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Monday, September 10, 2018

Bad Ass Rap

STUR wanted to get a swim in on Saturday-
Since there would be no swim in her tri- no way!
She got in a short swim at Mount Vernon Rec -
Crowded because Chinquapin was closed she suspects!
Met CBun for lunch and Reston Tri packet pick up -
Did they have a view of Lake Thoreau as they ate? Yup!
If they can't have blue skies they'll take blue shirts!

Pasta dinner and early to bed -
If you thought the next day would be sunny, you were misled!
Saturday morning PBun had a plan
Walk a lot of miles in 3 hours, understand?
Riley, always happy for a walk!

Took Riley out for the first mile
The headed to Lake Accotink with her water bottle and a smile
Her route included a creek that she went over
Over Backlick Run...

And then the Beltway – which she went under
And under the Beltway!

Along the way she added an extra mile-ish loop
On Long Pine Drive if you want the scoop
Once she arrived at the lake she took a quick pic
Then it was time for her return trip
Skipped the extra part on Long Pine
Returned back home with a solid nine!
Later that day she met up with the Beast
To head to Richmond for a catered training day to say the least
Arrived at the hotel and got checked in bikes and all
Then off to find some food and perhaps a side trip to Marshall's?
The Specialized Mafia!

Errands all done, they settled in for the night...
Wondered what the morning weather would be like
STUR woke up to a nice steady rain -
Put the bike on the car and sped away, feeling insane!
The day reminded STUR of Lake Placid '08 -
Rain, rain all day would be their fate!
For a completely different reason the swim was a no go:
Apparently some dangerous algae had begun to show.
STUR found CBun and all they could do is laugh -
They were feeling somewhat stupid but mostly bad ass!
Therefore the athletes would start on the track -
A 2.4 mile run they would do - and that's a fact!
Started off in waves and got it done -
Now time to bike in the rain - this would be…fun?
STUR had heavily considered not getting on her bike -
But peer pressure got her to do it - psych!
Three loops was a challenge to see the least…
Especially when these rabbits trained very little - sheesh!
STUR breezed into T2 - so happy that was done…
CBun was there too- they were ready to run!
One problem is their feet were frozen solid -
Nothing you could do - so on they plodded!
The trail was full of leaves and super slippery
For STUR going down the hills was extra tricky.
FINALLY STUR and CBun were on the South Lakes track-
Unbelievable weather - totally whack!
Received their medal, towel and a hat -
Even had pizza left over, how 'bout that?
They did it!

Insane? Or bad ass? A little of BOTH!

Morning arrived in Richmond – they had some rain and wind
But things were a go, and they headed out - without chagrin!
The plan originally was a full distance swim and bike
Biking one or two loops - you decide
Both were opting to skip the swim
Then indecisionitis hit and they did it on a whim!
A little view of the James!

The shuttle boat actually had to turn around to get the wayward swimmers
Then 2.4 miles up under the WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge is where they entered the water
Nine brave souls started on their way
A swim with the current, you don't say?
The had an escort of the shuttle boat and three kayaks
Everyone pretty much stayed in a line. Fact.
PBun had her fastest 2.4 mile swim ever
And she didn't even give it much effort
After the swim, just four remained...
These were the ones headed out to bike one loop in the drizzly rain
The Beast and PBun, ready for Hammer time!

PBun made it to the first aid stop
And decided she did not want to go on
The Beast continued with their new friend Brian
Who Saturday just happened to race 40 running trail miles!
The Beast and Brian soldiered on!

PBun took the sag back to the parking lot
Resting and warmed up till the others returned - that hit the spot.
Jay and Peluso Open Water Swimming really made it a fun training day
Despite the weather, PBun and the Beast were glad they went down to play!
Thanks for the support out there, Jay!

After trainer time on Saturday KBun rode over on the Eastern Shore
Where she went about 25 miles, and not one more
She and Lionel got a shuttle driver for the bridge
So she could do the supported ride in Cambridge
It was chilly and windy with a little bit of rain
But she got some time in the saddle on the road, just the same.
There she saw a few familiar faces and made a new friend
Hopefully next weekend she and PBun will be out there again!

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