There's always room for another race!
That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Aca-Awesome Rap

It was freezing cold, so STUR's race was cancelled...
Don't you worry - it was really no scandal!
Her back up plan was swim and CrossFit -
More fun than running in the cold, she must admit!
At the pool she and BLUR shared a lane -
The pool heater at her place was broken - what a pain!
STUR clocked her longest swim ALL year -
BLUR kept going for over a mile, give a cheer!
After STUR quickly headed over to the box -
No heat up in there, don't be shocked!
For a partner WOD she donned her gloves and hat…
They were off by the end, how 'bout that?!
"Elizabeth" and "Karen" were the girl WODs they had to get through-
And they went at a frenetic pace. Whew!
Couldn't wait to relax in a recliner chair-
Watching Pitch Perfect 3 without a care!
Meanwhile STEB also started the day with a swim
She was over at Audrey Moore again!
Back at home she did a treadmill sesh
It got stuck in the incline position – what a mess!
She made the best of the situation
Then knocking out some deadlifts was her mission!
She enjoyed PP3 with the ladies
And laughed about a few things from back in the day!
Then she and NanWa grabbed some coffee
From Starbucks of course, it was yummy!
Sunday morning STEB started the day with Trixie
They had a bike trainer session, you see
Next on tap was the group class for powerlifting
Over at the Tyson’s Playground they were doing their thing!
That afternoon she had another coffee date
This time with RBud and catching up was their fate!
On Sunday something in the pool made STUR itchy-
But stayed in the pool - didn't get out quickly!
Stayed after with the Beast for a hypoxic set -
Did they get in close to 4000 meters? You bet

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