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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Big Swim Rain Rap

STUR woke up Saturday to NO thunderstorms- yippee!
She had plans to meet CBun at the Lake Newport Pool you see.
That water looks fab!

The Reston crew was a very welcoming bunch-
The lane she got in was speedy- she had a hunch.
Kept her moving for the 2 hours in its entirety-
So happy for the motivation and swim set variety!
Saturday morning PBun got an early start to her day
First a walk with Riley you don't say
Then headed over to Providence REC
For 7:55 AM practice, Coach Fred was on deck
The warm up had a 300 kick set
PBun was thinking ‘what the heck?’
The practice included two 200 IM drill
Any form of butterfly is always a thrill!
After practice she headed back home
Waited a while to start her run, you know
Again did loops around her neighborhood
This method of practice seems to be good
Loops success!
(Thankfully not Froot Loops...)

KBun was racing again on the Big Island
Where she had a photo op with Mike Reilly
Having fun with The Voice of Ironman!

This was a redemption race from a year ago
KBun's plan was to nail it - wind or no
Welcome athletes!

Her plan was to use some red tinted goggles for the sun
They'd worked great on her pre-race test run
Another lovely Hawaiian sunset!

But then on race morning she tried something different
Wearing her hair down instead of up changed the goggle placement
Turns out that caused her goggles to leak
Swimming back to where she could stand seemed bleak
It was like she was swimming into a pack of piranhas
To avoid them she had to duck dive down into the water!
She ended up swimming with one eye closed
But finished that swim, got on the bike and hit the road
She was able to conquer the trip to Hawi and back
In time to run in the hot sun on a golf course, how about that?
She was able to cross the finish line
And made that race her b!tch this time!
Saturday it seems that CBun did a little shopping 'n stuff...
Now she is the proud owner of a gently used SUP!

Sunday STUR peeked out - was it another day of rain?
Headed to the outdoor pool anyway - it's not insane!!
BLUR confirmed she was on her way--
Would the weather stop their workouts? Not today!!!!
A good sized group gathered there at the pool-
Even though the day was very cool!
STUR and BLUR look blurry here!

STUR got in exactly 4000 and was happy with that!
BLUR swam continuously - no time to chat!
STUR planned to go on a run no matter what-
So over to Wakefield Park she did strut!
STUR stayed upright!

Encountered muddy trails and slippery bridges-
Chilly and rainy but at least it wasn't frigid!
In the end she ran for an hour -
Her mood was much better- never sour!
Meanwhile PBun got in a short walk
Before the rain set in, which rocked
Then it was time to hop on her trainer
Because the pouring rain made it a no brainer
Got in 20 miles before she was done
Then did her powerlifting workout after for fun!
After KBun had time to recover
She saw some fun things the island had to offer
Headed up to a lovely volcano view
Mauna Kea!

Hanging loose!

And some paddle boarding if you will!
Go KBun!!

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