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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Peak Half Rap

Saturday morning STUR headed over to the Reston trails-
Here are some of the bunny details:
The weather was perfect and she got in a bit over five-
To get to swim practice on time was her drive.
A mix up with the pools caused her to be a tad late-
Slipping in during warm up was her fate.
Practice with the Reston Masters was fast and furious -
Got in 4900 meters if you were curious.
Afterwards STUR and CBun stayed for extra laps…
Did they each have a peak goal? Perhaps!
CBun got in 24,000 meters for the week!!
She feels good and got it all in - no critique!!
STUR swam 9 times for 21 miles over the course of 7 days…
Inside her goggles her eyes began to glaze
The two rabbits relaxed afterwards in the lovely hot tub
Since time to relax they should not snub!
Saturday morning just after the crack
PBun went on a ‘hood run – how about that?
Afterwards she met up with The Beast and Jeff
Loaded up for Williamsburg – no jest!
Made pretty good time along the way
Stopped for lunch in Fredericksburg at Chick-fil-A!
Meanwhile, KBun and Lionel had already left
Arrived at Rev3 Williamsburg for the practice swim, KBun was not bereft!
The others arrived there in the early afternoon – sweet!
Packet pickup, athlete briefing – check and a new tire for the Beast!
On the dock at the swim finish!

While waiting for the Beast’s tire update
Did PBun checkout the Normatec recovery boots? Damn straight!
These were like giant blood pressure cuffs for your legs!

Next they met up with KBun for a bike course tour
Was it mostly flat with a couple of rollers? Sure!
Virginia IS for Lovers!
This sign was made out of recycled stuff - very cool!

There was a ‘hill’ that was familiar to a couple of those rabbits…
KBun and PBun had ridden it on the old Cap2Cap course with STUR - what!?
Yes – it was the bridge over the Chickahominy River
That bridge might have made a rabbit or two shiver!
After the course preview they picked up Lionel
It was time for dinner at Olive Garden, mind you!
Kris Kringle was apparently spotted by some of the group
Everyone saw his ‘sleigh’ in the parking lot after if you want the scoop
It said SNTAWGN on his personalized tag
PBun can’t believe she didn’t get a picture – what a drag!
Back at the hotel it was time to get tatted up
Rev3 Triathlon really knows their stuff!
There might have been a mishap on KBun’s hand
But the Beast came to the rescue with her sharpie…understand?
Sunday morning everyone was up well before the crack!
Gathered in the lobby by 5:10AM that’s not whack!
Made it to the park on time at 5:33
It was time to set up transition you see!
A nice view of transition!

The Beast and PBun were only doing the aquabike
So their transition area was kind of light!
Jeff and KBun were in for the whole shebang
Regardless, they were all a happy rabbit gang!
They are ready to roll!

It was a long distance from the swim exit to T1
Three of them dropped shoes off so they could run
PBun also planned to run it – but in bare feet
Her plantar fasciitis doesn’t bother her any more, neat!
The swim start was rolling based on 100 yard time
Everyone decided on their own where to stand in line
The 'road' to the swim start!

They partnered you up to jump off the fishing pier by 2s
PBun noticed she had sunscreen on her goggles – not good news!
Within the first 400 meters she got it cleaned off
Then she was good to go – no time to scoff!
Later there was some discussion about a moving buoy
Apparently a current had ramped up – oh phooey!
All four racers were happy with their swim
It’s on to the bike portion with no chagrin!
At first PBun felt like she couldn’t move
But after the first 20 miles she got into a groove!
There might have been a pit stop for her around mile 34
She was happy to get back on the road – that’s for sure!
The Beast crushed her first multi-sport in several years
The rest of the group was quite inspired it appears!
PBun and The Beast were craving something sweet
This vanilla soft-serve was the perfect treat!

While The Beast and PBun waited for the others to finish the half
Took the opportunity to hang out with Mr. Peanut – and get a photograph!
Mr. Peanut even dropped the Team Rabbit gang sign!

They then had more fun by the Nutmobile
It was pretty nuts – for real!
The Beast and PBun being nutty!

Jeff crushed the run portion of his race
And KBun hopped on the podium in this case!
Way to go, KBun!!!!

All in all it was a fun and successful weekend in Williamsburg V-A
Rev3 Tri really goes all out for athletes by the way!
Not just 3rd place in her age group, but also the USAT Regional Championship!

Sunday morning was another beautiful day!
STUR did a short 5KEH run? You don't say!
Then she headed over to Old Keene Mill Swim and Racquet
Was it for the Lane 4 swim practice? You bet!
BLUR was there and had a great swim -
The chance of either rabbit getting out early was zero to slim!

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