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Monday, March 20, 2017


Friday after work there was a little rabbit meet up
RBud and STEB got together at their usual Starbucks!
The new line of cups were out with a Spring theme
Very happy that Spring is almost here if you know what we mean
Coffee is good!

Saturday morning STEB headed to Audrey Moore
Time for masters swim at 7:30 for an hour – that’s for sure!
After she got ready in a flash and headed to STUR’s CF box 
She was looked forward to cheering on some open workout, that rocks!
STUR woke up Saturday and was ready for CrossFit Open workout 17.4
Deadlifts, wall balls, rowing, and push-ups were in store!
STUR is ready to roll!

Did the exact same workout just last year-
STUR improved her score this time - never fear!
Bring on the 55 deadlifts!

It helped that she had her own little support crew -
STEB came along to cheer, it's true!!
STUR killed the 55 wall ball shots!

She made sure the event was documented -
Even though  she was being somewhat tormented!
Ready to row 55 calories!

STEB saw some friends from the old CF place 
It was great to cheer them on in the new space!
Taking a break from her 45 pushups!

She had fun cheering on STUR and takings some pics
She even got some video, too, for kicks!

STUR rocked 17.4 and Tori was the one who kept her score!

And what's this? STUR is going to go swim NOW!?
She would make it through workout #2 somehow.
The Beast helped her to be motivated -
Ended up with 6000 meters - nothing was abbreviated!
BLUR joined them for their last hour...
She kept them going - Rabbit Power!!
STEB had to skedaddle to meet her friend Nanette
Were they were celebrating her birthday with a movie? You bet!
"Beauty and the Beast" – they’d been planning it for a while! 
It exceeded their expectations and “Be our Guest” made them smile!
What a great movie!

After the flick it was Starbucks again –
A rabbit on her cup? It was perfect for STEB!
Team Rabbit approves of this cup!

Sunday morning STUR woke up a bit stiff and sore...
But she was going for a run - she wanted more!
Decided on a 5 mile jaunt around her 'hood -
Chilly and windy but it's all good!
After an afternoon of basketball watching -
She'd be at the pool later - that's not shocking!!
BLUR grabbed David and they went for a run -
In and around Georgetown - of course it was fun!
Since the weather did not really cooperate...
STEB did another spin in her garage again for goodness’ sake!
She got a late start but that was Okay
She kind of slept in – hip hip, hooray!
After some chores and a walk with the dog
She finally got started on her indoor spin slog!
By Sunday night she was tired and fell asleep – no fuss
So much for watching an upset in March Madness!  
Team Rabbit is happy that it is now officially Spring
Check out the calendar to see what events it will bring!
Check out STUR in action doing some deadlifts! 

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