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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SKOL Wiz Rap

After a warm Friday, Saturday dawned cold and windy
Time for STUR to hit the C&O Canal Towpath - get out of the city.
Got her race number then what do you know?
You got that right- it started to snow!!
In fact for STUR's MLK 5KEH -
The snow came down for the first mile - no way!
She finished this race and felt refreshed -
Then a 20KEH was her next quest!
Had 25 minutes to get warm in her car -
Taking a break after 3 miles is kind of bizarre!
Sucked back into the cold and another start line- 
For the first 7 miles she was feeling just fine!

Around then she took a bit of a tumble...
Got up as fast as possible - no need to grumble.
Kept moving forward - she was happy with her pace
Got the finishing line all to herself in this case!
Meanwhile STEB was inside and warm
At Audrey Moore RECenter for masters swim that morn
Afterwards she headed back to her house
Jumped on the treadmill for an hour without a doubt!
That night she went to a Wizards game
They won in OT after a 20 point lead, it was almost insane!
It was also Polish Heritage Night
The Polish Hammer had a good game it was outta sight!

STEB even scored a nifty heritage hat
That has these kind of wings in the back!

Sunday morning STEB was back at Tyson's Playground
Squats were on tap for this team workout round
Once back at home she climbed up on her roof...
Santa finally came back down if you want to know the scoop!
Then it was time to get on her bike trainer with Trixie
What were the cats looking at? STEB couldn’t see!

Then she settled in for some football playoff action
Those sure were two exciting games to be won!
STUR’s Sunday swim was full of time trials
But getting in some good distance too made her smile
Big excitement in the STUR/JRab household
Vikings are in the NFC Championship – SKOL!!
With 10 seconds to go and a 61 yard pass down the field
Touchdown just like that – it was kind of unreal!

STEB worked the first half on MLK Day
She again went to see the Wizards play
They lost in the end but that was OK
As she walked away with free fries and Chick-fil-A!

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