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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Crabby Double Rap

After a nice short walk with Lazlo, STUR headed to Arlington
The Clarendon day 10K/5k would be fun!!
Someone got a new bed!

Got her number and slid into the 5k pack-
Planning for just time on her feet so she got in the back.
After finishing the 3 miles she hightailed it back to the 10KEH start line-
She still had to hike 1.5 miles up a mile? Oh fine!
Started the 10KEH all by her lonesome -
Ended up getting back with the pack of runners -don't be glum!
STUR, killin' the hill!

Spotted David on the out and back-
He was way ahead-she won't make up the slack.
Got humid and sunny - STUR was glad to be done-
She was excited when she got her medal- just like she'd won!
Clarendon Bling!

BLUR was there to cheer them on!
They encouraged the rest of the runners- until they were all gone!
Thanks for being the Sherpa, BLUR!

STUR had to scoot- she had more to do-
Intended on at least 6 more miles- it's true!
Took the metro to the airport stop-
She got on the trail- hop hop hop!
All in all 16.5 was the distance she covered-
Pretty tired afterwards  she discovered!
PBun's weekend training started on Thursday night
With a marathon session of spinning on her bike!
Afterwards she went on a short brick run
And with a bit of walking got it done!
Crabtree Falls is amazing!

Saturday morning PBun went on a hike
To Crabtree Falls if you like!
Crabtree Falls selfie!

She had to use some walking sticks
It was steep in places and kind of slick!
Found the sticks along the trail
At the end left them for others, without fail
Different view of the falls!

Followed the instructions and stayed on the designated path
Didn’t want to be a statistic -- natch!
And apparently dogs have also died! :(

Also saw a small old family cemetery
This family lived there back in the 19th century
The Fitzgerald family raised 10 kids at Crabtree Falls!

At the bottom of the trail there was a cool pedestrian bridge
The bridge came from New York!

And a working phone booth? You've got to be kidding?
I guess hikers could call for a cab...or a pizza?!

Saturday night she might have had fun singing some campfire songs*
Practicing for the Rabbit camping trip in November -- it won't be long!
On Sunday morning she went on a run for recovery
She avoided a flooded road it seems!
PBun's feet did not get too wet!

Ran under a one lane underpass
An old railroad bridge as a matter of fact!
No trains went over while she went under.

Noticed a vine with a hanging water drop
And shortly after that it was time to stop!
PBun thought this was pretty cool!

Later that day on did a make-up spin session,
Then getting a good night's sleep was her mission!
Lazlo is ready for football season
And Halloween too, he is ready for Trick or Treating!
Lazlo the Linebarker!

*Girl Scout songs!

Sippin' Cider

I Met a Bear


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