There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Scaled and Scared Rap - 16.1 Edition

Friday afternoon STEB picked up STUR
Did they head to the box for the WOD? Sure!
It was fun with rowing and kettlebell tests
Followed by three rounds of sit-ups, push ups, and wall balls - no jest!
After a short break and a quick bite to eat
Back to the box - the 16.1 watch party can't be beat!
Saturday morning STEB tried to sleep in
But alas woke up early and her day did begin
Before she knew she was back at Mount Vernon CrossFit
Her turn at 16.1 was coming and was she scared? Just a bit!
STUR and STEB were scaled and scared!
Turns out she and STUR were in the same wave
25 feet of walking lunges with a barbell were all the rage!
With Em after she conquered 16.1!
There were burpees and jumping pull ups in between
Wearing their matching 16.1 Open shirts they could be seen!
Ready for the Open? Yes!
First STUR began her Saturday meeting up with the Beast -
Did they swim 2500 meters? Oh, at least!
STUR then had to rush a bit to get herself to the box...
Made it there by 10AM she was shocked!
However looked like it was going to be a bit of a wait;
Going in the very last heat for 16.1 was her fate.
Got to bide her time by counting reps for Em -
All her 5 rounds were perfect - nothing to condemn!
Next up it was finally her turn -
She knew every rep she would earn!
Since 16.1 involved lunges STUR was a bit worried-
She couldn't get her knee to the ground if she was hurried!
STUR did not want to get disqualified -
She told herself she better try!
Try she did and was able to get it done-
6 rounds total was her final run!
Only 2 rounds counted in the eyes of the Open -
She was very happy about that at the moment!
STEB was happy to be in the wave with STUR
At the time she had no idea how many reps she did - 'twas a blur!
She focused on her lunges and crossing the line
Turns out that her her magic lunge number was nine!
In the end her score was 192
And after she was famished - that much is true!
Proud of STUR and her lunge accomplishment
Both rabbits were very happy they went!
16.1 - Check!

Check out the CrossFit Games Open leaderboard here
These rabbits are listed there - never fear!
Saturday night brought 'date night part deux' -
Would it be better than last week? STUR and BRab had no clue!
STUR and BRab are happy diners!
But yes L'Auberge Chez Francois was absolutely heavenly -
The six-course meal seemed to go on endlessly!
It ended with a lovely chocolate soufflé!
Would they leave hungry? No way!
Yummy Rabbit Soufflé!
aka Chocolate Soufflé

Sunday after a nice sleep in STUR took her sore body back to Mt. Vernon CrossFit -
It definitely helped her body to move a bit!
It was more than a "bit" with slam balls, sledge strikes, and bear crawls just to name a few -
After every movement the endorphins grew!
After a little run STEB also headed to the box
The boot camp session by Ali really rocked
She and STUR were partnered at first
There might have been some DOMS, but it wasn't the worst!
BootyCamp - Check!
PS - It's sunny out!
Afterwards STEB went to RBug's house...
They were headed to Prince William Forest Park without a doubt
Just two trips around the scenic loop
If you were curious that's the scoop!
The scoop on the loop!
At Sunday swim, the Beast and STUR were on fire -
To get to 3600 meters they did aspire!
They got there - even stayed a little late...
But of course afterwards they felt great!
Now Team Rabbit has a new bunny on the horizon
Please meet Olivia she's sure to be fun!
Meet the newest bunny: Olivia!
RBud is who she hops with these days...
Also know as Kathy, who needs a rabbit name!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Booty Board Rap

STUR began the weekend with sledge strikes and some rowing-
At CrossFit - working out with others keeps her going!
Saturday morning brought an aqua jog/swim combo...
She loves the smell of chlorine, don't you know?
Saturday night STUR grabbed her honey and went out to dinner -
Two hours without cell phones is a winner!
STUR and her honey!

Decided to flee the restaurant for dessert at Safeway...
Better choices there? No way!
Sunday morning meant  a super fun workout at the box
Doing things like wall balls and burpees at B-Fit BootyCamp rocks!

Then what's this? More time in the chlorine?
Again the Chinquapin pool was the place to be seen.
STEB also got in the sledge strikes Friday morning at the box.
Swinging that thing against the big tire really rocks!
Then after a couple hours of work she headed out...
She was going back to PA without a doubt!
First up was snowboarding at Seven Springs Resort...
Did she stay upright? Yes but there's falling down to report!
She fell as soon as she got off the lift...
Did the operator stop it? Nope but STEB wasn't miffed!

Her cousin Lynn and her son Jacob gave her a hand
And she finally got down that hill, understand?
[Facebook video link, here!]
It was exhausting but STEB had a ball
And went back up the lift for another run, y'all
At times her cousin Lynn used her ski pole to pull her along...
We call that 'Polish snowboarding', is that wrong?
The second lift exit went a bit smoother
No falling this time - whew STEB's not a loser!
She did a better job too and got the hang of the board...
But still took some rests as it was so tiring! Word.
You know that three times is a charm, right?
STEB took another go at the hill that night!
Decided she'd had enough after that third run
But she would go back do it again cause it was fun!
Saturday morning she headed to Ohio with her cousins
For a 90th birthday celebration for her aunt - it was amazing!
A 90-year old selfie? Yes!!
Lots of family joined in for the fun day
And STEB was happy to go all that way!
Lots of family came for the fun!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Massacre Rap

STUR celebrated the cold weekend by going to MVCF twice -
STEB was there on Friday, too - that was nice!
On Saturday STUR did a WOD named after a girl:
It was called "Elizabeth" and she gave it a whirl!
Ring dips and squat cleans were all in the plan...
With the 21-15-9 pattern - understand?
That night she, CBun, and BRab enjoyed movie and dinner...
They felt "How to be Single," was a winner!
Meanwhile, STEB met with friends for dinner at Glory Days...
At the Lorton location and it was all the rage!
Also, STEB had a nice weekend treat:
Her younger son visiting from Alabama sure was neat!
Valentine's Day we spent time shooting...
Not the breeze or fish, but target things!
Not a bullseye but at least hit the target!
STUR and STEB with family
It was a really fun morning, you see!
STEB was happy to see her 'boys' together again!
Followed that with our new tradition:
Five Guys Burgers and Fries was their mission!
While STUR conquered the AR15...
STEB with a Barretta 9mm could be seen!
STUR's swimming time equaled 6000 meters...
Lots of stroke work it did feature!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lap the Track and Pool Rap

STEB headed to Daytona on Friday afternoon
Thanks for the lift STUR and picking up her things that got strewn
Fortunately on race day she stayed upright
That made everything outta sight
Got to the airport lickety split
Made it through security without at hitch
Flight was a little delayed
Passed the time reading a book that Greeny made
On the plane sat next to some Harry Potter fans
Happy to talk about that any time, man
Landed and soon picked up the rental car
It was just economy - a Dodge Dart...
Off to the hotel - the Team Rabbit favorite
The Holiday Inn Express - Speedway location was it
Just a half mile from the track
The Daytona International Speedway as a matter of fact
Saturday morning was the Daytona Beach Half packet pickup
Saw some cars practicing laps from the top of the deck!
Nice View of the Track!
The volunteers were decked out in cool racing suits
STEB was a little jealous if you want to know the truth! 
Volunteers were geared up to help - at packet pick up and on race day!
Thanks, Daytona Beach Cultural Services and Community Events!
Tried to take a factory tour for chocolate
Parking was limited so no such luck
Pizza for dinner and an early bed time
Before STEB knew it it would be rise and shine!
Race started early - at 6:45
Her earliest start ever - that's no jive
Remember that Dodge Dart she mentioned?
That thing would not start at 6 am!!
She hitched a ride with some other runners peeps
Who dropped her in time to meet Traci and Jeff who drove their Jeep
Happiness is friends coming to spectate AND wear rabbit ears!
Got there in the nick of time
Took off her outer layers and got in the start line
Took off on a 2.25 mile lap around the track
Awed by the 31 degree banked turns - they were whack!
Heading into the 31-degree turn - it's hard to walk on that!
Early on didn't stick to her run-walk strategy,
But changed to it after she hit the street hoping she wouldn't get achy
Settled in behind this Packers fan from Green Bay.
Is that a cheese wedge on his head? No way! 
And apparently a Clay Matthews fan, too!

The course was altered before the turn around area on the beach
The sand was a soggy mess but almost within reach!
Time to head back toward the finish line
Just about 6 miles to go - it's fine!
Getting closer STEB had to walk a bit more
Turns out her hip flexor was getting kinda sore
Finish Line up ahead!
Finally made it back to the track to finish the race
Her friends were there to document it standing on some incline space!
View of the Finish Line and the incline - 18 degrees here!
Photo credit: Traci
Thankfully STEB got to run where it's flat
Because running on that incline would have made her go splat!
STEB to the finish!
Photo credit: Jeff
The finishers medal was big and even had glitter
This is a very cool finisher medal!
With a race theme and a beach towel? No problem whatsoever!
Breakfast with Traci and Jeff was next
STEB had the IHOP sampler, minus the eggs, no jest!
Once back at the hotel it was time to deal with the car
Changed it at the Daytona International Airport as it wasn't too far
Even upgraded to a Jeep Cherokee
STEB kinda wishes the change was for keeps!

Then she settled in for for the bowl games
Puppy followed by Super if you know what we mean!
Meanwhile, STUR kept her promise for lots of chlorine time -
And 5800 meters total and some aqua jogging made her shine!
She also rode her trainer and did both push and v ups -
Were they done on the TRX suspension trainer?! Yup!!
Had fun watching the Super Bowl though for the Panthers it ended in defeat -
She felt a little better getting to share her football-shaped Rice Krispy Treats!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Everest Rap

Yay! This weekend STUR was reunited with chlorine -
Chinquapin Rec Center was the place to be seen!
Saturday she aqua jogged and swam - ninety minutes total,
Just got down to business - wasn't too social.
Well STEB didn't quite make it to swim
The thought of that seemed kind of grim.
She did make it to the CrossFit class...
Turns out "Grace" didn't kick her @$$!

Doing the clean and jerk can be kind of fun
STEB was happy she could get it done.
"Grace" check!
The social time came on Saturday night at CBun's!
Did CBun cook some meat on the grill? Yes, that would be tons!
CBun's grill - at the ready!
Very impressive since only one week post blizzard -
Might as well do it while we can - we figured!
Movie night at CBun's was really cool!
Rabbits don't climb Everest though, they aren't fools...
This popcorn machine was cool!
Had some good movie treats, including popcorn from a cool machine...
Made by WuDoc, it was yummy to munch while we watched the screen!
WuDoc hard at work!
Sunday was sleeping in for STUR and more time at the pool...
Working out with the Beast this time was the rule!
Sunday, STEB got in a run - the treadmill she attacked!
She practiced her Daytona Half strategy as a matter of fact.