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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

PA-fABBAulous Rap

On Saturday PBun did the Tour de Frederick
This time the full century and not the metric
Sadly, didn't get a picture of the Walkersville fire station!

Started from the Walkersville fire station
PBun was ready to have some fun
Rolled out at 6:30 am...
Not sure what the ride would bring
The day was pleasant and a little overcast
PBun was hoping that would last!
She had a total of 6 rest stops to look forward to
Some with flushing toilets don’t you know?
First stop was at another fire house
Still cloudy without a doubt
It was a smidge overcast still!

Several cool old bridges highlighted the ride course for real, 
Some were covered and one you couldn't get to by automobile!
Lovely day!

Up in to PA and even through part of Gettysburg National Military Park
An amazing scene and a different journey PBun will embark…
At one point the course whet through a pedestrian tunnel
While going through the beautiful campus of Mount St. Mary's – so unreal!
Various scenes from the century ride!

There was a rest stop at another fire house
With a cool display of patches from all around
Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches!
(Inside the Vigilant Hose Company!)

The final stop had a special treat
Bruster’s ice cream can't be beat!
Strawberry - so delicious!

PBun missed one of the final turns…
But noticed it right away so no harm done!
The Beast achieved a solid brick training day:
A 48 mile ride followed by a 3.5 mile? You don't say!
Saturday morning brought rabbit road trip time…
BLUR, CBun, and STUR hit the road feeling fine!
Up to Bucks County PA for the Steelman Triathlon event -
They all couldn't wait for the fun to commence!
First up was a stop  at Chick-fil-A for lunch
BLUR would enjoy her first time there they had a hunch!
Yay for Chick-fil-A!

On the way the phones kept making an annoying noise-
Seemed there were flash flood warnings a-plenty; so very annoyed!
Eventually this fact would come back to haunt-
Definitely would effect the rest of their jaunt!
Because of traffic they were running behind-
Had to first hit packet pick up, they didn't mind.
Almost time for a lovely lake swim!

So now getting to the hotel should be easy, right?
Maybe not, it was just the beginning of their plight.
Cruising along with Waze, they turned down a road...
A guy on a bike said "turn around it's flooded and closed!"
Found another way and what do you know-
Major accident had closed off this artery - that blows!
Navigator CBun came to their rescue -
Ended up going through moving water twice - what can you do?
Finally made it - the rabbits were "hangry"
Their delivery pasta was late - they tried not to be angry!
Bed time came quick just like the 4 am alarm-
Trying to be early to the race site never did any harm.
Not early enough as they settled for satellite parking
Walked all their stuff down a hill to see a lake that was sparkling!
Sun just coming up as they get body marked
Now to transition they must embark!
Racked and ready to roll!

Had plenty of time after set up to hang out-
CBun and STUR spotted Robair and gave him a shout!
Time to line up for the swim start-
BLUR reminded us to be calm and breathe- very smart!
And they're off!

Gorgeous swim albeit way too short-
STUR thought so as swimming is her favorite sport!
The bike course starts off with a pretty significant hill-
For all three rabbits getting up it was certainly a thrill!
Up and down, the course was never flat...
And one scary downhill turn around cone - how 'bout that?
All three rabbits conquered the bike course in stride...
Even though two Rabbits did have a chain drop on their ride.
The run was on a wonderful path -
Running 3.1 miles - pretty easy math.
STUR with her bunny ears got lots of attention-
"Love the ears or hat" so many peeps would mention.
After the race, another racer took STUR aside-
Seeing the ears made his motivation amplified!
One rabbit in...

When STUR was done she grabbed her cup and her towel-
There was no medal but she didn't scowl.
Then what did STUR see from the corner of her eye?
BLUR starting her run - moving on by!
STUR and CBun are in!

CBun had finished and caught up with STUR-
Went to the finish line to wait for BLUR!
Here comes BLUR!

Not too long later and guess what they saw?
BLUR running and smiling- we were in awe!
They did it!!

ALL the rabbits had an amazing day-
So glad they came to Bucks County to play!
The day wasn't over they had the drive home-
Since far away they did roam.
First they had to do a bit of a magic trick-
Changed clothes under a poncho or a towel - slick!
They drove away with very high hopes -
Just a short stop at Wendy's still made the drive long folks!
Team Rabbit failed a bit with their Bucks County drive
This supposedly 3 hour tour has every time been plus 5
On the road again...

The three rabbits got back way too late -
Sadly missing FABBA would be their fate!
Their return journey took them across the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge
Most refer to it as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge that the rabbits have swam under a smidge!
Well hello there, Chesapeake Bay!

KBun passed the time by drinking carrot soup
Perfect for a bunny who is down if you want the scoop!
If a rabbit can't eat carrots, carrot soup is the next best thing!

Meanwhile PBun was also up before the crack
But decided more sleep was needed that’s a fact
Made it to OKM for the 8:00 am practice
After she needed to get home and had to dash
Needed to get her lawn cut before the rain
Because otherwise it gets too long how insane
Next up she needed to knock out a run of two hours
Did it on the treadmill which was good mental power!
Finally came time for the highlight of the week
A concert at Wolf Trap is always a treat
ABBA The Concert was naturally fABBAulous
From Waterloo to Dancing Queen to Voulez Vous!
NanWa can't believe she'd never seen them before
But plans to do see them ever more!
Scenes from Wolf Trap!

PBun was especially happy to hear Waterloo in English
And this time it was S.O.S. in Swedish!
ABBA and their funky fashion rocks!

Thankfully there really wasn't any rain
Because concerts on the lawn when wet are a pain!

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