Once checked into the hotel- JRab and STUR were ready to nap -
Then stayed in for the rest of the evening, how 'bout that?
Next morning STUR explored her area -
She found a path for a short run - she was merry!
Very excited since next CBun arrived -
A plan for race day they must devise!
No crimes were committed at or on this lake!

Headed over to Half Moon Lake - the scene of the crime...
On Sunday morning they must be on time!
Got their t-shirt and yellow swimming cap -
Took a nice long gander at the course map.
Swim to the Moon Map ~
Just follow the dots!

Learned they'd be swimming under a bridge and through a tunnel
They'd go through it twice - it would be a double.
Back to the hotel for resting before dinner in Ann Arbor, a college town -
A great Italian restaurant they found.
Off to bed now for an early alarm -
For tomorrow the rabbits must be in good form!
JRab, Sherpa extraordinaire, drove the rabbits there in the dark -
They very easily found a place to park!
All the usual pre-race activities took place:
Body marking, porta-potties and sunscreen on the face!

STUR and CBun ready to Swim to the Moon!
Yellow caps and goggles - at the ready!

Then "ready, set, go" is all they heard -
This 10k has started - oh my word!
First mile puts you right out of Half Moon Lake -
Feeling great at this point for goodness' sake.
Went right past the first aid station - no need to stop
Really glad the water has no chop!
Around 1.5 miles you go under a neat walking bridge.
Did the water get shallow? Just a smidge..
So shallow in fact you could stand up and walk -
STUR decided to do so - at the scenery she did gawk!
Mile two came up and another aid boat...
She grabbed a gu and put it down her throat!
Next up the before mentioned tunnel was here at last -
STUR savored the moment - she didn't go fast.
Now she reached a part in which they were warned -
A very sharp turn they would have to perform.
The course zig-zagged a bit then what's this she sees?
The halfway point on the shore - woo whee!
STUR ran onto shore and located her special needs bag -
She got in and out - no need to brag!
The 5k swimmers were lined up and ready to go -
STUR didn't want to get caught in their flow!
She ran back in the water feeling slightly refreshed
Hoping the next 5k won't put her to the test!
She was cranking along with a boost from the Coke she drank
Happy for all the swimming miles she put in the bank.
Stopped at both feed boats on the way back-
Better swim faster, here comes the 5k peeps - ACK!
They didn't bother her much - she did her own thing...
And some "Sound of Music" tunes she began to sing.
The last 800 meters is where it got tough:
Honestly, this rabbit had swum enough!!
There was JRab with his arms in the air -
STUR had little energy to spare!
That's a kick @$$ finisher's towel!

But she made it on shore and got her medal and towel,
For the post race food she was on the prowl.
JRab informed her of CBun's whereabouts -
Turns out to the moon she'd be taking a different route...
CBun knew it was going to be a long shot,
The halfway point cut off was two hours on the dot.
She passed up the feed boats so as not to lose ground,
And tried to avoid a goggle-less guy who was zig-zagging around.
His baggy board shorts and crazy swim style
Made CBun wonder "what's wrong with this guy?"
She reached the 5K cutoff four minutes too late.
Her 10K finish would just have to wait.
But the day wasn't over for the DNF crew -
The race director offered free entry to the 1-point-2!
So back in the water, CBun did swim
Coming up short, but ending on a win!
Swim to the Moon - check!
There's no doubt this is now one of STUR's favorite events
With all aspects of the race she is very content!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Beat the Heat Rap

Friday night STEB headed to the ukulele club monthly meeting
They played some fun songs and of course they did sing!
Saturday - what's this a long run in the middle of a heatwave?
Seems the weather was not going to behave!
The only solution was to go at the crack -
STUR, STEB, and CBun did just that - they sure weren't slack!
CBun out there, trying to beat the heat!

The first two met at PWFP while CBun ran on the mall-
These bunnies are training for fall races after all!
STUR and STEB, ready to run a loop!
Their idea of course was to beat the heat
They got it done in the end so that was sweet!
STUR went extra early to stash some water on the route -
Since there aren't any water fountains - shoot!!
STUR found STEB and they got down to business -
Hoping the weather wouldn't test their fitness!
They decided to go the "other way" on the scenic loop...
Used bug spray first so the mosquitoes wouldn't swoop!
STEB slogged through one reverse loop on her own two feet
She was happy they started early, that was neat
Walk breaks were aplenty as she continued to move forward
Somehow last time it didn't seem this hard!
Perhaps the heat was a tiny, little factor
But even with the walk breaks up ahead she could see STUR!

7.2 miles - check!
They got the 7.2 mile loop done before it got too sunny-
Didn't see any bears - that wouldn't have been funny!
Beware of the Bears!
STEB thought she would do a reverse loop on her bike, Candy
But she opted to pace STUR for a few miles, and that was dandy!
So she hopped on her bike while STUR continued to run along -
Having a bike escort helped STUR feel strong!
Part 2, underway!
The bike was a really nice way to recover
But on her way back STEB went kind of harder
She was so hungry and wanted to hit the road
So she could hurry and get back to her abode!
Turns out STEB was stung by a bee
Reminds her of her first race at Placid you see
She hopes that this time the mark doesn't last as long
Because an entire month is really too long!
After STEB turned around STUR began listening to some tunes -
Trying to be done WAY before afternoon!
STUR smiling because she beat the heat!

She got 15 miles done and headed straight for a Slurpee -
For her drive home it made her feel a bit more perky!
While these rabbits were running, what do you suppose?
WUD and RBud did bike rides on the open roads.
WUD was out on the IMMD course, not on a lark
While RBud did her ride over at Mason Neck park
After a night of watching the Olympics STUR got to sleep in a bit -
Then she popped out of bed and put on her swim outfit!
Time for another National Harbor open water swim -
So hot out it was refreshing to jump in!
STUR took it easy - she's on sort of a swim taper-
For her 10k swim next Sunday/ it will do her a favor.
WUD and RBud were also there to swim
And a little running after, for the win!
Sunday morning STEB also got to sleep in
She then met with Abbi for coffee again.
Then after a trip to the grocery store
It was time to get friendly with her bike trainer for sure!
Trixie on the trainer!

After a nice hour astride of Trixie
It was burpee time, only 85 you see
Later on Sunday evening there was a rabbit gathering
Marlene was in town, that was the reasoning!
It was great to see Marlene again!

They ate yummy taco salads and maybe drank a brew
Then watched some women's weightlifting and Usain Bolt  - whew!
The night was for the dogs, in the end...
Tessie and Riley - together again!
Happy girls!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Go-Go Fest Rap

On Friday STUR and JRab had a night out on the town-
The Go-Go's farewell concert is where they could be found.
They met friends Jodie and David at the restaurant Hamilton-
STUR and Jodie, ready to boogie!

On a good pre-concert dinner they were gambling!
After dinner they headed over to the venue-
Once there, enjoying some drinks they did continue!
During the warm up band -apparently there was too much chatter-
Somebody turned around to see what was the matter!
Almost time to get up and dance!

The Go Go's were up and the crowd got to their feet,
STUR heard most of her favorite songs - it was neat!
STUR ran just a bit the very next day-
Getting in a little made her happy anyway!
Saturday morning STEB picked up RBug
Then went to PWFP and met up with RBud
Two loops riding the scenic drive in reverse
Thankfully by the end they didn't need a hearse!
Once back home it was burpee time
Just 77 to do, it was all fine!
She spent some time working on her 70.3 plan of attack
And of course watched some Olympics, that's a fact!
Tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour
But sleep wasn't in the cards, the situation was dour!
She managed to get about four hours sleep
Before having to get up to meet her peeps!
Went to RBud's to catch a ride to National Harbor where she'd run
Everyone else would be swimming at the HarborFest, it would be fun!
What's this? A bunny sighting first thing?
You know what a good day that would bring!
Happiness is...a bunny sighting!

STUR was feeling much better on Sunday morn-
It was her swimsuit and goggles she would now adorn!
Picked up the Beast and scuttled over to the harbor-
Saw that the typical swim course was much larger!
The course was easy to follow!

Today is the HarborFest swim race -
And for STUR a 5k she'd have to pace!

One everyone arrived it was the usual business
Group selfie of the swimmers of course, no fuss!
Swimmers at the ready!

STEB then headed out to run four miles
Quick hello to Lionel, he was all smiles!
She ran a nice little out and back
Up and over the bridge, it's not whack!
Ran to Virginia and then turned around
Did we mention she was listening to cool sounds?
Hello, Virginia!

It was fun to cross over the Potomac River
The bike lane along the Wilson Bridge is a winner!
Wound her way back along the path
The races had just gotten underway, how about that?
Swimmers in action!

Stopped to take a scenic pic
Then went to talk to Lionel for a bit!
Next got to meet a cute dog named Leo
He was with Team RWB people, don't you know?
After that she made a quick change of clothes
Then settled in to cheer on her bunny amigos!
The 5K turn buoys looked really far away
Just have to go around them how many times you say?
The yellow buoys looked very far from this angle!
Can you see them?
STUR's wave went off and her loop number was four -
It would take some swimming patience for sure!
After loop two she saw bunny ears on the dock-
STEB was there cheering and that rocked!
RBud had finished her 750M swim race
After a short run she joined in to cheer on the dock space!
In the end STUR got through all four loops without feeling seasick-
It seems that wearing a patch is the trick!
We were just waiting for CBun to finish!

After all the Rabbits and their friends were accounted for
It was determined all were hungry so some food that would score
So the Rabbits and friends gathered next for some eats -
An impromptu Chipolte get together just can't be beat!
Everyone in the picture!

Action shots of the swimming Rabbits!
Everyone agrees, it's a great habit!
WUD, making the turn!
2.4 Mile

Jodie, coming in to finish!
1.2 Mile

The Beast, about to finish!
2.4 Mile

CBun, almost done!

And below, STUR powering to the 5K finish!