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Monday, February 19, 2018

Snowy VB3 Rap

Friday afternoon STEB and Riley hit the road
Headed to PA and their home away from home!
Riley is all smiley because she is going to see her dog mom!

Upon arrival, pizza and the Olympics were on tap
Till she and Stilt crashed in the recliners – imagine that?
On Saturday STUR had a very rare event:
A complete rest day on a weekend was heaven sent!
She did however sneak in 79 burpees -
But doing them all through the day is kind of a breeze!
After a lazy start they loaded up the SUV
They were headed to watch some basketball if you please!
Stopped to pick up STEB’s uncle along the way
Just a 60 mile drive? You don’t say!
STEB is very short!

Arrived at Waynesburg U with plenty of time to spare
Heard a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem while there
Kare-Bear played a total of 17 minutes
With 9 points of the bench including a 3 – they went on to win it!
Cheers for the WU W!

KBun and Lionel celebrated Valentines a tiny bit late...
But look at that food! It was worth the wait!
Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Let's eat!!

Meanwhile in PA the snow was a coming down
STEB decided not to drive home that night but she did not frown
The snow arrived about 7 hours early!!

Sunday morning she went with Stilt and hit up her YMCA
That was the first time STEB had ever been in a Y – no way?
STEB forgot her sunglasses!

She got her powerlifting workout complete
And in the end a PR on the bench press – that was neat!
The Laurel Highlands Y was full of great equipment!

For STUR, Sunday LATE morning brought a marathon race -
The GW Birthday Marathon in this case!
Arrived on the scene WAY ahead of time...
Luckily the weather was truly sublime!
The start line is a half mile walk- oh bother...
She felt like she was being taken to the slaughter!
Loop one was the longest and fastest for STUR;
And 9.7 miles of run walk ratios did occur.

The second loop - she actually got too warm!
A bit slower pace became the norm...
Somehow STUR failed to bring along her little bag of pills -
Needed some Advil for all these hillz!
Ended up getting some from another runner along the way -
This older gentleman literally had an entire bottle - yay!!

Third loop included an extra long hill-
But seeing the finish line is always a thrill!!
STUR hadn't done a stand alone marathon in 4 years -
Always glad to add another medal to her souvenirs!

Riley and STEB headed for home late Sunday morn....
They saw some abandoned vehicles along the way from the storm!

So staying put was the right move
And Riley had extra time with her dog mom, too!

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