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Monday, August 27, 2018

Camp Reston Rap

STUR started a run on Saturday at just about the crack-
Sun comes up so much later now- that's sad and whack!
Headed to Fort Hunt Park to start her jaunt -
BLUR would meet her later at this old haunt!
Ran out and almost to Mount Vernon -
It was 30 minutes so she would be "a turning!"
Back to Fort Hunt to meet BLUR and her bike -
Another hour of running for STUR if you like!
BLUR and STUR are at it again!

The rabbits would commence to going around the loop-
Both got in a great workout- that's the scoop!
With 11 miles for STUR and 10 miles for BLUR -
Are they training for tris and ultras? Yes sir!
Saturday morning PBun headed to Providence REC
Time for
L4 Masters swim practice Kim was the coach on deck
Had fun swimming with new peeps
They did a 4x125 progressive IM, which was neat
After swim, PBun had a wardrobe mishap
Had to swing by her house that’s a fact!
Then headed over to Audrey Moore
To run from there to Lake Accotink and back for sure
Ready to hit the trail!

After she arrived over at the lake
Tried a different path that wasn’t a mistake
The lake looks so peaceful in the morning.

Along here she had at least three bridge crossings
Saw kids fishing and doing some rock skipping.
Her turn around was at Yankee Field
Not the one in NYC which would have been a bit unreal
Damn Yankees!

And on the way back stopped under the trestle of the O&A
Pretty cool view, wouldn’t you say?
PBun loves to read all the signs, but there's never enough time on a run (or ride)!

Meanwhile, STUR collected up JRAB and headed to a familiar place -
It was Prince William Forest Park in this case.
They were going to do some camping right out of their truck-
Weather was beautiful- they were in luck!
Found their site and JRab got to work on the tent-
Kept going until he was finished- he would not relent.
The truck tent is almost ready!

They set out on a hike on such a nice day-
STUR added 3 more miles to her mileage- no way!
She also did many burpees right on a tarp -
But kept hitting her hand on things that were sharp!
Time to cook dinner right on the fire-
Hot dogs and s'mores is what they did desire!

Who wants more s'mores?!

Played backgammon by the light of a head lamp-
Now it's time to sleep like a champ!
Zipped up the tent for the night-
So very quiet and dark alright!
Later that day she skedaddled over to a family function
Celebrated her aunt's 91st Birthday, what fun
The birthday 'girl' with her cake!
Sunday morning PBun was up super early
It was time for the 80 mile ride of RBC Century
Ready to roll!

Started off on her own there was no set time
Pretty laid back just like CBun had said - it was just fine
A guy rode by and said, "on your left Trixie!"
Maybe he thought that was PBun's name actually?
A sign stated "It's just a hill so get over it!"
PBun did, but she can tell you it wasn’t quick!!
PBun said she has TACO ride again...

Another sign noted that, "Quitting is not an option yet."
PBun won't - on that you can bet!!
What goes down must go up
People; it's time to embrace the suck!
This is a high school! Loudoun County High School - home of the Raiders!

Trixie received a lot of compliments
PBun wishes she could ride her as fast as she's meant!
The final rest stop had a special treat
Many slices of cold watermelon can’t be beat!
PBun could have finished ALL the watermelon!

The last 10 miles seemed kind of tough
It was pretty  hot by then, sure enough
She did it!

Right away headed out on her run brick
Walk run intervals did the trick
PBun didn't stay long at the finish line festival
But the ice cream bars from Schwan's were delightful
For STUR and JRab after a breakfast of bacon and eggs -
Packed up the food and left - all of the dregs!
Back at home STUR added more time on her feet -
The walk to the Old Town Pool made it complete!
Swam with the Beast and other masters friends -
She ended with 2.4 miles in the end!
KBun has gotten back in the pool and on her bike trainer
And a long run on the Mount Vernon trail was a no brainer! 
The Beast also knocked out a long ride and run
It is agreed that Ironman training is tiring but fun!

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