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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cap2Cap Recap Rap

Team Rabbit went on a road trip again -
To bike 100 miles with 500 friends!
However the car ride wasn't exactly smooth;
Lots of traffic so we couldn't get in a groove.
After dinner we were moving faster.
But no packet pick up today - it's not a disaster!
Quick stop at CVS if you please!
Then to the hotel to catch some Zs!
Ride day dawned bright and early -
We were in a good mood - no one was surly!!
Short drive, easy parking, on time to where it would begin!
Ready to ride - it's a win, win, win!!
We stopped at all but 2 of the 7 feed zones -
Gave us a moment - just one - to rest our bones!
Of course when we hit mile 50 -
We sang "Halfway There" - it was nifty!
After the halfway point it was windy and dark out.
Would we have to seek shelter? We were in doubt!
But it seems the wind blew the clouds away.
And we peddled on our merry way!
Soon after we met a guy named Tom!
He rode in front and he pulled us along!!
The miles ticked away and we felt fine.
Before we knew it there was the finish line!
Had a beer and laid our bikes on the grass.
Then realized we kicked Cap2Caps Century's @$$!!
Next day the 100 100's put the Rabbits to the test.
We put our heads down and did our best!
It sure challenged our mental focus.
We sure couldn't use any hocus pocus!
The plan was for every time we got to ten
We would do a 100 IM!
And again when we were halfway there -
We of course sang "Living on a Prayer"
But we got it done though our arms were aching.

What can we say - it sure was interesting!!
This year Silly Rabbit got a new PR!
Pretty good for swimming that far!!
And Energizer Bunny got a PR, too!
She missed it last year 'cause she kind of had the flu!!
So The "100" themed weekend put deposits in the Ironman bank!

On the list of great training - very high it does rank!!

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