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Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Rabbit Rap

Saturday morning - STUR was in it for the long haul -
She planned some distance - walk, run or crawl!
Posted up at Carderock Recreation Area -
The weather was very cold but it wasn't a barrier.
Lovely view along the C&O Canal towpath!
When 17 miles ended up being her final tally -
Was she ready to stop and do burpees? Gladly!
STUR's scenic selfie!
STEB had a Saturday triple on tap
This involved swim, run, then lift as a matter of fact
It's fun to have plates in different colors!
Deadlifted the most that she had in a long time
Then got in a nap before rabbit roundup which was fine
The Beast and CBun did runs of their own
Each both from their own home.
Does this make them super rabbits?
Not really sure but it is a fun habit!
Oops, KBun forgot about the roundup!
Those four rabbits gathered at Joe Theismann's place…
Seemed a good venue before Super Bowl LII in this case!
They were serving New England Clam Chower and Philly Cheesesteak on Super Bowl Sunday!
It seems it was restaurant week in Alexandria
Did all rabbits chose that option? Duh!
The food the rabbits had was yummy! 
After STEB tuned into the #RadioParty and tweeted it out
Then Dave Johnson gave her and PGoodz a radio shout out!
STEB was shocked to hear her name on air!
Sunday morning STEB got in a spin at a steady pace
Before heading to Tyson's Playground for squat day
She also got to try out the seated calf raise machine
By the end her calves were burning it would seem!
She got all her reps in ... burning calves and all! 
Meanwhile, STUR headed over to Mount Vernon Rec -
Was it a long and warm swim? You bet!!

BLUR spun on her trainer and did a killer workout STUR planned
It seems she can kick BLUR's butt remotely -- oh man!
Sunday afternoon during the #PuppyBowl
They had bunny cheerleaders, truth be told!
All the animals on the Puppy Bowl were pretty cute!
STEB made queso to have with tortilla chips

Along with cheese popcorn served in an old football dish!
This dish was used for PGoodz's birthday party many years ago!

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