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Friday, June 1, 2018

Swim Bike Bling Rap

On Saturday STUR had some more swimming to do -
To get to her 16 miles this week it's true.
Visited Chinquapin on a Saturday for the hopefully last time in awhile -
Got in 6300 meters total with a smile.
Meanwhile PBun and Jeff picked up KBun around 6
Headed to Cambridge MD to bike for a bit
Madding hanging out at the bike parking lot!

To start they did 10 miles on the Eagleman 'stick' section
U-turn then back to the parking lot - first part was done!
Quick refill then headed back out
The heat was there without a doubt
The took the loop section by section and regrouped along the way
Did the little breaks they took help? You could say!
Ohhhh, they're halfway there!

Made an actual pit-stop at the marine store
The A/C inside was delightful that's for sure!
The rabbits then had renewed energy
To see them through the final 15 miles you see
Finished those off then loaded up and locked the bikes
Then it was time for their brick runs, all right!
PBun was happy she went a full mile
Afterwards she was full of endorphins and a smile
KBun and PBun got to put their toes in the Choptank River!

Headed over to Great Marsh Park on the Choptank River
A little Smith Island Cake awaited them - it did deliver!
Fun cake and fun themed napkins!

Hit the road for a smooth ride home
Another early morning awaited them, dont you know?
PBun was up again at the same time
Made it to the Beast's house just fine...
Then she had a mishap with STUR 's trunk bike rack
Now she has a forehead bruise- isn't that whack?!

STUR was in charge of driving the rabbit gang-
She got off course a couple of times- can you hang?
Carpooling is the most fun!

Made it to the lake and scored a great parking spot
A short walk and along the shore the rabbits copped a squat
Maddie, checking out the lake scene!

It was announced that the lake temperature was 78.8 -
"No wetsuits can be worn!" was the mandate!
CBun gathered the rabbits for some video fun
Took a few tries to get it done
Team Rabbit also posed for a pyramid!

Before any of the rabbits got in the water to swim
A cute little bird landed nearby on a chair for a bit
Baby bird had a mohawk!

Seemed he was hungry and needed his mom
So Morgan tried to feed him - is that wrong?
Then all rabbits but PBun went to swim one mile Listening to the pre-race talk always takes awhile.
Finally they were off to swim all 4 turns on the course-
STUR apparently swam long but she has no remorse.
During her swim in her head STUR had the "Immigrant Song"-
She believed it kept her going strong!

PBun saw a guy who swam the 1 mile all butterfly
Was he the same one she saw at colonies zone? Oh my!
After the rabbits finished their 1 mile
KBun went to run for a while
She stopped along the way and even went to church service
Then came back to the lake - it was really no fuss!
Start line Minions!

PBun swam only the 2 mile race
It was the championship one in this case
And as she swam along
In her mind she had a different 'song'
Because every time she hit warm water
She thought 'hot pockets' over and over
As STUR exited the 2 miler she was getting her composure-
She didn't notice a tap on her shoulder..
PBun snuck up behind and was the culprit
It was pretty funny they must admit!
Throughout the morning a local band kept the swimmer entertained
The Josh Allen Band rocked, these rabbits did exclaim!
Bunny Bling!

1 mile swim!

2 mile swim!

After three rabbits had gathered their awards
They decided to some more food they would head towards!
Ended up at the Merrifield Five Guys
Where they had burgers, shakes, and of course some fries
When it was all over they laughed at STUR's trunk...
Look at all of that swimming junk!
Swim explosion!!
Reminded them of that time they had a triathlon explosion
That weekend of the Paw Paw Tunnel experience -- so much fun!
The Jim McDonnell Lake Swim was a successful training day
The rabbits were glad they came out to play!
Memorial Day morning STUR picked up the Beast -
Were they glad it wasn't 5am? To say the least!
Headed over to the Old Keene Mill pool -
The day was actually drizzly and cool.
They each got in 3400 meters in the Olympic size-
It was so nice to be swimming outside!!
Happy outdoor swimmers!

Next up for STUR was the Murph Memorial WOD -
She'd be with the CrossFit Kingstowne squad.
Every year the workout is as follows:
1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run; gulp and swallow!
She got it done and might have been a sweaty mess -
But doing it with a motivating crew is the best!
STUR and her crew!

PBun began her day with a nearly 10 mile run
Happy she could be outside as well and didn't miss the sun
She practiced by doing loops in her neighborhood
Her house was home base, understood?
Happy outdoor runner!

That afternoon she visited an old high school friend
She and Debbie met on the track team way back then
PBun with Debbie and the War on ALS pillow she made her!

Debbie is running a different race these days
To beat ALS so PBun is raising awareness though the foundation for Jon Blais
Help BPun fight the War On ALS, here.

While Team Rabbit always likes to keep things light and humorous, we wanted to say that they were very sorry to hear about the loss of a fellow swimmer over the weekend and wanted to offer our condolences to him and his family. 

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