There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowy Rap II

STUR was relieved to make it on Saturday morning to the Crossfit gym/
Since the chance for snow was definitely NOT slim!
Got in a WOD and some time with her coach/
Worked on some drills to give her running a new approach-
He also added some exercises to work on mobility-
This will also help her squatting ability!
After a little cabin fever stuck inside with the snow-
She decided she better give a Sunday swim a go!
So nice to be joined by STEB her bunny friend!
They got a good workout swimming from end to end!
STEB started the weekend Friday with a W. O. D...

Then she went to Saturday morning swim you see!
That lovely snow put some Saturday evening plans on hold,
But that's already been rescheduled we're told!
Sunday morning it was time to 'suck it up buttercup'
For 1:15 on the treadmill - an easy run, not a gallop!
Later on she joined STUR for that afternoon swim.
STEB rarely does 25 meters - but that's what you get at Chinquapin!
Their friend Margie was there to swim too…
It felt like she hadn't seen them both in ages. Boo!
STEB was truly exhausted that night,
But worth it for a weekend of workouts that were outta sight!

And now breaking news! Drum roll, please...
A new furry friend, hoppin' in like a breeze:
Audrey, Betty, and Maddie's new baby sis
Her name is Sophie - blow her a kiss! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentines Rap

On Saturday STUR participated in a WOD called the Valentine's Day massacre!
84 thrusters and burpees - she wasn't a slacker!
Right after met with her new running coach John...
5 x 400's after THAT workout?! Come on!
Well STUR survived and learned ways to improve her stride;

Seems on impact her legs are too wide!
Next day decided HOT yoga would be her best bet -
The crazy wind and cold hadn't died down yet!
In the afternoon she got in a very good swim-
A very good workout weekend for the win!!

EBun skipped town for a fun weekend getaway
Headed to sunny Florida to see friends and play!
Started Friday night with a late dinner out
At the Riverside Cafe without a doubt!
First meal that was not Whole30 -
Including a beer and french fries - you see!
First up on Saturday was the dog agility course
Watching little Remi do his maneuvers and even saw a horse!
Later on we had lunch at the beach -
Mulligans on the Beach!
More yummy food and beer within reach!
Afterwards we drove around and looked at the lovely views
Lady Bug Lane was my favorite if I had to choose!
Pedicures later for a Valentine's Day treat
And pizza on the lanai with the heater can't be beat!
Sunday was the day she'd been waiting for:
Could it be Harry Potter World at Universal?
At times the dragon was breathing fire!

The Hogwarts Express was more than a train ride!

Diagon Alley was SO COOL!
Of course getting butter beers was our fate-
Butter Beer rocks!
And Escape from Gringotts ways totally worth the wait!!
Waiting to Escape from Gringotts!
STEB now has a new favorite roller coaster ride
Volcano has been replaced by the Hulk - fun verified!
Monday ended up being kind of relaxing
Delayed return to DC thanks to the snow. When is Spring?
EBun’s hosts were truly wonderful and made her feel at home!
My AUsome hosts!
Even though she was like Jerome the Traveling Gnome! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Trail Selfie Rap

Early Saturday STUR headed to the Seneca Greenway Trail - 
Into the parking lot ON TIME she did sail!
The starting point was at Watkins Mill - 
Lovely Run on the Seneca Greenway Trail!
Heard a talk about the route - then she was off- you know the drill!
There were a few icy patches and one very frozen pond-
On Frozen Pond?
Other than that- this trail was the bomb!
STUR Trail Selfie!
Seven miles later and warm enough for no gloves!
Then a comfortable walk with the dog - LOVE!
A beautiful day Sunday brought a WOD in the back yard:
Burpees, kettlebell swings, and 400 meter sprints was in the cards!
STEB's Saturday went just as planned with one exception:
She started off her day with a short trail run!
STEB Trail Selfie!
Then it was swim practice: some IM drills and one armed fly - a must!
Scene of the Swim!
Next she was off to a CrossFit class
D.A.M. - CrossFit is FUN!
Lots of work on the 'clean' then a workout for time - it all went fast!
Seven minutes with as many rounds as you can do:
5 cleans, 7 burpees over bars, and 9 wallballs, too!
Next she was off to a packet pick up for Sunday's race...
Run YourHeart Out 5k - Fairfax =PR= is the place!
Sunday morning dawned bright and not super chilly;
Off to run that fun 5k - just a little hilly
First headed out for a little warm up run…
Put on the bunny ears for extra fun!
Ran into Kim and got a pre-race selfie
Hi Kim!
After all it is tradition if you know what I mean! You see?
Lined up in the corral wasn't sure what to expect…
Hadn't raced since NYE – she hoped she wasn't wrecked!
The plan was to start easy and try to pick up the pace...
Could she negative split? She'd have to wait see at the end of the race!
As she rounded a corner near the finish line,
A gust of wind blew and her ears almost went flying!
Turns out she did negative split

With desending pace per mile, too, she will admit!
Then hit up the refreshment table for the usual goodies -
Saw Kim and some of her friends. Time for a post-race selfie!
Run Your Heart Out 5K - check!
Later she had lunch with a special friend in Annapolis...
Grump's was yummy!
Bunny duck table number? Must get a picture of this!!
Perfect table marker for Team Rabbit!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Rap

Super Rap

STEB started the weekend with a slip on black ice
The left side of her body doesn't feel too nice. 
Then STEB opted to skip Saturday swim
Cut her finger good - the outlooks seems grim
Hope the bleeding stops before CrossFit class
These kind of cuts are a pain in the @$$!!

Saturday morning saw a  wind chill reading of THREE degrees!???
STUR was to meet CBun for a trail run- oh jeez!
The power of a friend waiting got her out the door-
Plus a different trail to try- it wouldn't be a bore!
Little Bennett Regional Park had some trails still packed with snow -
Unable to find  the promised pink markers- we gave one path a go!
Next thing you know we had to back track-
STUR had somehow lost a yak track!
Didn't find it but found the path they were supposed to be following-
But it wasn't long before "being lost" seemed to be their calling!
Following some trail!
Ended up right by a road with cars flying by -
Should they take this back instead? They'll  give it a try!
Out of the tree protection the wind and hills became a beast!
And the traffic was scary to say the least-
A car came by with a girl from the trail  running group-
They got in the car in one fell swoop!
She took them back to the parking lot-
Looked at the Garmin and 5 miles was all they got!
So STUR and CBun headed back out for a single mile-
Since getting in 6 would make them smile!

Saturday STEB’s CrossFit Foundations was a success 
Now she can do W.O.D.s like STUR and CBun. Yes!!
First, reviewed the sections from parts 1 and 2
Then we worked on Olympiclifts – it’s true.
Next up was a mini W.O.D…
3x rowing, burpees, and wall balls – woo wee!
After the workout she had shaky arms
But honestly that means the workout was the bomb!

Sunday morning after a home W.O.D. -
STUR had to prepare for some guests you see!
She was keeping with a long standing tradition:
Making chili and wings for some friends was the mission!
Cheered on the Seahawks but they came up short...
But if there wasn't a winner it wouldn't be a sport!

Sunday STUR did the Big Game Runch at the =PR= in Reston
Ran with her friend Kim and some others. It was fun!
Fun group run!
(Photo courtesy of Kim!)
A little run/walk out and back on the W&OD –
Look out for ice – don’t want to fall again you see.
Run selfie!
The best part of all was the post-run raffle:
STUR’s number was drawn by the Nike rep - she was thankful!
New shoes? No way!
(Photo courtesy of Kim!)
She will get to try out some new shoes – what a bonus:
Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 will be sent to her, no fuss!
Kim walked away with some bonus beer...
Smuggled in her jacket? Oh dear!! 
Beer for later? Yes!
Later that day she was ready for #SB49 
Amazingly her Patriots won in the nick of time! 
Yay Pats!