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Monday, March 26, 2018

Thrusters Rap

Saturday morning PBun got up to swim
Even moved up a lane for the win!
Got in a solid 2600 then skedaddled over to STUR's box
After a stop for some coffee which rocked
This weekend STUR felt extraordinarily lucky-
She got visits at her CrossFit box from not one but TWO bunnies!!
Cheering at the Open is the most fun!

PBUN and BLUR came over to cheer;
They saw a fast and furious 7 minutes - never fear!
STUR was paired up with Stephanie
They cheered while counting for each other - woowee!
STUR and Stephanie really rocked 18.5!

18.5 was an ascending set of thrusters and jumping pull-ups
So nice to have PBUN document the last open workout-aw shucks!
STUR also did skedaddle but to the Chinquapin pool -
Meeting the Beast to do a workout was cool!
Near the end, both rabbits did an amazing thing:
All the way down the pool in butterfly no breaths- zing!
PBun was back home - she had more work on tap
Was there a run involved? Natch!
But STUR's performance inspired her you see
And 21-15-9 thrusters and kettlebell swings is what was to be
Later there was a rabbit gathering over at BLUR's new pad
The view from the windows was pretty rad!

They celebrated an upcoming birthday bunny
With candles on brownies - how funny!
PBun thinks candles on anything is good...

Got to meet cute little Jelly Bean
And photo-bombs are always a scream!
Jelly Bean just turned 2!

Sunday morning dawned cold and windy -
STUR met BLUR at Fort Hunt park and here's the skinny…
BLUR broke another personal cycling record-
Her bike training fierceness can't be ignored!
And 12.7 miles was her final tally -
Feeling good on the bike makes her happy!
Meanwhile STUR did a solid 5 mile run -
Afterwards 84 burpees - always fun!!!
Meanwhile PBun was back at the powerlifting place
Squats – lots of them were on tap in this case!
Hakuna Masquata! It means great booty!!

Back at home she did a recovery spin
Just 90 minutes of this discipline!
On Sunday afternoon STUR did skedaddle again back to a familiar place:
Just masters swim at Chinquapin- it's not a race.
She got in a solid 4000 with a nice 4 people in her lane-
Big race coming up this summer- she's not training in vain!
PBun later headed over to the Capital One Arena to see the Wizards
It was the 40th Anniversary event of the 1978 Bullets Championship. Word!
The Wizards lost, but halftime was still neat
And seeing the Bullets name on the jumbotron couldn’t be beat!
PBun has #BulletsFever

STUR starting 18.5!

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