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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Happy Memphre Rap

On Friday morning CBun and STUR took off separately for Vermont's Northeast-
Both rabbits were pumped and excited to say the least!
Once STUR arrived she was greeted by Molly the pig -
She was kind of lazy - wasn't doing a jig!
Molly the pig, not doing a jig!

CBun was out touring the course on a boat-
She went all the way out to Canada she can gloat-
The Canada buoy!

The rabbits met up with the Kingdom Swim crew -
Andy, Jeff, and Robair - that'll do
Checked in - got their shirt and cap -
Then indulged in the pasta dinner, how ‘bout that?
Awesome message on the cap!

Trip to the store then time for bed-
So they'd be rested and the morning they wouldn't dread!
Their B and B was so sweet and comfy-
All that stayed there would certainly agree!
The B&B was comfy!

Saturday morning by the full moon light
PBun was finally going to ride HHPP dynamite
It was a nice fully moon!

They picked up KBun right at 6
Made it to Myersville lickety split
Parked in the "Park & Ride" lot to start
And thought a bit about the elevation chart...
Well they parked and they rode. Just like the sign said!

Their wheels were up by 8am
First talked to Sarah and her friend
Ready to roll!

The hills greeted you right from the beginning
It was the Pain Pain and at times it did sting
It was fun to see the Appalachian Trail crossing over their route
They saw it at least three times without a doubt
PBun would love to hike some of the AT one day!

There certainly was lots of climbing
In PBun's opinion not as fun as rhyming!
Saw a funny and large statue of a kitty
Of course had to get a picture you see
This picture does not do the giant kitty justice!

Stopped briefly at the Blue Ridge Mountain VFD
A doggy caught PBun's eye it would seem!
The message on the front of the engine said "Suck it up, Buttercup!"

Got to meet the cute Dalmatian named Ash
Who belonged to a volunteer fire fighter as a matter of fact
Ash was so cute and friendly!

Was the scenery worth it? That would be true!
Especially the Pen Mar High Rock scenic view!!
Pen Mar High  Rock was pretty spectacular!

PBun was happy to at least once do this ride
Must say too much of a good thing comes to mind
That is in her opinion too much Happy Happy aka downhill
Which to her ultimately was more of a pill
Taking a break halfway up to High Rock...
PBun had a couple of tunes in her head
One for the happy and one for the pain you can bet! 
Up in VT they arrived at the swim start in plenty of time -
And were so very glad that the sun would shine!
STUR finally met up with her "yacker" Jill -
She seemed ready to go, confident and chill!
Yacker Jill with STUR!

Her snack for the day would be a T-bone steak?!
This girl is tough cookie for goodness sakes!
STUR turned over her bottles and her food -
She asked Jill NOT to give her the steak, or she'd be screwed!
Meanwhile CBun was checking in with trusty Robair…
He gives the yacker process quite the flair!
Robair practicing his flair!

STUR waved goodbye to HER trusty crew -
Then hopped in to the 10 mile swim queue!
STUR is in the queue!

Found her kayak with Jill no problem at all…
They were both in for the long haul!
And Jill is off, too!

First 4 miles went by in a blink -
Couple of times she accidentally had a sip of the drink.
Soon after STUR reached up to her ear…
It unfortunately was her biggest fear.
Had her seasickness patch had fallen off?
It had and at first her anxiety went aloft!
Then she calmed down, there was nothing she could do…
Except just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! It's true!
Head down and swim; she finally made it to mile 6 -
Luckily her stomach was not up to any tricks.
Mile 6 is where you take a turn back towards the beach…
Even though it really is a long way to reach!
Jill told me she was going to hop out and pee -
She did it and got back in like a champ - whee!!
Soon all she could tolerate was a sip or two of Coke…
Good thing she had Jill take it in her boat!
The last few buoys were coming very slowly -
Her arms protested a bit - holy moly!
Finally, finally reached the last buoy indicating one mile left -
Believe it or not, here would be the real test.
Stomach was mad so she started counting strokes -
Then right in front of a support boat she tossed cookies - yes folks
Treaded water until the event was through -
"I’m fine, don't pull me!" she said, “Or I'll be blue!”
Next step was the seemingly unreachable pumpkin buoy -
Both CBun and STUR got mad at him – oh phooey.
STUR heard the cheering crowds and swam her heart out -
There was Andy, Jeff, and CBun without a doubt!
This year she finished looking pink not blue -
Wearing a wetsuit was the thing to do!
Happy finishers!!

CBun had also had one amazing day -
Lake Memphremagog is a great place to swim and play.
Both swimmers agreed the conditions were pretty variable -
Plenty of calm AND chop. It was never dull!
Kingdom bling!

The Rabbits now need a shower and a nap!
Luckily the B and B is super close - hand clap!!
After their rest, it was time to attend the after-party…
Time to have a beer, CBun and STUR did agree!

Once again the "Hitmen" were there to entertain -
Robair danced for one song, his dance moves were insane!
Next day they took a drive over to Jay's Peak…
Took the tram ride all the way up to 4000 feet!
Hiked around and saw a great view of THE lake -
Being up so high made it look fake.
Drove around next to see the Canadian border-
Along the way lots of cows and corn - yes sir!
CBun had to catch her plane back to DC -
So STUR went back to Andy and Jeff's you see!
Relaxing night, dinner, and a great day on Monday -
Then goodbye to Vermont she had to say!
As Saturday turned out to be a very long day
PBun spent the entire day relaxing on Sunday
Later that night she went out for a walk
But also ran a little – don’t scoff

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