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Monday, August 6, 2018

Culpeper to Reston Rap

Something else happened last weekend we wanted to add in the rap
About being safe and riding with friends as a matter of fact
Our own KBun had a bike crash going downhill
Thankfully it wasn't worse but she needed some stitches, wires, and pills
Some good Samaritans stopped to help her out
Those two brothers were wonderful without a doubt
PBun and Jeff finally got reunited with KBun in Hagerstown
At the Meritus Medical Center where things went down
KBun is now on the road to recovery
That speed bump can't stop this bunny!
PBun began her day quite early
To head to the Culpeper Gran Fondo surely
She was meeting Carol but not the STUR
This was a friend from HS if you were wondering about her
It was foggy and damp to start!

They planned to do the metric century
Started in weather that was overcast and rainy
PBun was familiar with some of the roads they were on
But this was done in a different direction
She was happy the course skipped Round Hill Road
But went up Etlan in reverse don't you know?
She thought it was decidedly easier this way
And didn't have to stop at the scary rest stop - yay!
It turned a bit sunny, warm and humid as they went along
But it was nice to not do creek crossings!
That early fog burned off!

Two or three places early on had very high water
Up on the bridge that we had to go through!
The low cloud was very cool!

The scenery was amazing as always
Including the Old Rag views along the way!
Old Rag views!

One woman riding the metric might be team rabbit material
Riding with carrots in her jersey pocket? You cant be serious?!
Margie rode bikes with Morgan again
Many laps around Hains Point - when to say when?
Slurpee time!

Finished up with a few hill climbs
Just getting ready for IMLou, it'll soon be time!
Saturday morning STUR had a special running friend-
Yep-she was taking care of Humphrey again!
Who'se the good boy? Humphrey, that's who!

They ran together around STUR's neighborhood-
2.5 miles total- it was really good!
Then STUR continued on her own for another bit on her feet-
8.3 miles total - longest run in 2 months- sweet!
Three Rabbits met up in Reston its true-
CBun, STUR , and BLUR were the crew!
They planned on one loop of the Reston bike course-
CBun had the cue sheets- she was the source!
After a bit of a chain problem CBun had to switch out her ride-
Good thing she had another bike inside!!
Wasn't long before the crew was on their way...
Pretty early so a lot less traffic you don't say?!
BLUR rocked the hills, no problemo -
It had been awhile for the others, they took it slow!
Once they were back it was time for a brick -
CBun drove them to the glade trail, lickety split!
Got in a short run of 1.5 miles -
Because it was over - they were all smiles!
Bike/Run Brick? Check!

Sunday morning PBun was before the crack, oh gee...
To do a run then swim, but she wasn't surly!
Happy to try to beat the heat
And the OKM water after couldn't be beat
Once she returned home she lifted a few wights
Then it was time for the movie for heavens sake!
Four rabbits and two rabbit friends
Settled in for Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!
Cool Breeze, STUR, BLUR, PBun, CBun - we missed NanWa for the theater selfie!

Later that night PBun and KBun caught up on stuff
All we can say is KBun is tough!
PBun is one tough cookie!

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