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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Oh Snap! It's the New Year Rap!

Saturday morning STEB visited the pool
Last swim practice of the year for her - cool
Ended up getting in some IM
A total of 600 of it for the win!
Saturday STUR joined some of her Lane 4 teammates -
100 100's at American University was their fate!
Small time mix up so some started in a pool of 20 yards -
Counting 5 laps per hundred became kind of hard!
After 3000- she could hop in the regular pool -
Compared to the other one  it felt kind of cool!
They had a planned workout which was kind of neat -
Only 4 people in the lane- sweet!
Only took a 3 minute break after 66 done -
Somehow made it through 34 more- she felt like she had won!
Sunday morning STEB got on her trainer
For a one hour spin session - it was a no-brainer...
It had been a while since STEB'd been on Trixie!
Got a jump on her triathlon build phase
Which was to start on New Year's day!
After that she lifted some stuff
Deadlifts and other accessory work sure enough
STEB, ready to get her deadlift on!
Then she headed into DC where she needed a windscreen
For the last Wizard's game of 2017
What would the outcome be? It was a roll of the dice...
But ending the year with a win sure was nice!
Always nice to get a win!
New Year's Day - STUR, the Beast, and STEB headed off on the frozen tundra -
How many layers to wear in their race was the conundrum!
The before mentioned race was in Fredericksburg a 10K or 5k choice...
Killed time in the warm car before - they did rejoice!
It was so very cold!

They noted they were not in Hawaii any more...
Could they get out there and run?  They weren't sure!
At least it was sunny out!

Before they went out and braved the cold
Sang the Team Rabbit theme song truth be told!
The start line was very informal
The amount of people running certainly wasn't normal.
The race started and finished at the Old Mill Park
For the race they were about to embark!
STUR and STEB took off in the first wave -
The Beast had to wait in the cold to start- she was brave!
Lovely course along the Rappahannock River -
They soon got warm and didn't have to shiver!
STEB was quite bundled up
With two sets of gloves and a scarf? Yup!
She predicted she would walk a lot
But in the end just 4 walk breaks is what she got
Happy that she had her scarf
Kept her mouth covered back and forth
Happy for just some rolling hills
Was expecting that one the STUR said was a pill!

The Beast toughed it out at the chilly finish line
Getting pictures of STUR and STEB finishing was pretty fine!
"Here they come..."
"Here comes Team Rabbit!"

STEB was happy to see STUR and The Beast waiting
Back in the car it was warm and they were anticipating...
Happy finishers! And happy to get out of the cold!
"A medal's waiting just ahead!"
Their post race celebration with some Chick-fil-a
And the young man who took their orders was just great!
Cool Chick-fil-A stuff for sale!
He couldn't believe they had just come from a race
And came around to give them their free refills in this case!
Got lucky with traffic on their way back home
Always nice to be able to use cruise control!
Happy New Year to you and yours...
Stay tuned to see what 2018 will bring forth!
Happy New Year!!

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