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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rainy Rap

Saturday morning STEB went to Audrey Moore REC
She can't remember the full workout but was there some fly? You bet!
Rushed back home and got on the computer
To sign up for Colonies Zone 1650 like CBun and STUR!
Spent her afternoon with family of sorts
And visited her 90-year-old aunt of course
STEB visiting her godmother and extended family!

Later that night it was powerlifting time
Deadlifts were on tap which were heavy but fine
Carmen was there to cheer on STEB!
You know it's getting heavier when the skin starts to callus!

STEB started her Sunday in her garage gym
Accessory lifting for the win
It wasn't raining at that point
She was excited to get to the bike ride joint!
On Sunday BLUR, STUR, and STEB didn't let the rain stop their plans -
Met at Fort Hunt Park anyway – I’ll be damned!
Time to get wet!

STEB, in looking for some motivation -
Wore her 'Evil Knievel' jacket - son of a gun!
BLUR got in her longest bike ride to date -
And in the pouring rain! Got it straight?
STUR, waiting till the last second to get out of her car!

STUR ran around 4 loops on her own -
Then for another loop she wasn't alone
STEB joined her for part 2 of her brick -
Chatting as they ran made it go quick!
Then STUR chatted some more while she finished her burpees -
Today was day 88 you see!
Yes, Fort Hunt Park was the place
STEB did 12 loops around at a decent pace
After she wrapped up the bike
The loop with STUR it was out of sight!
While STUR did her burpees STUR planked a bit
STUR was a bad@$$ doing burpees on the wet parking lot!

Then it was time for them to git
Early afternoon she had coffee with RBud -
It was nice to catch up for the month!
Later that day she had much to do
Race calendar planning if you want to know the truth!
KBun, checking in as a Princess!

Meanwhile KBun was down in the Sunshine State
Running the Disney Princess Half for goodness sake!

At the start of each wave they set off Fireworks
For all 27 waves - that is one of the perks!
Fireworks? Yes - 27 times!!!

She donned a tiara and a tutu
Because that seemed like the thing to do!
KBun, rocking the tutu and tiara!

She totally rocked those along with her bunny ears -
And got a pretty sweet medal - never fear!
She did it! And got some cool bling!

It seems that CBun went to a drum circle meeting
Did she have fun on the drum she was beating?
Sunday afternoon brought STUR and the Beast's second swim of the weekend -
Practice went fast ending in relays - seemed like a whirlwind!

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