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Monday, July 23, 2018

Rainy Superhero Rap

AKA the Rainy Roadkill Rap

Saturday morning well before the crack of dawn
PBun and Jeff were off to ride with The Beast and Morgan before long
Ready to roll...not fully light out!

Biked to Four Mile Run then crossed the Potomac into DC
Then they ended up at Hains Point you see!
Riding around PBun thought she saw a Superman cape
It was a lady in a red T and yellow backpack for goodness sake
Later she did see a dude in a Batman T shirt
Standing along the road on his phone not being a jerk!
Early when the group was doing their second loop
Almost got taken out by a group of women across the road, that's the scoop
Poor Rocky!!

There was a poor raccoon lying dead in the middle of the road
Clearly he didn't make it back to his abode
Speed work, check!

As they returned going through Gravelly Point
Saw a guy puking near a dead rat in that joint
Before heading up to do the hill climbs
Stopped for Slurpees - this was wise! 
Slurpees are always a good idea!

After a couple of hill climbs on Old Dominion
Headed to the parkway called Fort Williams
Hello Fort Williams Parkway hill!

Hoped to say hi to friend Harriett
She wasn't home though - dagnabit
Two climbs, or three? The choice is yours
A 3/4 mile hill is what it is of course
They beat the rain...mostly!

Finished things off with a short brick run
On a 200 meter loop, it was kind of fun
It all in all was a successful day
PBun was glad she went out to play!
To warm up she and Jeff headed over to a Starbucks
It was the one where she used to meet RBud, aw shucks!
People were actually out there under the umbrellas!

For STUR and CBun would  the rain ruin the swimming plan?
Let's just say they wouldn't get a tan!
Got in a good two hours in the pool going back and forth -
STUR had a lane entirely to herself for what it's worth!
BLUR conquered a rainy ride with Al
He's an honorary rabbit now
This was her furthest ride to date
The rain didn't stop her, make no mistake
Rain cannot keep a good rabbit down!

Later on Saturday PBun's house lost power
But it came back on after several hours
Thankfully it hadn't been hot outside
And things were quite comfortable otherwise
It was kind of dark inside...

Sunday morning before first light
PBun walked with Riley, it was a delight
Then she ran several miles more
Before heading to swim practice, it was L4
The Beast also headed out when it was quite early
Over 2 hours on her feet and time at the track, surely! 
PBun met up with STUR and BLUR at the OKM pool
After the prior day's rain the water was perfectly cool
Goggles at the ready!

It had been a while since PBun swam long course
Was she happy to be back? Yes there was no remorse!
STUR had a nice group in her swim lane -
Although the peer pressure to keep going was insane!
They did it!

Then both BLUR and STUR went on a run in the neighborhood -
Avoided the rain,  got a few miles in, it's all good!
Later STUR spent some down time out in the yard
Hanging with the neighbor's pup is not hard!
STUR and the pup!

CBun found the hidden sunflower field
Were they still blooming? See what her pictures reveal...
Happy bees!
Still blooming!

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