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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Swim Bike Swim Rap

On Saturday BLUR and STUR had an early morning event-
Were they excited to drive down to Richmond? 100 percent!!
It was the Virginia Masters Open Water Championship-
In the James River they would take a dip!
Rabbits are ready to swim!

Got there in plenty of time to check out the venue-
STUR  and PBun had been there before - it's true!
Here's the familiar start / finish!

STUR's 5KEH race was the first to go-
It's a 4 loop course just so you know.
The current one way was really cranking-
"Just keep swimming!" She just kept chanting
The other way you sort of got a ride-
Some advice they got before definitely applied
Hug the shore when the current is strong-
Stay down the middle the other way to move along!
BLUR started her 1.25 K and charged through that current-
She had a plan to get it done- she was fervent!
Way to GO, BLUR!!!!

Finished strong and earned a trophy for second place-
Celebrated at Five Guys with an Oreo shake - that was the place!
Also that morning just after the crack
PBun and Jeff picked up KBun that's a fact
Riley's Lock House!

Information on the lock and area!

Headed on over to Riley's Lock on the C&O Canal
That's where they were starting their 70 bike ride without fail
Ready to roll!

Starting off it was a bit chilly
But it  would warm up in a hurry
The first half of the ride took them up to Point of Rocks
The views along the way were spectacular that's not a shock
A road called Flint Hill really gave them a fit
But no one had to walk to the top of it!
A man and his little kid cheered them on
The little one offered to give PBun a push - is that wrong?
Not long after they saw a jet in someone's yard
It was missing a wing so it couldn't have gone far!
At one of their pauses along the way
Saw a snake lounging in the shade!
The shaded snake and other cool sights from this stop!

KBun stopped to get a picture of the colored cemetery
In goes back to 1879. Golly gee.
The Point of Rocks Colored Cemetery

Before they got to Point of Rocks town
They got to see a train crossing gate go down
Thankfully they did not get stuck on the wrong side of the tracks!

Thankfully they weren't caught on the wrong side
And it gave them a brief break from traffic on their ride
Next they made a sharp turn right into a climb
They were practically in Virginia at this time
Dickerson Market was a welcome stop!

Twice they visited the Dickerson Market
They've got a flushing porta potty can you dig it?
Salty chips are always a good idea on a hot ride!

PBun remembered this one climb and descent from 2009
Feathering the brakes works just fine
At one point PBun went off into the rubble
She didn't fall down so it wasn't any trouble
When they had 16 miles left
Made a decision though PBun might have been bereft
They continued on their original course
They will climb up Mt. Nebo next time - no remorse!
After the took a gander along the canal

Views from the C&O Canal towpath

There is much water in there - oh well!
The canal was pretty empty here.

Stopped at Potomac Pizza for a bite and to cool off
Their pizza and salads just hit the spot!
So good!

Sunday PBun picked up the STUR
They were headed over to PG County for sure
To the Sports and Learning Complex to swim 100 100s again
It was Father's Day- this wasn't on a whim!
It's Father's Day - we just swam 100 100s!

Since CBun's sis was in town
She had to miss the swim that went down!
KBun did the National Harbor open water swim in the sunshine
Followed by a run on Mt. Vernon Trail - divine!
The rabbits started again at 10:20 AM
This seems to be the standard for them!
At one hour in they were at 29...
Only 71 more till shower time!
Took their first break when they got to 60 -
Finally time for a snack and the bathroom-whee!
BLUR arrived when they reached 62 -
Had to stop and say hi - what's a rabbit to do?!!
PBun was happy she had her paddle accessories
She might not have been able to finish otherwise you see!
Even though their time today was not a PR -
The tired rabbits were just happy to go that FAR!
The rabbits were once again denied the fun slide -
Don't worry they took it all in stride!
Followed this.up with a bite at Chipotle
Because this is the tradition you see!

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