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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Push and Pull Rap

Saturday morning STUR wasn't feeling the long run…
So she did a WOD at home for fun!
The one she picked was called Murph -
Did the run, pull-ups, push-ups, and squats on her own turf!
Meanwhile STEB pulled a double:
A swim then a run, it wasn’t too much trouble.
Scene of STEB's swim...

...and run!

Later that day she headed over to STUR’s
One can only imagine what for!
The rabbits had a gathering and STUR was happy to host…
Besides they had a couple of birthdays to toast!
Ready to watch some Kona highlights? YES!

The main event was watching the Kona highlights
Since they were there in person to see the sights!
Apparently neither the Rabbits or KBun made the cut...
They didn't want to show cute bunnies hopping around? What?!
The bunny mascots received surprise leis that looked a bit like a cravat
Made by the Beast in different colors – then it was time to scat!
They headed on over to a place called Cooper’s Hawk
It was a winery restaurant and their salads rocked!
Cool wall at Cooper's Hawk!

At first there might have been a little debacle
While wrestling with the flipping seat belt buckle!
There was also a birthday celebration going on there…
Some Team Z tri folks took over the bar – better beware!
It was great to see some old training peeps
Did they have fun in the end? You bet they did - heaps!
Sunday morning STEB practiced some powerlifting stuff
Deadlifts were the main move, along with back and triceps work, sure enough!
One piece of equipment looked like a headstone to STEB
Happy to report she does not need one of these yet!
Interesting equipment!

Back at home she climbed back up on her roof
Now Santa is back if you want the scoop!
Welcome back, Santa!

STUR and the Beast got in a nice long swim set...
Did they also have some fun with a reindeer relay? You bet!
It's always fun to be with the fam!

Later STEB went with some fam to her Aunt Shirley’s show
It was also a Christmas concert sing a long, don’t you know?
The concert and sing a long was fantastic!

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