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Monday, January 29, 2018

Tropical ATL Rap

STEB took a journey that was short and sweet
Down to ATL to visit PGoodz and Luna - neat!
STEB loved seeing this cute face again!!

Saturday night a #WizHawks game was on tap
But before they went on a wild goose chase imagine that?
Somehow ended up at the wrong mall first
Then had a hard time finding a parking space, oh curse!
Spent a little time fiddling around on Patrick's Ovation guitar
In the end she thinks the uke is easier by far
Ovation on the right!

After a pregame meal at the Hudson Grille
Hopped on a MARTA train if you will
Got a glimpse of the new Mercedes Benz Stadium
Where a dude was peeing on the wall - son of a gun
The new MB Stadium!!
Looked pretty cool and PGoodz says it's cool on the inside, too!

Got to Phillips Arena without a hitch
Found Dave and the #RadioParty right quick
It's always cool to check out the #RadioParty!

After they took the obligatory pregame selfie
Got a surprise seat up grade - woo wee!
Thanks for taking the time to chat, Dave!!
And the Twitter follow!

Tried to keep tabs on Wall v Beal jerseys...
Lost count, but saw an Ottomatic and an Oubre!
"OTTOMATIC" in da house?!

An all-male dance team performed during one time out
They were called the A-Team and were something to see no doubt!
Wall was out but the Wiz played a great game
They won by 25 points - insane
Excellent view from the new seats!!

Also on Saturday Fort Hunt Park was the place to be -
BLUR and STUR  were  going to meet there you see.
BLUR started off with a couple of run/walk loops -
Then she could pick up her bike from a Spokes - that's the scoop!
STUR continued on with her run...
Actually wearing Capri pants in the warm sun.
BLUR on her new ride!!
When BLUR returned STUR ran alongside as she biked -
She felt good on her newly fitted ride - psych!!!
Sunday brought the Tropical Splash Swim Meet -
Having four rabbits there was such a treat!!
Four Rabbits +1 AND all their bling!
STUR was first up with a 500 free -
Got that over with a PR - whee!!
The Beast did BOTH 200 and 100 fly!
She did awesome - swimming in a heat with all the guys!
The Beast with her haul!
CBun competed for the first time in backstroke...
Her flip turn was flawless - no joke!!
And first timer BLUR kicked some serious butt-
Swam fast in her 50 free and got first place - what?!!
Yay BLUR!!
STUR had a little mishap in her 100 fly -
She queued up at the wrong starting block? Oh my!!
Scrambling to the block long after the gun went off!
She still got a ribbon, so don't scoff!
CBun was the only participant in the coconut relay -
Swam two laps with a  coconut stuffed in her suit? No way!

When in the south, always visit Waffle House!

After a lazy start, STEB and PGoodz headed to Waffle House
Then hit up the Georgia Aquarium downtown
Attempt at a Whale Shark selfie!

The place was amazing there was lots to see
But STEB'S fave were the otters who are as cute as can be!
Georgia Aquarium views!

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