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Monday, July 16, 2018

Italian Steel Poole Rap

Saturday morning early, some rabbits met for a ride
Headed to Poolesville was not a surprise
Early on the rabbits did a short loop that had them go off road...
They would have skipped it if they'd only known!!
It was a recovery ride and the first half was flatter
But it warmed them up for the hills that would come after!
Beautiful bike ride views!

Mt. Nebo road was a fun little street
Though PBun could have done without the dead leg meat!
KBun and PBun saw a fox hopping in the grass!
Glad he stayed off the road as a matter of fact
Took a trip on Sugarland Road
And saw the concert later that night don’t you know?
Right, onto Sugarland Road!

Sugarland just reunited after a 5 year break!

Sugarland the band was way better than Sugarland the road!

Saw a few familiar faces along the way
Were they old Team Z mates? You don’t say!
PBun's first attempt at the 'portrait' setting on her phone!

In the end they saw the field of gold
Hundreds of sunflowers truth be told
So many sunflowers!!

They were just amazing!

The sunflowers offered an amazing view!
And a lady was even painting them – how cool!
PBun asked the lady if it was OK to take a picture of her painting a picture!

Meanwhile, The Beast and Morgan got a half distance bike in
They went 56 miles in under four hours – for the win!
Some speed work and hill repeats were their fate
Isn’t Ironman training great?
Saturday morning- STUR went over to Reston - real quick-
Got in a Reston swim practice before leaving with CBun on their trip.
CBun drove the Outback all the way to Robair's place-
The Rabbits were impressed with all his space!
Got a tour of his pad - so many kayaks and bikes-
And a huge van to carry it all in if you like!
Met up with Sandy and husband David for dinner-
At an awesome Italian place - it sure was a winner!
Woke up pretty early to get to the race -
And got an amazing parking space!
The Rabbits were chilling in the car -
Who could this be?

When what did they see from afar?
Well hi there, Robair!

A white shirt on a yellow kayak…
It was Robaire – they weren't under attack!
Finally, it was time to do the wetsuit dance -
There was a warm up swim, and they took this chance!
STUR and CBun are ready!

Ten minutes later it was time to line up for real -
Water was fine for wetsuits - what a great deal!
Look at that calm water!

The sky was certainly looking a bit threatening and dark -
They started the race anyway, not on a lark!
Thanks to the support crew!

STUR was happily swimming along
CBun was also feeling very strong
When lo and behold a support boat went by…
With a lady banging hard on its side!
That was the sign; athletes had to swim back to the start -
Now the lightning was off the charts!!!
The OWS turned in to swim for your life part 2
Return to shore is what the rabbits had to do
Went back to the car to ride out the storm
Believe it or not it was good to be warm
Would they get to go back out?

Then they were told it was official -
The race was cancelled - just that simple.
CBun and STUR high-tailed it back to Virginia -
After saying goodbye to Robair and all his charisma.
STUR made it home in time to hit the Old Town Pool practice -
Ended up with 3 miles of swimming as her status.
The Steelman OWS was well organized on a beautiful lake -
The weather wasn't their fault for goodness sakes!
PBun went to powerlifting for the first time in ages
A friendly competition was the wager
PBun's team won their team events but lost in the end
It was a fun and different workout but won’t be a trend
PBun enjoyed the group sit-ups and truck push
And most of her individual ones - woosh
The attack bike was super hard she thought
Of course she gave it all she got
She PRd her bar hang time and her strict curls
Though later she might not be able to raise her arms, oh well!
Sunday night she attended a fun family dinner
La Scala in Little Italy-Baltimore was a winner!
More fun family festivities for PBun!

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