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Monday, March 5, 2018

PR Barbell Rap

Friday night STEB got down to business with a barbell
Deadlifts were on tap with almost all her plates - swell!
STEB needs more plates!

Saturday morning STUR headed over to the box-
Since the CrossFit Open at CFK rocks!!
Warmed up and settled in with her judge-
Once they found a barbell spot they wouldn't budge!
She had 12 minutes for lots of burpees and dumbbell front squats -
Then a barbell clean PR Is what she got!!
STUR was happy with her 18.2...
Sure she'll be sore tomorrow through and through!
STEB started Saturday with a run on her treadmill
It went well and 6 miles was her fill
Then she headed to the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center
The Albatross Open swim meet was a winner
Caught up with CBun pretty quickly
Then they staked out some seats in the balcony
That dive platform was really high!
But CBun and STEB would have gone down the slide!

Warm ups and practice starts were up next
Then was it time for the meet? You bet!
STUR scooted over to pick up the Beast for a quick swim-
Pool not open at Chinquapin- very grim
Lee District had power and was open for business-
Yay! Neither Rabbit will lose swim fitness!
3000 yards was enough with some emphasis on fly-
Laps of freestyle were also not in short supply
Albatross Open, here they come!

After a nice rendition of the national anthem the meet got underway
STEB and CBun were in event 2 heat 1 - yay!
Between them they did 8 events in all
Including a relay for CBun, y'all!
They were both inspired but a couple of senior women
Who killed the events for fly and IM
CBun really got into the back stroke groove
And her flip turns for that were really smooth!
The both received one 'white' bling for third
And a 'red' for CBun's relay was earned
CBun ready to swim the 100 backstroke!!

Sunday dawned chilly and breezy-
STUR headed over to Reston- it was easy.
...and apparently a little  breezy!

For the Reston 10 Miler was the reason-
Great way to start off the "almost" spring season!
The course was very familiar- follows the Reston Tri bike course -
Even though hilly, she has no remorse!
She did it!

Glad she signed up- nice race with sweet  bling-
And some good post race food made her sing!
STUR ran eXactly 10 miles!
And of course this made her smile!

Afterwards she had a little visit at CBun's condo-
Saw some of her new furniture and home projects- bravo!
Sunday morning STEB went to powerlift at the gym
Bench press was on tap for the win
In the end STEB got a PR
90 pounds total, including the bar
Once she got home there was no rest for the weary
She had a 135 minute session on Trixie
Later on she went to the Wizards game
They lost but celebrating G-Wiz's birthday took away the pain
G-Wiz and his friends ready to cut his birthday cake!

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