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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bridge and Back Rap

5-mile swim - check!
Saturday headed to the W & O D!
Gonna bike 40 miles you see!
Started off it was kind of chilly -

Should have worn arm warmers silly!
Dodged lots of peeps calling out, "on your left!"
Even rode through a Oktoberfest!
To start off our epic five mile swim day -
We did our burpees then we were on our way!
Got to the swim start and got checked in -
Just 45 minutes before we begin!
Mandatory briefing at 9:15 -
This ain't a triathlon you know what I mean!
You're not allowed to hold onto the boats at all -
Even if you feel like you're hitting the wall!
The floating aid station was a pontoon boat!
There was no motorboating - we had to float!!
Bloody Mary's for them; crackers for us.
The volunteers were nice - we were no fuss!
The turn around was at the WW II Veterans Memorial Bridge
Up river 2.5 miles - just a smidge!
On the way back we both had a kayak guide -
Too bad they weren't allowed to give us a ride!!
As luck would have it - the water was calm.
Except for when the boats came flying along!
Finally to the last turn buoy and swim shore;
So glad we won't have to do this anymore!
Once on land we got our bling!
Beer, hot tub, and food we felt like a king!
To the Bridge and Back was a well run race -
Maybe next year we'll work on our pace!

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