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Friday, June 29, 2018

Swim Gwynn Rap

On Saturday, STUR hosted an early morning party...
Were these rabbits and friend having brunch? Hardly!
Masters friend Betty drove STUR, KBun and the Beast -
They were chatty up and over the bridge to say the at least!
CBun and this group were the first to arrive -
Would they wear a wetsuit? Some would have to decide.
At the race briefing the water temp was 77.5...
Did this mean wetsuit legal? YES!! Ain't no jive!
The 5 milers went off first -
STUR was ready, excited, and about to burst!
The swimmers heard a rumor that the current going out was strong -
Hopefully on the way back they could just float along.
STUR couldn't believe how long it took her to get to the first buoy -
The current report was certainly correct-oh phooey!
STUR swam hard without a break...
Finally here's the turn around buoy for goodness sake!
A nice man in a boat gave her some water -
He was happy to do so, it wasn't a bother.
Took her much longer to reach this place than she thought it would -
She will have favorable current now- it's all good!
As she's swimming back who does she spy -
There's CBun in her blue cap-oh my!
Took out one earplug so she could have a chat -
They only had 1.5 miles to go- how 'bout that!!
STUR found another kayaker who offered Gatorade;
She was bonking and her day was saved!!
Last little stretch - would the shore ever come?
There's the Beast, KBun, and Betty cheering- don't be bummed!
STUR did it!!

Stayed on that very shore to wave CBun in -
She finished looking strong for the win!!
The Beast and KBun's race went very well too -
All these rabbits were very tough it's true!
Swim for Life success!

The food buffet afterwards  was again amazing-
Especially the chicken and cookies we were all praising!
Certainly Team Rabbit will be back next year-
To the DCAC folks who put on Maryland Swim for Life we give a cheer!
Meanwhile, PBun was over on the other side
Of these United States. Were you wondering why?
She was on vacation to see her cousin
And they planned to have a lot of fun!
Saturday morning they did a race
The Tony Gwynn 5.5k in this case!
PBun ran the whole way except twice in the last stretch
Which was all uphill but she did not kvetch!
PBun’s cousin did her first race ever!
Her walking pace could not be better!
Success at the Tony Gwynn 5.5K!

After they had planned to SUP in Mission Bay...
But it was cold and windy, so no sup'in way!
S'up? Not SUP!

STUR went to swim again on Sunday morning -
Although her energy was far from soaring...
Made another two miles in spite of it all
Swimming outside is the best y'all!
Headed over to Wakefield Park for a run/walk combo
Then scooted home to walk this guy-pronto!
Humphrey is a sweetie!!

Sunday PBun went to a nice family brunch
It had been a while since she had seen the LA bunch!
Fun family festivities!

Then on Monday morning they took a hike
Up to the top of Cowles Mountain - the view was a delight!
Little Gage was full of boundless energy
Can this be bottled? Must find a way!
You get a 360 degree view of the City of San Diego from up here!

Tuesday PBun was in for a real treat
Scenic tour in an antique biplane? How neat!
She must admit her tummy was in nervous knots
There was not a co-pilot – don’t give it another thought!
Despite PBun's nervous knots, the view was amazing!

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