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Monday, September 17, 2018

The Clash Rap

STUR had a little bit of trouble getting up on Saturday morning-
She's pretty nuts about her new dog Lazlo - fair warning!
Lazlo is so cute!

Stayed up late on Friday getting to know him a bit-
He's pretty cute and fun - she must admit!
Got a little later start than she wanted for her run-
Three plus hours until she is done.
Started from Fort Hunt and first ran towards DC -
She had a series of out and backs planned you see!
Back to the car and next out towards Mount Vernon -
Going to be slow and steady - that's for certain!
This time back she meets up with BLUR who is ready to ride -
STUR will finish her run on the Fort Hunt side.
BLUR fought some wind to get in her miles -
STUR finally finished 16 and was all smiles!
Meanwhile PBun headed to Masters Swim at Audrey Moore
It had been a while since Saturday morning practice there for sure
Afterwards headed home to get started on her run
Just an hour and a half – she was not feeling good in the sun
Saturday afternoon some rabbits gathered for a college football game
The Clash of the Tigers would prove to be insane!
Even got to see Spirit’s War Eagle pregame flight
War Eagle and Go Tigers! Or Geaux Tigers?

Then the teams were geared up - ready to fight!
CBun's team started out on top...
Then PBun's came back and she thought that rocked!
But in the end CBun's Tigers prevailed
With a field goal as time expired, oh well!
CBun walked into enemy territory!!!

The rabbits had a grand time of course
With a little talk of future races, and no remorse.
Race planning is the most fun!

Sunday morning alarm arrived way too early
It was going to be a long day, surely
Met up with Jeff then headed out in the dark to get KBun
They headed to Cambridge, MD for some bike fun
Was not sure what the weather or the course would hold
They weren’t too worried, truth be told
Crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge it was really foggy
But as they continued on the sun started peeking out you see!
They arrived in Cambridge around 8:30 AM
And before 9:00 AM wheels were down and they were rolling
Look at that blue sky!

Temp was a comfortable 72 degrees
Along with a light breeze
Around one mile before the ‘hill’
Things got interesting if you will:
Jeff paddling - err pedaling through the drink!

They biked a mile through some pretty high water, no jest!
A guy in a truck coming the other way said “get a life vest”
Flood Area - Really?

Once they got over the top hill to the other side
Quick rest stop at the porta potty was nice
Well hi there, Floyd Frog!

Share the facility with a cute little frog
Guess he did not want to get waterlogged!
The group continued on their way
Only one more high water spot to traverse through that day!
Jeff and KBun previously stated that IMMD loop is easier than Eagleman
PBun now agrees with that, understand?
Once they arrived back at the Rabbit-mobile
Decided a modified loop would be a better deal
Did not want to go swimming on the road again
Because more water IN the wheels might not be a good thing!
This pavilion would be really cool for a party...without the wasps!

On the second loop took a rest at the Harriet Tubman Visitor Center
But when the wasps started circling, they high-tailed it away from that danger!
PBun's bench selfie?

Finally arrived back at the car
KBun and Jeff decided to do a little bit more
PBun started on her brick run
It was hot on the blacktop in the sun
After KBun finished her brick
Off to Goose Creek Market real quick
Then over to Great Marsh Park for a short swim
But PBun stayed in the car instead
On Sunday a small mix up had masters starting late-
But STUR swam like a crazy bunny and 2.4 miles was her fate!

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