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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deadlift Rap

Friday night STEB did part one of her powerlifting meet
The 100% RAW Potomac Open can't be beat

The meet was held at the Tyson's Playground -
You know, that's where on Sundays STEB can be found!
Strict curl is what was on tap
She had three tries with the easy bar - that's a fact

STEB had fun with the ladies from the team!
Her first two curls were spot on
But on the third her form was wrong
In the end it was a success
And STEB and her teammates all got crazy trophies for this quest!
#GirlsWhoCurl and their Coach!
Photo credit: Sara!
Saturday morning was the PL meet part two
That meant lots more lifting to do! 
Happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day
Were folks in the spirit of things? You might say! 
For squat, bench, and deadlift she again had three tries each
This time she went 3 for 3 and two PRs were in her reach
STEB ready to squat!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB ready to bench!
Photo credit: Laura
STEB deadlifting!Photo credit: STUR
STEB was inspired by all her bad@$$ teammates
And the other strong lifters for goodness sake 
Happy to have STUR there to support and cheer
And other PL teammates - never fear!
The coach coached his mom to some world records - how rad!
And the chalk can leave funny hand prints - understand?
Hand prints on the new world record holder / coach's mom!
All in all it was a successful day
STEB is now PBun - Powerlifting Bunny - you don't say?
STUR had a blast watching STEB power lift -
Impressive form and strength - get her drift?
Before she did this she got in 6.9 miles running...
Did it in her 'hood - there would be no hill shunning!
On Sunday, STUR didn't have to rise too early for Open Workout 18.4
Deadlifts, push-ups, and bear crawls - that was the score!
Arrived at the box in plenty of time to warm up...
Were lots of peeps there for the workout? Yup!
Set up and it was time to start - quick!
All the deadlifts she wanted to stick!
Once the timer said go she went to work!
She really likes push-ups - that's a perk.
Got in 133 various reps in the 9 minute cap:
That was worth a great big hand slap!
She then got to the pool 30 minutes early...
It was too crowded to jump in, but she wasn't surly!
She eventually got in 4200 meters;
Even though her energy did start to peter...
Meanwhile PBun tried to sleep late....
But that didn't happen, so up early was her fate
Ended up doing an easy recovery ride and run
But it was mostly a lazy day for that bun!
STEB's deadlifting video is below - this one is from teammate Laura!

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