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Monday, January 22, 2018

Triple Trail Burpee Rap

STEB started her weekend with a Friday afternoon nap
She accidentally skipped her workout - oh snap
She made up for that on Saturday
with a workout triple you don't say?
First a short run - some with her Riley girl
Finished up on the treadmill for real
Next up was her powerlifting workout
Make up from Friday without a doubt
Deadlifts were the main exercise on tap
Did she have fun? Natch!
Deadlift time!!
Finally there was a bunny spin session
The Beast and Jodie came over for the win
They even took a little spin outside
The weather was amazing - no lie
STUR headed out on a run Saturday at a reasonable time-
The weather was perfectly wonderful, so very fine!
On the Mt Vernon trail she went 5 miles out-
Gloves came off for sure without a doubt!
Yay for the sun!!
Turned around - following the same path-
She did over ten miles if you care to do math.
Today for burpees was Day fifty one-
So she pulled over to do some in the sun.
A fellow on the trail gave her a cheer
She invited him to do some burpees with her - never fear!'
He said he'd do five but ended up with thirty!
Burpees are hard - they both did agree!
Turns out a former NFL player she did meet -
STUR could tell he was an athlete!
STUR and her burpee buddy!
Later STEB and Southern Goods took a trip to Bass Pro
Picked up a special safe, don’t you know?
There was a good deal on this sucker!
Sunday morning STEB had another run
A little longer this time - son of a gun
Then she had her powerlifting class with the group
More deadlifts were on tap - whew!!
Back to back deadlift workouts? Yes! 
A guest speaker came to motivate the crew
Back in the day this guy was able to squat a moose
STEB with her Tyson's Powerlifting Club and THE guest speaker!
Photo credit.
Three Rabbits hopped over to the pool on Sunday afternoon
For a good swim and a selfie they were over the moon!
Swimming is the most fun!
The rabbits grabbed lane buddy Mo for another selfie!
STEB lasted longer than she thought she would
It was her longest swim this year…understood?

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