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Monday, October 9, 2017

High Bridge Rap

Friday night  STUR, STEB, and CBun…
Headed to Farmville to do a run
Made it there safely in CBun's new Subaru
In their pajamas and then bed by 10:30 - woo-hoo!
Didn't hit too much traffic along the way
Worked on some plans for Kona you don't say
In the morning it was time for the High Bridge Ultra 50k
The Rabbits were really looking forward to their day!  
Course map with aid stations marked!

Race was a point to point on the High Bridge Trail
Parked at the finish without fail
Here they go!

For the start you had to take a bus to get there
After a short talk it was time for the running hares
Immediately after the starting "gun"
The three Rabbits settled into a run/walk ratio of 4:1.
At one point the Rabbits had to run a "test mile"
No clue what that meant but they took it in style.
They think they passed the test!

The Rabbits stayed together until the first aid station-
STUR ate oranges and used the restroom- just like a vacation
STEB partook in some Tailwind Nutrition
She had thought the race director was joking in the pre-race briefing!
A little history...

Next up headed for the bridge in which the race is named -
Such a lovely trail - very wide and well maintained
This bridge was very cool!
STUR and STEB had fun suspended over the river...
Only 125 feet up - looking over the edge can make you shiver!
High Bridge hi-jinks!

The actual course was mostly flat
Except for the last couple of miles which was whack!
After crossing the bridge STUR and STEB changed to 2:1
This is the ratio that would get it done!
Two minute warning meant time for a run break?
They thought that was for the walk for goodness sake!
STUR fueled her race with peanut butter sandwiches and Coke-
The heat and humidity were certainly no joke!
All six aid stations were very well stocked:
Pickles and ice cold towels really rocked!
A little Farmville love!

At about "a half marathon" in they had a stop at the cute town of Farmville -
Getting your own personal crossing guard was certainly a thrill!
"I've been training months to hold this sign!"
Gave them a boost and a laugh - just in time.
Team Rabbit LOVED this sign!

Hard Times Road - kind of made them laugh, too
Hey - at least things were flat and didn't go up like a Category 2...
No chili, either...
Wait, it wasn't Hard Times Cafe Road!

You definitely knew when the end was in sight
End of Trail? That was sure alright! 
The end is near!!

The bunnies reconvened at the finish line
Fried chicken, cookies, and cold cola? That sounds just fine!
Put a fork in them - they are DONE!

Tri Adventure put on a really great event
Everyone was so nice all the way to the end!
It seems they had not quite gotten their chicken fill!
So they drove over to a Chick-fil-A in Farmville
Over by the Longwood University campus, don't you know?
For more refreshments for the trip back to NOVA
They made good time on the way back home…
Next up is the KBun Ironman Kona show!!

Finisher photos from the organizer's album!
CBun did it!

Here comes STUR!

STEB is done!

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