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Monday, July 2, 2018

100s 200 Rap

Friday afternoon PBun headed up to P-A
With Riley to a family reunion you see
There was a lot of crazy traffic on the route
Took a scenic detour through W-V on a fluke
PBun's favorite scenic spot in Acme!

Arrived in Acme in good time
And later and a uke jam session sounded fine
Just a little uking around!

Saturday morning she went on a little run
Saw ponies and bikers before the family reunion
These ponies were so cute!

PBun got the reward for driving the farthest
Over 200 miles - Pennsylvania or bust!
The last ones standing...out of 15 Welc siblings!
Cake is always a good idea!

She saw lots of family of course - it definitely wasn't dull
Couldn’t get them all in the picture but see all their vehicles?
Even more cars showed up!

Before she headed back to her own house
Stopped at the Veterans Memorial park in town
Welc brothers proudly served their country!

Saturday STUR headed over at the crack to the town of Reston-
Getting in a run before swim practice was her very own suggestion:)
Up and down with the hills on the path-
For over a 10KEH she did last!
Next up a two hour swim with the Reston Masters
These peeps in her lane really make her faster!
CBun was also there for the weekend swim fest;
The Lake Newport pool is lovely- they felt refreshed!
Sunday morning meant the kickASTtri
It's an annual tradition, that's why!
Annandale Swim & Tennis - home of the kickASTtri!

Started with an 800 meter swim at 7am.
After a lengthy transition the bike ride began
It was a nice loop from Annandale to North Springfield and back
And everyone stayed together as a matter of fact!
They got lucky with the traffic lights
Before they knew it back to transition -outta sight
Rounded the runners up and they were off
No walking till the final hill - don't scoff
As always, a good time was had by all
But PBun forgot the goodies for after, oh well!!
Thanks Mike and Joe for setting up the event
PBun is always happy she went!
What a kick AST group!
(Thanks for throwing down the rabbit ears, Colleen!)

Meanwhile, STUR met CBun and BLUR for her third 100 100's of the season-
Getting ready for the Kingdom Swim? Must be the reason!
It's July 1st...we think we'll do 100 100s!

CBun and STUR  hopped in and seriously got to business-
This swim set is a great test of their fitness!
At halfway there STUR took only one official break-
Wow! What a difference it did make!
BLUR joined in for the last hour-
Working on her stroke - she's got the power!
Both CBun and STUR finished in PR time -
No extra 100's were done- it ain't no crime!
CBun, on her way to a PR!

The slide and hot tub were way too crowded for the rabbit trio -
So into the showers they did go!
Cued up at Chipotle for it is tradition -
It was also WAY crowded also - but they needed nutrition!!
So they hopped-hopped-hopped over to Five Guys -
Where they really enjoyed their burgers and fries!
That afternoon PBun got to hang with NanWa
A movie and coffee? For sure!
Always happy to get coffee with a friend!

Ocean’s 8 was the what they picked
It was really a fun flick!

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