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Friday, September 7, 2018

Reston Repeat Rap

Saturday STUR had a pretty low key day-
She had meant to take the entire day off but "hey...."
Ended up on her trainer for an hour-
For that amount of time she had the power!
Next morning STUR went over to Reston-
The practice tri swim would be lots of fun.
Lovely day for an open water swim!

She met up with CBun in line for registration
Then listened to the pre swim talk - LOTS of information!
FINALLY got to swim on a brand new route
The course was longer than a mile - nobody would dispute!
Time to dry off and hit the bikes...
Two loops on the Reston bike course- they are psyched!
Both rabbits breezed through with no problem at all-
They remembered the hills - they had good recall.
Reston Oly, here they come!

They hope they are ready for next weekend -
The Reston Olympic Tri is just around the bend!
Later that day these two rabbits schemed to watch some football-
CBun knew about an LSU alumni event y'all!
JRab joined them to cheer on the Tigers -
Could their spirits have been any higher?
The Tigers beat the 'Canes!

The Beast got a super early start as per the usual
With Morgan, tackled repeats of speed and hills - they were able!
Way to go, guys!

STUR popped up on Labor Day to get to work -
But the weather was really being a jerk!
She melted as she stepped out the door -
But all this free time to run she couldn't ignore!
It was a hot one!

Ran from her door to National Airport -
She meant to go further but cut it a bit short -
But this looks nice!

Had to make a stop at CVS for some items:
Water and Advil were definitely vital!
Water and Advil - check!

Made it home where the Farmington hill was a killer -
She did feel a bit better after some painkillers!
Decided to extend time on feet by a walk to 7-Eleven
One more mile for a Slurpee equals heaven!
For the entire weekend PBun ended up laying low
Seems she took an unscheduled recovery weekend, don't you know?

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