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That's a horrible idea... What time?!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Multiple Movie Rap

Friday night STEB went to the monthly uke club meeting
Even without the Beast it was a fun gathering!
Added a new song to their list of regulars you see
"When the Saints Go Marching In" seemed kind of timely!
Uke Club is the most fun!

On Saturday STUR and STEB did their double:
Swim practice then a race - really no trouble!
STUR caught a ride with STEB to Audrey Moore -
This looks familiar she'd been here before!
Ready to swim aka pre-8k warm up!

Jumped in a lane and got to work -
A couple of 600's was definitely a perk!
At first STEB started off one lane down
Got moved up to STUR’s lane – she did not frown!
Made a quick change into running gear -
Both bunnies remembered their ears- never fear!
They skedaddled over to Langley Fork Park -
For in the Langley 8k they would soon embark.
Just enough time to get their numbers and be ready...
STUR did a few burpees and had a Gu to keep her energy steady!
No rain here!

The race was small and started with a "GO!"
Soon onto a running path they would all flow.
After the path was some time in a neighborhood...
Started to drizzle a bit,  but it's all good!
STUR found the race to be somewhat hilly -
Only walk breaks were down the hills...really!!!
For STEB it was the opposite:
Uphill walk breaks are legit!
After a bagel and some Gatorade the bunnies weren't through,
Had some burpee and plank stuff to do!
Some might think doing burpees in the rain
Might be a little crazy and insane!
It was nice to mostly beat the rain!

Saturday afternoon STEB went to visit her Aunt Terry
She is her god mother and happens to be 90!
At 90 her aunt is still an avid crocheter!

Saturday night was kind of a movie night:
STUR and JRab first; STEB and Cool Breeze whose ended at midnight!
They all caught up with each other in between
A fun surprise, it would seem!
STEB and  Cool Breeze decided to skip dinner
Flourless chocolate waffles at Carlyle for dessert, a winner!
These are SO good!

On Sunday due to the late night STEB kind of slept in
But then went to powerlifting and did deadlifts again!
STEB's traditional deadlift pic!

After that she headed over to NanWa’s house
They visited, had an early dinner, then a movie, no doubt!
Waiting patiently for THE movie to begin!

It was mostly women and a bit of a rowdy crowd
And a couple people talked through it a little loud!
THIS might have been the cause of the rowdiness....

On Sunday STUR hit the pool a little early…
Got in some meters before masters surely!
Then she swam with the L4 group
Got in three miles total - whoop!

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